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Ogie Alcasid Celebrates Becoming A Golden Boy With A Special Birthday Concert At KIA Theatre Then Flies To Paris With Family

OGIE ALCASID was born on August 27, 1967 so he will be a golden boy this year. To celebrate, he will have a birthday concert at KIA Theater on August 25, Friday. The beneficiary will be the charitable organization, World Vision and their projects against child exploitation, a very noble cause indeed.

“I have received so many blessings kaya when World Vision asked me to help them, yes agad ako at hindi ko sila siningil at all,” he says.

In the concert, you will hear Ogie sing his latest songs from his new album, “NakakaLokal”, for which he just shot a music video. It has ten songs where he is accompanied by the ABS-CBN symphony orchestra conducted by Gerard Salonga. It has six original songs, including
“Nakakalokal,” “Ikaw ang Tanging Pag-ibig Ko,” “Akala Ko,” “Di Na Muli,” “Di Ka Pababayaan,” and the upbeat track “Do You Wanna Dance With Me,” where Ogie shows he still has the energy to sing and dance even if he’s now a golden boy.

His special guests are Angeline Quinto, Erik Santos, Jaya, Yeng Constantino of Cornerstone, and Solenn Heussaff, Lovi Poe and his own daughter, Leila Alcasid. So how is Leila’s career doing?
“She’s preparing for her first album. Tinutulungan siya ni Marion Aunor as the producer and voice coach niya si Lara Maigue. She writes her own songs at iba ang sound niya, very millennial. Hindi siya nagmamadali, pero 6 months pa lang siya rito ang dami ng kumukuha. May mga La Salle students na gusto siyang kuning muse nila. Ang dami ring nanliligaw. Nagpapaalam naman sa’kin. Dad, someone is asking me to have coffee. Sabihin mo sa kanya, you can have coffee rito sa bahay. Pag gusto siyang ilabas, sabi ko, tell them to call me up muna at, tumatawag naman para kausapin ako.”

What if she’d have a boyfriend soon? “May magagawa ba ko? But as of now, I think serious siya in having a career here kaya nandoon ang focus niya.”

Ogie will be leaving for Paris on August 26, the day after his concert, with his whole family and he will celebrate his birthday there on August 27. “Tapos, direcho na kami sa pag-attend ng wedding ni Dr. Vicki Belo,” he adds.

100 Tula Para Kay Stella Movie Review: A Touching Story Of Unrequited Love That Is The Topgrosser In The Ongoing Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino

 THE CURRENT topgrosser in the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino is “100 Tula Para Kay Stella”, raking in P4 million plus on its opening day. It’s the best work of young writer-director Jason Paul Laxamana since his award-winning “Magkakabaung”. Just like “Kita Kita”, it’s about lost loves and broken hearts that viewers enjoy the most when watching movies.

And we ourselves just adore movies about unrequited love, like “Splendor in the Grass”, “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, “The Great Gatsby”, “Casablanca”, “Titanic”, “500 Days of Summer”, etc.
“100 Tula” is about Fidel, a young man with a speech defect so he becomes a loner. In a provincial college in Pampanga, he meets a free spirited girl, Stella, who defends him from bullies who humiliate him and doesn’t care if he stutters. But naturally, he falls in love with her but is never able to articulate his feelings for her. Instead, he secretly writes poems for her.

For Stella, Fidel is only a friend, as she has other boyfriends. She dreams of being a famous rock singer and neglects her studies so she fails in all her subjects in their first year in college, much to the chagrin of her older sister who’s sending her to school.

They’re actually a mismatched pair. At first, it’s Stella who seems to be the winner and Fidel, the nerdy loser made fun of by other people because of his stuttering. Eventually, their situations are reverse and Stella ends up being the loser while Fidel eventually succeeds in obtaining a college degree, but with a broken heart. But even his writing has improved. He starts in Tagalog then even ventures into writing in English.

