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Paying Respect And Homage To Entertainment Writers Who Have Passed On And Joined Our Creator

WE KNOW Todos Los Santos is still a month away but while having dinner with colleagues Ces Evangelista and Ronald Carballo recently, we listed down the names of writers & editors who have passed since we joined showbiz, me in mid-70s and them, early 80s. Also in the list are other showbiz people who also wrote about showbiz, like TV hosts, film reviewers, talent managers, etc. Here's the list. Let's pray for the repose of their souls.

Tito Nards aka Leonardo Charvet, Ross Celino, Ric Aquino, Danny Villanueva, Mar de Guzman Cruz, Billy Balbastro, Douglas Quijano, Dinno Erece, Oskee Salazar, Devi Jimenea, Julie Fe Navarro, Ernie Evora Sioco, Joe Quirino, Nena Villanueva, Ernie Pecho, Linda Celestial, Franklin Cabaluna, Berlidas aka Bertin Paz, Manuel S. Pichel, Pete Daroy, Hammy Sotto, Pio de Castro III, Lulubelle Lam Ramos, Oscar Miranda, Gil Villasana, Monching Jaramillo, Goldwyn Morales Azul, Mama Monchang aka Ramon Teodoro, Babette Villaruel, Mar Cornes, Bob Castillo, Fred Marquez, Hermie Francisco, Leo Sergio, Eddie Liboon, Emy Vivar, Fely Igmat, Giovanni Calvo, Charlie Arceo, Ched Gonzales, Noelle Boado, Efren Esteban, William Reyes, Mario Garcia, Ernie Enrile, Chito Alcid, Archie de Calma, Robert Pangis, Robert Perez, Ray Canete, Mar Munoz Cay, Edwin Arce Rivera, Vic Sabado, Joey Diego, Ed Ramos Bautista, Andy Beltran, Lito Ilas, Dondi Lardizabal, Frank Mallo, Eddie Pacheco, Donnie Ramirez, Resty Vergara, Louie Camino, Vincent Kua Jr., Arthur Quinto, Mila Parawan, Jackie Regala, Eli Formaran, Ely Zablan, Rey de la Cruz, Rading Carlos, Ate Luds aka Inday Badiday, Kuya Ike Lozada, and the latest ay are Leonardo Q. Belen and Emmy Abuan.

This is our tribute to them. We’re glad that at one time or another, our paths crossed with them in this our mortal life. Let’s all pray that may they all rest in peace and may the Lord's perpetual light shine upon them. In case we’ve forgotten anyone, please tell us. We have come up with other names but we're not sure if they're still alive or just resting somewhere, so they’re in the list of those to be confirmed. Example: Boy C. De Guia - would anyone know his whereabouts? Please inform us.

We paid our last respect to Emmy who’s at Arlington Araneta Ave. last Tuesday. It was like a veritable press night as a lot of the writers who came from the “The Prenup” presscon went there, including ABS-CBN corp comm execs Kane Choa and Aaron Domingo. Emmy is obviously well loved by her peers. Goodbye, Emmy, now that you’re at home with our Creator. You will be missed.

Director Jun Lana Back To Mainstream Romcom, 'The Prenup', After Winning Awards For An Indie Film

AFTER WINNING several awards for his indie film, “Anino sa Likod ng Buwan” (including the best director plum), at Vladivostok, Russia, Jun Lana now goes mainstream again in Regal Entertainment’s heartwarming romcom, “Pre-Nup” which pairs Kapuso actress Jennylyn Mercado with Kapamilya actor Sam Milby for the first time. He also wrote the screenplay of the film which was shot partly on location in New York City. Direk Jun is so thankful that the universe conspired and made everything okay while they were working there.

“I was worried noong una kasi the weather can be unpredictable but in all fairness to the climate, nakisama siyang mabuti the whole time na nagsu-shoot kami roon,” he says. “Wala kaming naging anumang problema at all and everything went on smoothly. Lahat ng locations where we shot the movie, legal, may permit at magaling yung nakuha naming mga tao at coordinators doon kasi lahat ng locations na gusto ko sa Big Apple, nakuhanan nila ng permit, like Central Park and Times Square kasi sobrang dami ng tao at hindi mo makontrol.”

