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It is the First birthday of their baby, what the father did was really touching!

The first birthday of a baby is not only a celebration of their first year living, but it is also a celebration of the first year of women as a mother.

It marks the first year of their hard work and dedication to their new role of being a loving and protective mother.

This was celebrated in a hospital where the mothers brought their babies for their first birthday check ups. They claim their experiences with the doctors, such as sleeping late, first vaccinations and endless crying of the babies.

The fathers of the babies knew that being a mother is not an easy task, so they prepared a simple surprise for their wives. They pinned up photos of their babies and wives in the hallway of the hospital as if it was a museum along with their messages.

Outside the hospital are the husbands who were patiently waiting while they were holding the cake.

Source: PampersJapan

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TIPS: How To Have Natural White Teeth in 3 minutes!

White teeth are what  everyone had been dreaming  of. Having a naturally  white teeth will really add  confidence to a person. It  adds quality to their  smile. 

But did you know that you  can have a natural white  teeth without the help of  your dentist? This  technique is really easy to  do. This claim to make  your teeth as white as a  snow. 

All you're gonna need is  baking soda and a lemon

First, you need to grab a  bowl and add a teaspoon of  the baking soda. Then,  slice the lemon in half  and squeeze the lemon juice  into the bowl. 

While you are squeezing the  lemon juice into the bowl  you will see the baking  soda bubbling up. You just  need to wait for a few  seconds and let the bubble  pop. Then, using your finger  you can apply it to your  teeth to have a flashing  white teeth!

Source: Dajana248

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Drew Arellano Cooks, But What About His Wife Iya Villania? 'She Loves To Wash The Dishes.'

DREW ARELLANO is currently hosting a travel show, "Biyahe ni Drew", and an infotainment show, "Aha". He now has another ace up his sleeve, a cooking show, "Home Foodie", which starts airing on August 10 weekdays after "Unang Hirit" and weekends within "Balitanghali". Does he really cook? "I do, I love to cook for my wife as we don't have helpers at home," he says. "I really challenge myself kung magugustuhan ng wife ko ang luto ko."

Does his wife Yia Villania also cook? "She loves to wash the dishes. But more than cooking, I'm a real foodie, someone who really loves food, so I'm surely honored and proud to have been chosen as the host of 'Home Foodie' which has a unique format. It will run for only three minutes and you can upload it online on your cellphone. We have three top chefs from San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center who will alternate in dishing out recipes in each show, Llena Arcenas, Rene Ruz and RJ Garcia. They will reinvent and give new twists to usual dishes using San Miguel Pure Foods products, like bistek Tagalog with pasta and camto beef and siguedillas using Pure Foods All purpose Cream instead of the usual gata or coconut milk. It'll really help people like me na gusto talagang matutong magluto."

And why was Drew chosen to host this show? "He's young, a true blue foodie and when we were thinking of a possible host, siya agad ang naisip naming lahat," says Chef Llena. "He is the perfect host for 'Home Foodie' as he has wide appeal and he can also inspire and encourage men to spend time in the kitchen and help in the cooking."

So how's marital life with Yia? "It's great. Everyday is a blessing." When do they plan to have a baby? "Right now, we're both busy hosting many shows, so siguro by next year na."

The Pabebe Girls Try Acting As The Wicked Stepsisters To Eula Caballero's Cinerella In 'Lolabasyang.Com'

THE CONTROVERSIAL PABEBE GIRLS are also known as ang babaeng utal at ang babaeng walang kilay. You either love them or hate them, no in between. They are from Bulacan and their real names are Janet Ricab, 12 years old, and Michelle Alfonso, 11. They hit it big in youtube for their "wala kayong pakialam" video.

They now get their chance to be real TV stars after Director Perci Intalan of IdeaFirst Company got them to act in front of the camera in tomorrow's episode of "LolaBasyang.Com". They will play the wicked stepsisters of Eula Caballero in the story "Ang Dalagang Bukid na Naging Prinsesa".

The really crazy but fun episode will feature talking animals (including the dog from the acclaimed movie "Bwakaw") and a fish that later on turns into Eula's fairy Godmother. Don't miss it this Saturday night at 7 PM on TV5 and see for yourself if the Pabebe Girls can really act after they've achieved their own 15 minutes of fame.

Richard Gomez Grabs Dawn Zulueta's Breast In A Controversial Scene In 'The Love Affair'

RICHARD GOMEZ gets to grab Dawn Zulueta's left breast in a scene in the new movie, "The Love Affair". The press people who saw it in the unexpurgated version of its theatrical trailer were shocked when it was shown on the big screen at the film's presscon.

"If you'd see that scene alone, of course, it will shock you," says Dawn. "You have to see it in full to understand its contest and what the scene is really all about. You'll understand where it's coming from, what was the scene prior to this and where it is going. Then you'd begin to appreciate what happened to the characters and why they behaved that way. I didn't have any reservations doing that scene kasi I know the reason why it's needed."

