Sunday, October 22, 2017

Allen Dizon Wins Another International Best Actor Word As The Deaf Mute Hero Of 'Bomba' At The Warsaw Filmfest In Poland

ALLEN DIZON has won best actor awards in other international film festivals before for his films “Magkakabaung” and “Iadya Mo Kami”. He now wins another international acting award for his performance in the controversial film, “Bomba”, which was initially given an X rating by the local MTRCB, later changed to an R-13 rating upon second review.

“Bomba” is written and directed by Ralston Jover and the film garnered the Special Jury Award last Saturday for the performances of Allen and his co-star, teen star Angeli Nicole Sanoy at the A-lister 33rd Warsaw International Filmfest. Allen was present in Warsaw, Poland to personally receive his award, including producer Dennis Evangelista and the film’s writer-director Ralston Jover.

Allen played the role of a deaf-mute and he studied sign language to be credible in his role. Angeli plays a girl who people thought is his daughter but turns out to be his ward and they are actually illicit lovers. After this, Allen plays the role of a blind cook in “Persons of Interest”, also helmed by Jover. “Iikutin ko raw lahat ng disabilities sa various roles na gagampanan ko,” he quips.

Dominic Lim, Youngest Director Of Ideafirst Company, Debuts In 'The Write Moment', The Only Romantic-Comedy In The Current Qcinema Filmfest

DOMINIC LIM is the youngest director in the stable of Perci Intalan & Jun Lana’s IdeaFirst Company. Only 29 years, his directorial debut, “The Write Moment”, is now showing in selected theaters as part of QCinema Filmfest. It’s an offbeat romantic comedy starring comedian Jerald Napoles as a heartbroken writer who tries to woo back the love of his life, Valeen Montenegro, with a hugot script, but finds himself getting stuck in the scenes that he himself wrote.

Dominic has a degree in business management from Ateneo and he worked with the corporate world for two years after graduation. “But my heart is not in it so I took up filmmaking at the Asia Pacific Institute,” he says. “Then I joined the Cine Panulat scriptwriting workshop of Direk Jun Lana and worked as scriptwriter and, later, assistant director for their company’s TV5 horror show, ‘Parang Normal Activity’. I also co-wrote the script of ‘The Rebound Girl’ for Regal Entertainment and the indie films ‘Ninja Party’ and ‘Kapitan Basura’. I entered my script sa QCinema Filmfest at sinuwerte namang makuha at heto nga, palabas na ngayon.”

He admits “The Write Moment” is based his own personal experiences. “In real life, I also write about my fantasies. When I wrote the script, sina Jerald at Valeen na talaga ang nasa isip ko. Pareho kami ng vibe kasi nagpapatawa rin ako. During the shooting, they helped me sa batuhan ng ideas at nakakapaglaro kami sa set. We’re the only romantic comedy sa QCinema Filmfest at sana, ma-enjoy ng viewers ang ‘The Write Moment’.”

Heart Evangelista Feeds Alexander Lee With Balut Without Telling Him What It Is, The Video Is A Big Hit Online

HEART EVANGELISTA is so elated with the warm reception given to her by the people of Bacolod when she and her “My Korean Jagiya” leading man Kapuso oppa Alexander Lee joined them in this year’s celebration of the colorful MassKara Festival on October 22. Their Negrense fans trooped to the Kapuso Mall Show in SM City Bacolod.

“Nakakatuwa kasi ang tawag nila sa amin ni Xander is Gia and Jun Ho, the names of our characters in the show,” says Heart. “Alam nilang pinakasalan ako ni Jun Ho so he could secure his custody over his nephew and they’re all hoping he will eventually find himself really falling in love with me.”

Among those who performed with Heart and Xander in Bacolod are Iya Villania who plays Gia’s best friend named Kennedy, and comedian Divine Aucina who plays Gia’s shy and conservative cousin named Clarissa. They all did sparkling musical numbers that truly delighted the crowd.

The video of Heart feeding Xander with our native delicacy, balut, was also a hit when it was posted online. Xander is really very brave in trying all sorts of Filipino dishes and Heart didn’t inform him beforehand what he’s eating.