The movie works because the two leads are both outstanding in their respective roles. Bela Padilla as Stella is totally believable as the seemingly overconfident chick with dark lipstick and a tattoo. She delivers her lines casually and with a tinge of persuasive insouciance. When she reveals to Fidel that she is just using her boyfriends and she doesn’t want to use him at all, you believe her. And you feel sorry for her for committing so many mistakes in her young life.

The first time we saw JC Santos in “Esprit de Corps” as an overbearing corp commander and as the dog in the musical “Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady”, we were so impressed by him we felt he’d soon be playing bigger roles. And we were right.

His role as Fidel is actually reminiscent of Cyrano de Bergerac, the hero with a nose defect who secretly writes poems for the woman he loves. Fidel also can’t communicate his love for Stella and writes 100 poems for her. But by the time he’s ready to give it to her, it’s too late.

What’s astounding about JC is that he gives a very relaxed but very effective portrayal of the underdog. It helps that he has an easy, charming screen presence, but it is his gentle but perfectly nuanced performance that cannot be praised enough. That scene shot in Mt. Arayat where Stella finally tells him she has read his poems and he, looking so crestfallen and crying quietly, is certainly a gem. You can really feel his genuine heartache. Not every actor can do that as poignantly.

But unlike other films about unrequited love, Fidel is given the chance to move on. The story is set in the early up to the mid-2000s, some years before Tinder when getting over someone is made easier by just moving your finger to the left or the right. Here, Fidel gets a second chance on love with the unwitting help of his supportive college professor (Ana Abad Santos.)

That a story of broken hearts and unfulfilled dreams can be so entertaining is a testament to Laxamana’s prowess as a thoughtful storyteller. His use of songs that mirror the turns of plot in the movie should also be commended. We should also give credit to the actors who give great support to Bela and JC, including the countless classmates they had through college.

Will “100 Tula” be the next “Kita Kita” that will make a killing at the box office? Well, we hope so, for the sake of Viva Films after their last unfortunate release, “Double Barrel”, was first day, last day in some theaters.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

HIGHLIGHTS: New Zealand vs. Jordan (VIDEO) FIBA Asia Cup 2017 Quarterfinal

FIBA Asia Cup 2017 Free Live Stream, Updates & Results (August 17, 2017 / Day 10) New Zealand defeated Jordan, 98-70 to advance in the semifinals of the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup on Thursday at the Nouhad Nawfal Sports Complex in Beirut, Lebanon. New Zealand will face Australia in the semis on Saturday. Jordan was relegated to the classification round for 5th to 8th spot vs China. Check out the game highlights between New Zealand and Jordan!

The scores:

NEW ZEALAND 98 - Ili 19, Smith-Milner 19, Delany 17, Ngatai 10, Raukawa 9, Timmins 9, Rusbatch 6, Aston 0, Letoa 0, Hunter 0, King-Hawea 0.

JORDAN 70 - Abdeen 24, Hussein 14, Alawadi 9, Abu Hawwas 8, Zaghab 6, Alkamarsheh 5, AbuWazaneh 4, Bzai 0, Eid 0, Obeid 0, Kanaan 0.

Quarters: 21-12, 50-38, 66-57, 98-70. [COMPLETE GAME STATS]

(New Zealand vs. Jordan - Game Highlights)


Director Doug Liman reunites with his Edge of Tomorrow star, Tom Cruise, in Universal Pictures' American Made, based on the outrageous (and real) exploits of a hustler and pilot unexpectedly recruited by the CIA to run one of the biggest covert operations in U.S. History.

Liman, who refers to the film as “a fun lie based on a true story,” offers that he has long appreciated stories of improbable heroes working against the system. “Barry Seal, our lead character, took America for an unbelievable ride,” reveals the filmmaker. “Interpreting his story has the makings for an entertaining film that is equal parts satire, suspense and comedy—and always surprising.”