"It's a sensitive scene at pinag-usapan muna namin ito before we shot it," says Richard. "Sabi ko, alam ba ito ng asawa mo? Siempre, it's up to her to explain the scene to her husband." "As long as I believe in the scene, I'll do it. We're not naman doing a torrid love scene," Dawn explains. "We're having a fight kasi he can't forgive me for cheating on him with his best friend, so galit siya. Galit kami."

Didn't Goma feel awkward about it? "Kung nailang ako? Hindi! Na-excite nga ako, e!" he says.
He says he really had a great time shooting the movie. "Lagi akong happy kapag dumarating sa set namin dahil parehong maganda at magaling ang mga aktres na kasama ko," he says. "Kung hindi ang magandang si Dawn ang kaeksena ko, nandoon ang magandang si Bea. At pinag-aagawan pa nila ako. Sino naman ang hindi mai-inspire, di ba?"

How are they now compared to 25 years ago when they did "Hihintayin Kita sa Langit" in 1990? "I think mas nag-improve kami as actors, mas malalim na kami ngayon. Nakakatuwa nga na sa dami ng young love teams ngayon, heto pa rin kami. After we were paired on TV in 'Walang Hanggan', then sa movie na 'She's Dating the Gangster', heto ngayon at may movie kami uli and we also have a new teleserye, 'You're My Home'. Hindi namin ine-expect, so we're really very thankful."

Lovi Poe Willing To Support Sister If Sen. Grace Poe Will Run For President

LOVI POE says she's not sure about the plans of her sister, Sen. Grace Poe, in the next elections. "But whatever her decision might be, I will definitely support her," she says. "I'm just one call away para tulungan siya."

Would she tell Grace to run for president? "Naku, I'm not in a position to give her any advice about politics. Ano ba malay ko diyan? Basta I will trust her judgment."

Lovi played someone who takes revenge on her tormentors in "Akin Pa Rin ang Bukas". She now plays another avenger in "Beautiful Strangers" that will replace "Let the Love Begin" on August 10.
"Pero mas matindi ang pinagdaanan ng character ko rito sa 'Beautiful Strangers' kaya mas matindi rin ang revenge angle dito," she adds.

Lovi plays Joyce, an aspiring interior designer helping her mom (Lovely Rivero), her dad (Pen Medina) and brother (Renz Valerio). She's also happy with her boyfriend (Rocco Nacino) who just got her preggy. But her life is shattered when a rich realtor, Christopher de Leon, rapes her, causing her to lose the baby in her womb.

She falls down the stairs while trying to escape from Christopher, who thinks he has killed her so he asks his henchman, Kier Legaspi, to get rid of the body. Kier burns her body, but it turns out Lovi is not really dead but only gets disfigured because of the fire. When she regains her consciousness, she has lost her sanity and becomes a taong graza wondering in the streets.

Her only friend is a gay taong graza, Shakira, played by theatre actor Nar Cabico who was a hit as the head of the villains Kayumanggilas in the musical 'Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady'. She will then meet a doctor, Heart Evangelista, who takes pity on her and nurses her back to health. The twist in the story is that Heart is actually the daughter of the man who raped her and Heart has no knowledge of her dad's villainy.
Aside from "Beautiful Strangers", Lovi is also busy shooting "Lakambini", the filmbio of Gregoria de Jesus or Ka Oriang. In both projects, her real life BF Rocco Nacino is also in the cast. Someone quipped that they seem like a package deal.

"Hindi naman. Nagkataon lang. In 'Beautiful Strangers', he's actually paired with Heart kasi magiging sila sa story at ako naman, with Benjamin Alves. In 'Lakambini', he'll play Andres Bonifacio and he'll die, so I'll be paired naman with Paulo Avelino who plays Julio Nakpil, Ka Oriang's second husband."

Congratulations To The Winners Of Philpop Songwriting Contest 2015

THE SONG 'TRIANGULO' wins the grand prize at the Philpop Songwriting Contest at Meralco Theatre last Saturday. It is written by Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana (who also won the grand prize in the 2013 Philpop for "Dati"), who interpreted it themselves with guest singer Jeric Medina. They got a P1 million cash prize.

The first runnerup is "Paratingin Mo Na Siya" by Davey Langit who interpreted it himself and won P500,000. The second runner up is "Sa Ibang Mundo" by Mark Villar, interpreted by Nadine Lustre and Kean Cirpiano, which also won the People's Choice Award and P250,000. The best music video award was won by "Edge of the World" by Johann Garcia, interpreted by Yassi Pressman and Josh Padilla. All the 12 song finalists got P50,000 each. Congrats to all the winners!