“Nakakatuwa kasi he’s a good sport,” says Heart. “Wala siyang kaarte-arte and it’s obvious he loves all things Filipino at ready siyang i-try kung anong ginagawa at kinakain nating mga Pinoy.”

Heart is also elated that she was chosen by the prestigious international fashion designer to Hollywood stars, Carolina Herrera, to be the endorser of her line in the boutique she opened in Greenbelt recently, so don’t be surprised if you’d see Heart wearing one of Herrera’s creation in “My Korean Jagiya” one of these days. 

Happy Death Day Movie Review: The Number 1 Movie In The U.S. Today Is Inspired By Bill Murray's 'Groundhog Day'

‘HAPPY DEATH DAY’ has no big stars but it is currently the number one movie in the U.S., defeating “Blade Runner 2049” with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, and “The Foreigner” with Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan at the box office. It’s marketed as a horror movie, but there are no jumps scares and fright scenes that will jolt you out of your seats.

Actually, “Happy Death Day” is really more of a campus slasher comedy, with the premise of wake up, get killed, repeat, borrowed from “Groundhog Day”, the 1993 movie where Bill Murray gets caught in a time warp and which has just been re-interpreted last year in “Edge of Tomorrow” with Tom Cruise and earlier this year in “Before I Fall”, which was based on a novel for young adults.

The lead character now is Tree (Jessica Rother), who wakes up on the morning of her birthday with a big hangover in the bed in the dorm room of a nerdy student, Carter (Israel Broussard). She tells him not to tell anyone she slept with him as her reputation with her sorority sisters will be ruined. That evening, on her way to a party, she is chased and stabbed to death by a masked killer.

Then she immediately wakes up the next morning once again in the room of Carter on the morning of her birthday. We see this being repeated many more times, with little variations here and there. Tree thinks she is just having a case of deja vu, but everytime she dies, she gets weaker. Then it dawns on her that the only way to stop her death is to try figuring out who’s trying to murder her.

Things get dumb and dumber along the way and all these shenanigans would be fairly tolerable if only Tree is a character we can sympathize with. The problem is she is such a self centered bitch and a shameless slut that, at one point, we really wish she’d die for good already. She treats other people like a true mean girl, avoids her own dad and is guiltlessly having an affair with her married professor, so why would we care for her at all? The whole experience helps to give her some life lessons that make her a better, more sensitive person along the way, to give her some redemption, but still, we don’t respect her at all.

The fact that this movie sold a lot of tickets means that horror films have a really big market, as evidenced by the huge success of two horror flicks before this, “Annabelle: Creation” and “It”. But the killer here certainly fails in comparison to the cursed doll or the clown Pennywise. Obviously, a lot of young viewers today prefer watching more this kind of hollow entertainment that do not challenge their mental faculties for analysis or intospection.

Is Rafael Rosell's Fashion Designer Girlfriend Getting Jealous Because Of His Hot Love Scenes With Kris Bernal In 'Impostora'?

RAFAEL ROSELL is happy to be part of a hit show like “Impostora” that teaches viewers to be more discerning in judging people by their inner beauty rather than their surface good looks. “In the show, nagkamali ako in choosing Rosette as my wife, kasi sobrang ganda nga niya pero sobrang pangit naman ng ugali niya dahil niloko’t pinagtaksilan pa niya ako,” he says. “So you should really be careful when you judge a person as looks can be deceiving. You should look deeper sa isang tao.”

So how would he judge Kris Bernal, his leading lady in “Impostora”? “We’ve been working together for several months now and I can say that she’s a good person, inside and out. She loves her family, she’s very considerate with her co-workers at maganda ang attitude niya sa work niya. She really loves what she’s doing.Kahit sobrang drained na siya in playing her dual roles of Rosette and Nimfa, hindi siya nagrereklamo at all.”

It’s obvious Rafael and Kris can never be romantically involved at this point as he’s already taken by a fashion designer, Valerie Gomez Chia, with whom he’s been going steady for almost two years now. Doesn’t Valerie get jealous when he does all the provocative kissing and bed scenes he has with Kris Bernal in “Impostora”?

“You know, in any relationship, the number one thing you should have as a couple is trust and understanding and I see an abundance of that in my girlfriend. She knows trabaho lang ang ginagawa namin ni Kris so she has no reason to feel jealous at all.”