Liman loved the fact that, while so many films have been made about people being run over by the government, Seal’s story was one of someone “who screwed over the White House. Barry is a zealot-like character who really did cross paths with so many household names from the ’80s—ranging from Ronald Reagan and Manuel Noriega to Bill Clinton and Oliver North.”

The quintessential American success story, Seal was recruited for surveillance activities on communist activities in Central America, and ultimately to deliver weapons to rebels in that area who were fighting communists. The U.S. war on drugs and the war on communism had two fronts, and Seal knew them equally well.

“He was a real opportunist, and he had an empty airplane on the way back,” continues the director. “If it absolutely had to be there overnight and it was illegal, Barry Seal was your guy. Since he was conducting illegal operations with the CIA’s help, he could get in and out of the country undetected. Well, there was no point flying back with an empty airplane, so Barry thought he might as well bring drugs back with it. So he ended up working for both the U.S. government and for the Colombian drug cartel at the same time, and unbeknownst to the other. He played both sides, and became fabulously wealthy while he was doing it. Still, it was never about the money for Barry. It was about the excitement, the challenge and all about the flying.”

Pilots themselves, Cruise and Liman gravitated toward the human elements in Barry’s life, as Barry tries desperately to keep a normal family in the midst of challenging choices. He is crazy about his wife, Lucy, and will do whatever it takes to keep her and their kids happy. Their marriage is passionate, but practical. Of course, these characters are inspired by members of the Seal family; but, just like with any film, the team would take a great deal of creative license in telling the story.

For Tom Cruise, this longtime labor of love wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Liman. Of his director, he reflects: “Doug brings a unique humanity to his films. He comes up with ideas as we’re working, and the friendship that we have allows us to trust one another—where we’re willing to try anything. We push each other, and he’s someone who wants to make great films and to entertain an audience.

Opening across the Philippines on Sept. 13, 2017, American Made is distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

HIGHLIGHTS: Australia vs. China (VIDEO) FIBA Asia Cup 2017 Quarterfinal

FIBA Asia Cup 2017 Free Live Stream, Updates & Results (August 17, 2017 / Day 10) Australia defeated China, 97-71 to advance in the semifinals of the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup on Thursday at the Nouhad Nawfal Sports Complex in Beirut, Lebanon. Australia will face the winner of New Zealand/Jordan in the semis. China was relegated to the classification round for 5th to 8th spot. Check out the game highlights between Australia and China!

The scores:

AUSTRALIA 97 - Cadee 20, McCarron 17, Creek 16, Kickert 16, Hodgson 9, Kay 7, Brandt 6, Blanchfield 4, Norton 2, Newley 0.

CHINA 71 - G Li 19, Guo 13, Han 11, Liu 7, Ren 7, Zeng 4, M Li 3, Wu 3, Zhou 2, Yu 2, Hu 0.

Quarters: 26-23, 45-42, 71-55, 97-71. [COMPLETE GAME STATS]

(Australia vs. China - Game Highlights)

Screenshot via: Sports5PH / Youtube / FIBA

SEA Games 2017 Medal Tally, Live Stream, Updates & more


The 2017 Southeast Asian Games, officially known as the 29th Southeast Asian Games and commonly known as Kuala Lumpur 2017 is a Southeast Asian multi-sport event that will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from August 19-30, 2017, with 404 events in 38 sports to be featured in the games. This will be the sixth time Malaysia host the games and its first time since 2001. [via]

SEA Games 2017 Medal Tally (as of 1:00am / August 18, 2017)

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1st Malaysia 4 3 3 10
2nd Indonesia 2 0 1 3
3rd Myanmar 2 0 0 1
4th Singapore 1 2 2 5
5th Thailand 1 1 0 2
6th Vietnam 0 2 0 2
7th Philippines 0 1 2 3
8th Laos 0 1 1 2
9th Brunei 0 0 2 2
10th Cambodia 0 0 2 2
11th Timor-Leste 0 0 0 0

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