Former Actress Turned Nun Aida Roxas Passes Away

OUR CONDOLENCES to the family of Aida Roxas. She was an actress in the early 60s who turned her back on showbiz and became a nun. She was played by Janine Gutierrez when her life story was featured last Saturday in "Wish Kong Lang." It's said Aida suffered from depression and had a nervous breakdown. She was taken home to her siblings in Negros Occidental until she passed away last Friday at the age of 72.
Janine is "bagay na bagay" in the role of the late Aida as they both have strong mestiza features. Aida used to be our neighbor in Baltazar St. in Grace Park, Caloocan City. Her family lived about four houses away from ours. We had a small sari-sari store then and every time she'd buy something from our store, we can't helped but be mesmerized by her virginal beauty.

We know Aida Roxas is just a screen name. We don't remember what her real name is. We just learned then that someone from showbiz discovered her and she was introduced as the daughter of Gloria Sevilla and the late Ben Perez in the movie "Gahaman", which was adapted by Director Rey Ruiz from the Ingmar Bergman film, "The Virgin Spring". She was the virgin daughter who was raped and killed and her father then took revenge on her rapists and killers.

She did only a few other movies, like "Sosayting Dukha" with the late Carmen Rosales", "Silang mga Nabubuhay sa Daigdig" with Marlene Dauden and the late Eddie Rodriguez, "Dolpinger Meets Pantarorong" with the late Dolphy and Oscar Obligacion, and the action flicks "Diegong Pusakal" and "Bandong Pugante". We don't know what her journey has been since then (she was just skin and bones when shown in "Wish Ko Lang" and definitely not the Aida Roxas we remember in our youth), but let's all pray for the repose of her soul.

She is the world's oldest woman to give birth to quadruplets at the age of 65!

At the age of 65, a woman would normally be sitting in their living rooms and reading books. They would just watch their children and grandchildren bond together.

But it was not the case for Annegret Raunigk, instead of just having a peaceful time with her children, she is now pregnant at the age of 65.

She had the record for being the oldest mother at the age of 55. Now, she breaks that record again after granting the wish of her youngest daughter 9, to have a baby sibling.

In a German television, the report claims that the Annegret is not only having one child but four! Yes, she is carrying a quadruplet babies. This happened with the help of the artificial insemination whereas several anonymous man donates their sperms.

The medical process took place in a clinic in Ukraine because of the limitations in Germany.

Annegret strongly believes that she is capable of having these quadruplets and that she could raise them properly.

If it will go through, she will be the world's oldest woman to give birth to quadruplets!

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Depressed Chinese man found love with his Realistic Doll Daughter. SHOCKING!

Depression is a serious illness that requires treatment immediately. But sometimes, pills and medicines are not enough. Other people tend to find happiness from unusual things. 

A man named Song Bo was diagnosed with a terrifying illness and due to that he experienced a lot of pain that led to depression. He knew that it was impossible for him to be married and have kids.

He was living with his mother when fate decided to give him a chance to be happy as well. While he was browsing the net one day, he saw an interesting website called Taobao. This site specializes in selling a child-sized love doll. 

He decided to buy one that is 4'11 that costs $2,200 and he knew that he would take care of that doll forever.

This doll was named Xiao Die or "little butterfly". He treated the doll as if it was a real child. Though it is odd for others, he doesn't mind. He still brings her into trips in groceries, fast foods and even in cinemas.

He treated it like as if he was a real daughter. Song Bo showed a love that only a father could do. The doll gave a great effect to Song Bo's depression. His mother saw that he was enjoying being a father and that he was happy. 

Happiness can be found anywhere. 

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VIRAL: Yaya Dub's extravagant 18th Birthday Party!

Maine Mendoza became famous for her outstanding vines and dubsmash versions that had gone viral over the social media sites. 

There is no doubt that this lady is from a rich family as her parents threw a birthday party to celebrate her 18th birthday. This is also to show that what you see on live television, is the real personality of the lady.

After her videos went viral, she was discovered by the noontime show, Eat Bulaga. She is called as "Yaya Dub".

Ever since she started on Eat Bulaga, Maine is now one of the most trending personalities because of the chemistry between her and Alden Richards. Their love team was called "AlDub".

There are claims and gossips that their trending love team will also be making a movie and TV show. But there is no confirmation yet. 

Source: Maine Mendoza

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Big man was verbally harassing his wife. What the husband did is incredible!

Every individual is supposed to be treated with respect. If you want to earn someone's respect then you should show respect to others as well. 

In an outdoor dining place, a huge buffed man was allegedly saying some words that have offended the wife of another man. Despite the difference in their sizes, the man stood up for his loving wife. 

The husband claims that the other man said several words that quite offended his wife. He confronted the other man, but things were not going as planned. 

The other man was quite proud of what he did to the woman and was talking back like a Disrespectful man. The wife was trying to prevent the commotion, but the man was could not be helped from saying offending words. 