Meantime, the plot of “Impostora” has become more complicated as Rosette and Nimfa have switched roles. Rafael has no inkling that the one now living with him is not really Nimfa but Rosette, who has even ordered her evil cohort, Rita Daniela as Maureen, to murder Nimfa’s trusted aunt, Elizabeth Oropes as Aling Denang. In turn, Ryan Eigenmann as Jeremy doesn’t know that the one currently living with him is Nimfa, just pretending to be Rosette.

Marian Rivera Faces Biggest Enemy In "Super Ma'am" With The Appearance Of Aussie Hunk Conan Stevens

MARIAN RIVERA can feel that her new primetime show on GMA Telebabad has really made its mark with viewers. “Kasi, kahit saan kasi ako pumunta ngayon, ang tawag nila sa akin is ‘Super Ma’am’, so that means they’re really watching our show,” she says with a big smile. “Maski sa social media, mothers tag me with their picture while watching the show na kasama ang mga anak nila kasi raw maraming natutuhan ang mga ito from watching ‘Super Ma’am’. Ibig sabihin nito, mas dumarami ang nahu-hook sa mas umiinit at tumitinding episodes ng ‘Super Ma’am’ gabi-gabi, so I really want to thank all those who watch and support our show. Bonus na lang yung mas gumagandang ratings ng bawat episode. Mas sobrang nakakatuwa yung you feel the love of the viewers na nanonood sa amin. Kaya nga last month daw, napasama ang ‘Super Ma’am’ sa Social Wit List na based in New York as one of the most buzzed about new shows worldwide. Abangan nyo dahil marami pang pasabog ang show in the next few weeks. Isa na rito ang pagpasok ng Australian hunk actor na si Conan Stevens na lumabas na noon sa ‘Encantadia’.”

Conan will play one of the toughest adversaries that Marian as ‘Super Ma’am’ will ever encounter. “I am looking forward to putting Super Ma’am into her rightful place as one of the strongest enemies she will ever face,” says Conan who just came from America where he trains as a body builder. “I’m glad to be back on GMA-7 and it’s always a pleasure working with them and their stars.”

Will Super Ma’am be strong enough to fight his huge build and bulging muscles? Another surprise that will thrill viewers of ‘Super Ma’am’ is Isko Dagohoy, isang mandirigma or guerrero from the world of Tagachu and viewers will have to guess if he’s an ally or an enemy. As of now, the rumor is that he will be played by Ivan Dorschner in his next assignment after “Meant to Be”.

Meantime, Marian’s dad, Al Tantay as Tatay Chaplin, finally sees Marian being transformed into Super Ma’am when she saves Matthias Rhoads as Trevor after he is attacked by Tamawos. Tatay Chaplin himself gets wounded from protecting Super Ma’am when she was about to be stabbed. His other daughter, Kim Domingo as the missing Avenir, gets hold of the sacred scroll and goes to Mt. Makiling with Isabelle de Leon as Rafa to look for the powerful Sakras which they learn are already in the possession of the late wife of Tatay Chaplin, putting his life in danger. Will Kim recognize her own dad when they see each other face to face? Find out in ‘Super Ma’am’, seen Monday to Friday, on GMA Telebabad after “24 Oras”.

Exam Results: Metallurgical Engineer (October 2017)

The results of the October 2017 metallurgical engineering board exam is released online. View the complete list of passers and top 10 here.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces the names of those who passed the Metallurgical Engineer Licensure Examination given by the Board of Metallurgical Engineering in Manila and Davao this month.

The members of the Board of Metallurgical Engineering who gave the licensure examination are Agustin M. Fudolig, Chairman and Juancho Pablo S. Calvez, Member.

Registration for the issuance of Professional Identification Card (ID) and Certificate of Registration will be done on-line. Please go to the PRC website and follow instructions for initial registration. Those who will register are required to bring the following: duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal, 2 pieces passport size picture (colored with white background and complete name tag) and 2 sets of documentary stamps. Successful examinees should personally register and sign in the Roster of Registered Professionals.

The date and venue for the oathtaking ceremony of the new successful examinees in the metallurgical engineer board exam for October 2017 will be announced later, the PRC added.