How about his two lead stars? “They’re both okay. Noong una, we thought magkakaproblema kami sa schedule ni Sam pero naayos naman and everything went well. Sila lang talaga ang personal choices ko for their roles in the movie and I’m so happy na pumuede sila. Walang naging anumang hassles at all and masaya kaming lahat sa shooting. Walang naging sakit ng ulo.”

In the story, Jennylyn plays Wendy, a bubbly, babaeng bakla girl reared by a gay couple, Gardo Versoza and Dominic Ochoa, with Melai Cantiveros and Ella Cruz as her stepsisters. She looks for her biological dad in the U.S. so she flies to New York. Inside the plane, she meet Sam as Sean, a top photographer who goes back and forth to New York for his art gallery. In New York, as maybe expected, they fall in love and when they return to Manila, they decide to get married. But Sam’s wealthy parents, Jaclyn Jose and Freddie Webb, are both matapobre types and cannot accept the poor Jennylyn who's ampon ng mga bakla to be Sam’s wife without her signing a pre-nuptials agreement first. Hence, the title, “The Prenup”. Also in the cast are Neil Coleta and Natalie Hart. This will open in theaters nationwide on October 14, with cinematography by Carlo Mendoza and music by Emerzon Texson.

Lea Salonga Goes On Semi-Break From Social Media Due To Heavy Bashing From Aldub Fans

LEA SALONGA probably didn’t know what hit her when she posted on Twitter last Saturday: “Okay lang sa akin ang kababawan, pero hanggang doon na lamang ba tayo? #NagtatanongLangPo"
AlDub fans worldwide quickly pounced on her and she was quickly knocked out with all the negative remarks that landed her way. She tried to make up for it by saying that she’s not really referring to the Aldub phenomenon, but who would believe her? Some of her fans defended her saying she’s a world class talents who brought honor to the country, etc. etc. But no one is contesting that. We are all so proud of what Lea has accomplished as an international entertainer.

But she really forayed into risky territory when she referred to AlDub (whether she admits it or not) because, first and foremost, everyone knows she’s working with the rival network. It couldn’t be naman siguro that she’s referring to the show of force that “Showtime” did at Araneta Coliseum and their Pastillas Girl to counter the AlDub phenomenon that wrought havoc to their TV ratings.

She said she didn’t really know about AlDub and Pabebe Wave because she is currently in New York, but no one would buy that since she was still here in Manila when the AlDub fever started and, also, she being a social media butterfly who’s always on twitter, we’re sure she has somehow read about it trending on the net. Even singer-composer Bryan White and other international celebrities have heard about it, so please, don’t deny that you are not aware of it at all.
It’s understandable that Lea was hurt by all the media bashing she got, so she declared a “semi-break” on her Twitter account. She said: “I’m gonna take a Twitter semi-break. Will post but won’t read.”

Another celebrity who’s being bashed is Vice Ganda for kissing Karylle on the lips (he said it’s just for fun, but a lot of people said: “Yuck!”) He’s also bashed saying that they tweets they got were “real and organic” (whatever he meant by that) and they were just cheated in the Twitter count where “Eat Bulaga” really trounced “Showtime” with 25 million plus twits compared to their 6 million plus. And even in the ratings, “Eat Bulaga” ruled. It got 45.7% in Mega Manila (where there is the most number of viewing households) compared to Showtime’s 11.0%. In Nationwide Urban TV Measurement (NUTAM), EB got 37.2% while S got 17.4%. Even in their own survey, Kantar Media, EB won with 30.8% while S got 22.5%.

In hindsight, it’s really foolhardy of Showtime to compete head on with EB because they have everything to lose. It was really a show of force for them, with top crowd-drawing love teams like Kathniel, Jadine, Lizquen and Kimxi in attendance, along with their biggest stars headed by Coco Martin, to show that they’re truly the Goliath in the local TV industry. In contrast, their competitor is the very new AlDub love team who doesn’t have anything to lose had the Kapamilya love teams beaten them in the ratings. They should have just waited for the AlDub popularity to reach its peak as it will surely ebb anyway, sooner or later.