So the husband grabbed a bottle and hit the man with no respect for woman. He gave him a lesson not to talk about other people, especially when he knows that the words are not good. 

This gave a lesson to everyone that size is not a basis to bully anyone. It truly shows how much the other man loves his wife so much. 

Source: Vamshare

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Big man was verbally harassing his wife. What the husband did is incredible!

Every individual is supposed to be treated with respect. If you want to earn someone's respect then you should show respect to others as well. 

In an outdoor dining place, a huge buffed man was allegedly saying some words that have offended the wife of another man. Despite the difference in their sizes, the man stood up for his loving wife. 

The husband claims that the other man said several words that quite offended his wife. He confronted the other man, but things were not going as planned. 

The other man was quite proud of what he did to the woman and was talking back like a jerk. The wife was trying to prevent the commotion, but the man was could not be helped from saying offending words. 

So the husband grabbed a bottle and hit the man with no respect for woman. He gave him a lesson not to talk about other people, especially when he knows that the words are not good. 

This gave a lesson to everyone that size is not a basis to bully anyone. It truly shows how much the other man loves his wife so much. 

Source: Vamshare

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Groom kissed another woman in the wedding reception. The bride was completely in tears!

After a very remarkable mass on weddings, it is a tradition to follow a celebration on wedding receptions. It is the place where the couple claims the cake slicing, wine toasting and dancing happens. 

It is also a moment to remembered especially the Mother and Son dances. 

Kristeena and Luke Rheault got married after 8 years of being a couple. They knew that in the wedding reception, they needed too have the dance. 

But Luke's mom is suffering from ALS (Amyotophic Lateral Sclerosis)  which affects an individual's muscles used for eating, breathing, speaking and moving. His mom is in a wheelchair, but he did not let that prevent him from dancing with his mom

He knelt to be with his mother. He kept on kissing his mom. He knew that it would be the last time that they will be dancing with each other. 

Everyone in the wedding reception was crying because of the touching moment especially the bride. 

Unfortunately, the mother passed away after several treatments. But the couple was happy because they have shared a very special moment with her before she passed away. 

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Beautiful Strangers' Topbilled By Heart Evangelista & Lovi Poe Replaces 'Let The Love Begin' On August 10

GMA-7'S NEW soap, "Beautiful Strangers", will be replacing "Let the Love Begin" starting August 10. This has a powerhouse cast led by Christopher de Leon as Ronaldo, a rich realtor who's a womanizer, and Dina Bonnevie as Alejandra, Ronaldo's wife who's a powerful woman who cleans up the dirt her husband leaves behind.

Heart Evangelista plays Kristine, a beautiful plastic surgeon who is Ronaldo's daughter from a previous relationship with Ayen Laurel. Lovi Poe is Joyce, a simple woman whose life is ruined when Ronaldo rapes her while she's already pregnant with the child of her boyfriend, Rocco Nacino as Noel, a mechanic who is crushed when he learns that Joyce has died. He then gravitates towards Kristine. But Joyce is not really dead but gets resurrected as Lea, who'll take revenge on the people who wronged her.

Also in the cast are Benjamin Alves as Lawrence, the son of Ronaldo and Alejandra who falls for the new Lovi; Emilio Garcia as Rocco's dad, Lovely Rivero and Pen Medina as Lovi's parents; Divina Valencia as the mother of Alejandra; Kier Legaspi as Rigor, Ronaldo's henchman; Gab de Leon as Rex, the friend of Rocco; Djanin Cruz as Hannah, the girlfriend of Benjamin who he later ignores; Renz Valerio as Jason, Lovi's brother; Diane Medina as Monica, best friend of Heart; and Mariel Pamintuan as Heart's supportive cousin. This is directed by Albert Langitan.

Gelli De Belen On Why She Remains Happily Married To Ariel Rivera After 18 Years

GELLI DE BELEN is one of the busiest Kapatid stars. She's currently hosting "Happy Truck ng Bayan" on Sundays, a judge in "KisPinoy" on Saturdays and is now doing the new sitcom "Misterless Misis" with Lorna Tolentino, Mitch Valdez, Ritz Azul, newcomer Andie Gomez and Ruffa Gutierrez. For five weeks now, she is also substituting for Mariel Rodriguez as co-host of "Happy Wife, Happy Life". Another upcoming show is "SM Little Stars" where she'll be a judge and mentor to the kiddie contestants.

She's one actress whose career and family life are really both doing well. She's been married to Ariel Rivera for 18 years now and they have two sons, Joaqui, 16 years old, and Julio, 14 years old. They never had a yaya for their sons. "Palitan kami noon sa pag-aalaga sa mga bata. But now that their teenagers, they need less supervision. When I'm working, tumatawag na lang ako sa bahay to make sure nakakain na sila when they get home from school at ginagawa ang home work nila."

What's the secret of her long-lasting marriage to Ariel? "Suwerte ako kasi he's a very good partner. Whatever I do na gawaing bahay, ginagawa rin niya. Siguro kasi he grew up in Canada at wala namang maids doon kaya sanay siya. Even sa career ko, he's always been very supportive and we've learned to adjust to each other. We also keep our communication lines open."

We tell her she's the most active in her batch of stars who started in the 90s as teenstars, which includes Ruffa Gutierrez, Carmina Villaroel, Vina Morales and Aiko Melendez. They're now in their 40s and they're the ones who followed the batch of Sharon Cuneta and Maricel Soriano who are now in their 50s.
"Nakakatuwa nga kasi lahat kami, active pa rin," she says."Heto ngayon, kami ni Ruffa, co-stars in 'Misterless Misis' at magkasama kami ng tent. Grabe ang saya-saya, hindi matapos ang kuwentuhan."

What's her role in the sitcom directed by Mark Meily and that starts airing on August 9? "Ako si Liza. Ako lang yung may asawa sa'min, kasi si Lorna T, iniwanan ng groom niya on their wedding day kaya bitter siya. Si Ruffa naman, separada. Si Mitch Valdes, biyuda, anak niya ang newcomer na si Andie Gomez, who's a single mom. Si Ritz Azul, single pa. Pero ako, yung mister ko, si Paolo Paraiso, OFW sa Kuwait at nakakausap ko lang via Skype. Tapos, ang rumor, may ibang babae na siya roon. We represent different kinds of strong-willed women at maraming makaka-relate sa mga sitwasyon namin sa show, so don't miss it."
One thing Gelli misses is doing movies. In her batch, she's the only who has an Urian best actress award for "Sarah Jane Salazar Story" in 1994. "Nami-miss ko talaga gumawa ng pelikula. Buti nga ang sister kong si Janice, dala-dalawang movies ang ginagawa ngayon. I really want to try doing an indie film na serious naman ang role ko."

Mike Tan Getting Raves For Portrayal Of Paul Tanchinco In 'Rich Man's Daughter', Will Play The President Of Our Country In New Movie

MIKE TAN is the Ultimate Male Survivor of Starstruck 2 exactly 10 years ago. Many writers are wondering why his career has not really soared higher when he's got what it takes to be a bigger star. He has the advantage of height, he's hunky (as shown in his Boardwalk underwear pictorials) and he can also act well.

"Ako rin, I'm wondering about it," he says. "Sabi ng iba, dapat daw gumimik ako. But will it be worth it? Kasi I believe that if you just do you work well, always do your best, mapapansin ka rin and your time will come. Right now, I'm so happy kasi sobrang ganda ng feedback sa performance ko as Paul Tanchingco, the closet gay brother of Jade in "The Rich Man's Daughter' that will end in two weeks. When people see me sa church, o sa mall, kilala nila ako as Paul. May nagsasabi pa, lalaki ka pala, akala namin bading ka talaga. Pati sa twitter, natatawa ko pag may nababasa kong 'nagdududa na ko kay Mike Tan, bading yata talaga'. So it means effective ang acting ko."

So what will happen to Paul as the series ends? "Basta abangan nyo kasi may malaking rebelasyong mangyayari sa story dahil kay Paul. Last taping day na namin sa Monday at somehow nakakalungkot kasi family na kami talaga ng buong cast."

What if he gets typecast in gay roles? "Kaya nga sa next show ko, I wish lalaki naman ang role ko. I'm supposed to audition for a new show. Sana, makuha ako, kasi ibang-ibang Mike Tan naman ang makikita sa akin doon. I'm also doing a movie now na lalaki ang role ko, 'No Boyfriend Since Birth' for Regal Entertainment. Best friend ako ni Carla Abellana na may gusto sa kanya pero di ko masabi kaya nagkagusto siya kay Tom Rodriguez. I'm also doing a new movie for Director Cesar Buendia, 'Panginoong Diyos-Diyosan'. It's an advocacy film against corrupt politicians. I've read the script at napakaganda ng role ko. I will start as a student and will end up as the corrupt president of our country."

Mike has a non-showbiz girlfriend and they've been on for nine years. It's good she's not hinting for them to tie the knot soon? "Alam niya marami pa akong gustong mapatunayan at marating sa career ko. Gusto ko makagawa ng significant indie films na masasali sa international filmfests and she's very supportive. Siya rin naman, marami pa rin siyang career goals so settling down is not part of our immediate plans."

VIRAL: Enchong cried because of Aj Dee's message

As a part of the tradition when becoming a PBB host, Enchong Dee is now one of the special house guests in Big Brother's house. 

It was not a very good experience for the actor as of this moment. Big Brother gave Enchong a very tear jerking message coming from his Older Brother AJ Dee.

Aj is an actor as well, he was one of the characters in the show Pasion de Amor but he is now leaving the industry to settle with his family in Norway.. 

Enchong was forced not to speak and sit while his brother's message is being delivered through Franco Rodriguez. 

Aj said, "Gusto ko lang malaman mo na bilib na bilib ako sa iyo. Mataas ang respeto ko sa iyo pag dating sa mga pangarap mong gusto mong marating."

He also wishes that Enchong would sometimes visit him in Norway. 

But Enchong was not happy with Big Brother's surprise. He got irritated, saying, "Naasar kasi ako. Para kasing you gave me a chance to talk to my brother pero wala naman akong will to answer back."

Despite that, Big brother claims that he only did this not to make him suffer, but to make the people understand that he truly is a great man. 

What can you say about this touching moment? Share your thoughts below.

Barbie Forteza's Dreams And Wishes As She Turns 18 On July 31

BARBIE FORTEZA turns 18 tomorrow, July 31. But instead of having a grand debut like other showbiz debutantes, she chooses to do something more worthwhile "Kinukulit talaga ako ng GMA Artist Center na mag-debut pero ayoko talaga dahil hindi ko type magsuot ng gown and mag-high heels," she says. "Instead of spending so much for a grand debut na one night lang mangyayari, I'm using the money for a more meaningful thing. I've been celebrating my birthday for the past four years with the patients of the Philippine Children's Medical Center in Quezon City. Now, I'm adopting a private room there for renovation later to be converted to a special room. The proceeds from the use of room later will then go to the charity wards.

Barbie is the first actress to participate in this worthy cause of "adopt a room". The renovation of her adopted room is now going on with the help of Arch. Jose Martinez and Richie Onteco. "Isang plan ko sana for my birthday is to do some traveling abroad, but nauna nang ibigay yan ng GMA-7 when we went to Japan and shot some important scenes for 'The Half Sisters'. Kasama ko ang parents ko and while we were there, nagawa naming makapamasyal on our own and nakapunta pa kami sa Tokyo Disneyland. It was really a very memorable trip."

Another memorable birthday gift for her is the extension of "The Half Sisters". "When we started the show a year ago, akala namin, tatagal lang ito ng one season like other shows, pero na-extend nang na-extend at inabot na kami ng more than one year. As of now, hindi namin alam kung hanggang kailan kami tatakbo sa ere. Our director, Mark Reyes, said basta itutuloy lang namin ito hangga't pinapa-extend kami ng management. It's good magagaling yung writers namin at maraming naiisip na magagandang paraan kung paano gagawing laging interesting ang kuwento. Kamukha nitong Japan episode na nalagyan ng elemento ng human trafficking. Special guest dito si Aljur Abrenica, so don't miss it dahil nangyayari talaga ngayon ang mga sitwasyong ipinapakita rito about human trafficking."

And then, she is also very happy to be part of "Sunday Pinas Saya", which will replace "Sunday All Stars" starting August 9 on GMA-7, 12 noon to 2 PM. She'll be the leader of the Pabibo Girls. To top it all, she has bought a house for her family in New Intramuros Village, QC. They used to live in a condo which they're now renting out to someone else. "We have to get a bigger place kasi lumaki na po ako at dumami na ang mga gamit ko," she adds. "Next dream ko is to buy my own car, a pick up truck sana. May driver's license na ako at sana pumayag na ang parents ko for me to drive my own car."

She ran away from home. What her mother did to make sure that she is okay will really touch your hearts.

There's no greater love than a mother's love. Even though sometimes they could be too noisy yelling and scolding at you, there is a particular reason why they are doing it. 

The anger comes out of love. Mothers get irritated when they get worried or even if you did something wrong. 

But in this generation, the kids are difficult to understand. They always want to claim what they want and if not provided or not satisfied, they tend to become rebellious.

This short film will teach you that a mother's love is one of the greatest things that you could ever have. The girl in this film had gone tired of her mother's nagging. They got into a fight. The daughter decided to leave their home. 

She was in the market when she saw a woman who was cooking food. Unfortunately, she did not have any money. But the woman offered to give her food. The same way as it was cooked by her mother. 

While she was eating her meal, she realized that what she did was wrong. She never should have left home. 

What can you say about this film? Share us your thoughts below.

They had been in love since they were 10, Now he decides to propose. Best proposal ever!

Proposing to someone is a great opportunity to think outside the box and look for the best ideas that you could do for that someone that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. 

Like Sam Maccarone and Jessica Burzichelli, they had been in love with each other since they were 10 years old. All throughout their high school days, they had been together. But they had to attend classes in different colleges to earn their degrees. But it did not hinder them from showing how much they love each other.

Sam and Jessica had already conquered a lot of challenges in their relationship. Sam knew that it was the time to settle down and ask Jessica to marry him.

He got help from his cousin Matty Mac, who is an independent singer to compose a song that describes their relationship. Jessica thought that they would be appearing in the music video to help the cousin. Little did she know, that everything was planned for her.

Before the song, "The Proposal" which was specially made for them end, Sam got down on his knees and popped the question, "Will you marry me?". Jessica was very emotional and gave her yes. 

This couple had proven that forever does exists. What can you say about their love story? Share us your thoughts below.

Jane Oineza Won't Admit Relationship With Cager Jerome Teng To Protect Love Team With Jerome Ponce

JANE OINEZA turned 19 on July 22 so everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' for her at the thanksgiving presscon of her soap, "Nasaan Ka nang Kailangan Kita" last Friday. Jane is from Bani, Pangasinan and started as a child actress when she was only 4 years old in "Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan" in 2003. She then joined the cast of "Goin' Bulilit" and "Kung Fu Kids", winning best actress awards for her performance of a rape victim in "Maalaala Mo Kaya". As a teenager, she was introduced as a part of Star Magic 2013. What's her birthday wish?

"More blessings and projects to come," she says. "Right now, ang dami ng blessings so thank you kay Lord. Hayan, na-extend ang 'Nasaan Ka' and we're now on our third season. This is my first major soap na kasama pa ang picture at name ko sa poster kaya I'm so happy na minahal ng viewers ang aming show. Sana mas tumaas pa ratings namin para mas tumagal pa kami on the air. Tapos, I have a new movie, 'The Love Affair', na gumaganap ako bilang anak nina Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta. Kasama rin si Bea Alonzo. Being able to work with them is really such a big blessing. Sana maging hit ang movie namin."

In "Nasaan Ka", her character, Corinne, gets pregnant and she and her partner, Jerome Ponce, become teenage parents. "Marami pang pagsubok ang pagdaraanan ng character ko sa pagiging teenaged mother. Sana, sa mga kabataang makakapanood nito, may makuha silang lesson kay Corinne dahil hindi biro maka-experience ng teenage pregnancy."

With regard to her rumored romance with cager Jerome Teng, Jane remains evasive. "Kung anuman ang nangyayari sa amin, all I can say is we just enjoy whatever we have now. In the right time, malalaman naman ng public kung ano yun."

Obviously, she doesn't want to admit it as of now as it might affect her love team with Jerome Ponce adversely.

Jericho Rosales To Go Back To Singing After 'Bridges Of Love' Ends

JERICHO ROSALES once again shines in his role as Gael, the older brother of Paulo Avelino as Carlos, in "Bridges of Love", that will end in three weeks. His intensity as an actor is very evident in several dramatic scenes, particularly in his confrontations with Paulo as his long lost brother.

"It's a blessing to do a show na puro magagaling ang mga kasama ko," he says. "Working with people like Paulo and Maja Salvador can really make your job easier dahil alam mong they always deliver."
After being leaving Genesis, Jericho transferred to Cornerstone Management, but he has also left that and he's now directly under Star Magic. "I feel that at this stage ng career ko, they can help me to give more to my career as an actor," he says.

Being so focused on "Bridges of Love", he purposefully didn't appear in "ASAP" for a while. "Kasi ayokong lalabas doon na hindi maganda ang quality ng voice ko, tiyak na mapupulaan lang ako. Wala rin kasi akong time for rehearsals and practice kaya ayokong lumabas nang walang enough preparation. Pagkatapos ng 'Bridges of Love', then I can start focusing on singing again. I plan to produce a new single or album and work with new musicians. Next year na ako uli gagawa ng soap."

So how's married life with Kim Jones? Don't they intend to have a baby soon? "We're doing fine. Saka na kami magbe-baby. Ang balak namin is to do some traveling muna together. We cannot do that anymore kapag may baby na."

Bea Alonzo Says She And Zanjoe Marudo Are Okay And We're Just Happy Together In London

BEA ALONZO feels blessed to be given the chance to work with Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta in Star Cinema's "The Love Affair" that opens in theaters on August 12.

"Naging tagahanga nila ako after watching them before in 'Hihintayin Kita sa Langit'," she says. "They're icons at kinakabahan ako noong una ko silang makasama, but it's good they're both approachable. They didn't treat me na baguhan lang and they're both very generous actors. Si Kuya Goma, masayang katrabaho kasi laging nagpapatawa sa set. Ang dami niyang kuwento. Maganda rin ang personality niya. You can see enjoy siya sa buhay niya, unlike me who can get get so serious at times. Si Miss Dawn naman, fan niya ako. Gandang-ganda talaga ako sa kanya and I tell her that. Very graceful ang bawat galaw niya. I like the way she handles her life and her career. I want to be like her someday."

In the story, Richard and Dawn are Vince and Tricia, a married couple whose marriage is on the rocks after Richard discovers that Dawn cheated on him. He then meets Bea as Adie, a lawyer who was dumped by her boyfriend (Tom Rodriguez in a guest role). They are drawn to each other and have an affair. So how is it doing love scenes with Goma?

"He's a gentleman. Very professional. Hindi ako nahiya. Ako nga nag-take advantage sa kanya," she jokes.
In the movie, her character says she is broken and in pain. In real life, there are talks that she and BF Zanjoe Marudo are currently going through some kinks in their relationship. Is she also broken and in pain even off cam? "No, okay ako. Okay kami. Yes, may pinagdaanan kami but we're still together. We're working it out. Galing lang kami sa London at masaya kami roon. Responsibilidad mo sa sarili mo na maging happy ka.

Monday, July 27, 2015

This new born baby was buried by his parents alive for eight days! The reason will make you angry!

China has a huge rate when it comes to abandoning children, especially the newborn babies. 

An outstanding new born child survived the odds despite of being abandoned for eight straight days. 

Lu Fenglian, an old woman was out in the mountains of the Tiang Dong Country to collect and claim some herbs for a Chinese Medicine when she heard a crying child. 

At first she was frightened, thinking that it was the haunted spirits in the mountain so she hurriedly ran to the Buddhist temple to seek help. 

With the help of Monk Zhao Shimin, Lu returned to the scene where she heard the baby crying. The monk had the idea that the baby might be buried underground. They called the authorities and dug up the dirt until they have found the poor little kid. 

The newborn baby was in a cardboard box covered with a blanket which is full of dirt. 

The baby was left there by the parents because of the cleft lip that he possesses. They rushed the baby to the hospital to seek treatment if it was needed. The baby is now under recovery. 

What can you say about this horrible act that the parents did to this poor child? Share us your thoughts below!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

This woman was cheated on by her boyfriend. She used black magic to take her revenge!

Being cheated on by your partner is one of the most painful feelings that you can get in a relationship. Especially when you know that you have given everything that you could do to them.

This Indonesian horror short film will show you how a woman's wrath can bring you to circumstances that you have not encountered before. 

In this film, the woman claimed the power of the Black Magic to take revenge on his cheating boyfriend. With the help of a banana and several sharp objects such as pins and scissors. She took the part where she knew that he would take all the pain. She targeted his private organ. 

With her anger, she started pushing the pins and the man started to feel the pain but it was not enough. She then grabbed the scissors and started to cut the banana into pieces which made the man bleed. 

This short film, which was entitled, "Revenge" was featured at the 17th Thai Short Film and Video Festival. 

Source: Viddsee

What can you say about the wrath of a woman who was cheated on? Share us your thoughts below.

Ylona Garcia's incredible performance of "One Last TIme"

After her hit original song that she composed inside the Pinoy Big Brother, Ylona Garcia claims the social media with her outstanding talent again. 

For their weekly tasks, they were divided into two groups. In Ylona's team, she has Bailey, Ryan and Kyle. They will be competing against Jimboy's team composed of Kenzo, Kamille and Zonia.

They will be performing 3 production numbers and it must be included in the trending topics on Twitter. With Ylona's great talent in singing plus the amazing effort that Franco, Bailey and Kyle in dancing. This production will surely make it to the trending topics. 

They used the hashtag #PBBDT1LT which stands for Pinoy Big Brother Dream Team One Last Time because they sang the hit song of Ariana Grande entitled, One last time. 

Ylona has a great potential and she will surely be one of the stars in ABS CBN after the Pinoy Big Brother. 

Source: Abs-Cbn

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Singer-Theatre Actress Aicelle Santos Plays Contravida For The First Time In 'Buena Familia'

AICELLE SANTOS gained fame as a lead actress for the hit musical on stage,"Rak of Aegis", which is now on its rerun at PETA Theatres. Now, Aicelle tries playing the role of a kontrabida in GMA-7's new afternoon soap, "Buenas Familia", that starts airing tomorrow, Tuesday, after "The Half Sisters". She plays Olga, a top singer who acts like a diva and oppresses new singer Julie Anne San Jose who is assigned to be her assistant. Their situation surely will remind you of Cherie Gil and Sharon Cuneta in "Bituing Walang Ningning".

"When the role was offered to me, I got excited," says Aicelle. "Kaya ko bang magkontrabida? First time ko, e, so I keep on asking Direk Gil Tejada kung tama ba ang ginagawa ko o baka kulang. Now, I'm enjoying it. Si Cruella de Ville sa '101 Dalmatians' ang peg ko rito. Natatakot lang ako sa fans ni Julie Anne at baka magalit sila sa'kin sa pang-aapi ko sa kanya. So pinauuna ko na po, trabaho lang ito. Uma-acting lang po kami."

In one scene, she asks Julie Anne: "What's your name?" Julie Anne replies: "Darling po." And she says: "Darling? I cannot call you that. I call my friends Darling and you are not my friend." It was a big hit with the writers who attended the show's presscon. They say it has the makings of Cherie Gil's "You're nothing but a second rate trying hard copy cat".