But to fight it at this very moment that it’s at its height of its popularity and audience acceptance is not wise. To begin with, the AlDub fever is something that came out naturally. It wasn’t poised on the public. Alden just so happened to be a guest in EB then when he was shown on screen, Yaya Dub was so obviously “kinilig” and the viewers found it so cute and that started the ball rolling. In contrast, the Pastillas Girl is so obviously planned, designed, engineered, deliberately manufactured in answer to AlDub, so it appears as hardsell, forcing through.

And in the effort of “Showtime” to defeat “EB”, what happened is that the viewing public still supported the underdog that AlDub is and, the rest, as they say, is history.

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Derrick Rose: "It's time for me to retire"

CHICAGO, IL - Former NBA MVP Derrick Rose announces retirement after breaking his orbital bone.

The 26-year-old Chicago Bulls guard bid farewell to the NBA and his fans, announcing his retirement that's effective immediately. "I hate to admit this, but my body could no longer go on," said Rose. "I want to be there for my family while I can still walk and function normally."

The NBA Superstar also told the media that his last shoe for the adidas brand will be released on early 2016.

Several NBA personalities such as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf and Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg gave their support for the injured Rose. "No doubt about that. But we put the players' health and well-being above everything," said Silver when asked if the Rose's retirement puts a major dent on the league's overall star power.

Joakim Noah was present at the press conference and told the media, "You know [Rose] has had my full support since day one. This isn't the end for him. It's the beginning of another chapter of his lfie." Other NBA players such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant also tweeted their support for their ailing on-court rival.

Derrick Martell Rose is a former American professional basketball player who played for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association.

TV: Filipino-Aussie Cyrus Villanueva Enters Top 11 Of The X Factor Australia Season 7

AUSTRALIA - Good vibes for everyone as Fil-Aussie Cyrus Villanueva qualified for the 2nd week live show of The X Factor Australia.

The 7th Season of The X Factor Australia is filled with talented young singers and one of them is Cyrus Villanueva. He past the audition and got 4 standing ovations from judges Guy Sebastian, James Blunt, Dannii Minogue and Chris Isaak.

Then he also surpassed the Five Seat Challenge after performing Dancing On My Own:

And now he survived and safe from elimination after his performance of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" hit on the 1st Week of Live Performance:


Photo & Videos by: The X Factor Australia

Quick And Easy Way To Determine If You Have Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common kinds of cancer that often strikes a woman. Sometimes, people claim that they do not have enough money to visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. 

But did you know that there are ways to find out if you have a breast cancer? These are the following signs that are described by an expert. 

-Breast Lumps
-Lumps near the armpit
-Breast shape or size changes
-Skin Changes
-Itching of the Breast

These are just some of the things that you could possibly see around your breast. 

A person could also experience loss of appetite, jaundice, weight loss, nausea, bone pain, head ache, double vision and muscle weakness.

If you are feeling the following symptoms then you could possible have a breast cancer. 

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Sen. Loren Legarda Presents 'Dayaw', A 6-Part Documentary On Our Indigenous People, On ANC Starting October 1

OCTOBER IS National Indigenous Peoples’ Month and Sen. Loren Legarda presents a six-part documentary series on indigenous peoples and culture titled “Dayaw” to be shown Thursdays starting tomorrow, October 1, 6:00 pm, on ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC). Dayaw is a project of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and ANC, supported by the Office of Sen. Legarda.
“The promotion of our indigenous culture is an advocacy close to my heart,” she says. “We have to learn and relearn our traditions and love our heritage. Through this documentary series, I hope that Filipinos will appreciate our indigenous communities and embrace our unique culture and tradition. This is important in nation building as it provides better understanding of our identity and we get to explore our different communities.”

Dayaw, hosted by Legarda, explores the facets that bind Filipino indigenous peoples. For the first episode tomorrow, Dayaw will show how IPs, particularly of Palawan and Ifugao, value the forest and how this respect for the environment has led to the judicious use of natural resources. The second episode delves into how our IPs look at their land as a source of myth and storytelling. It will feature the Hudhud Chants of Ifugao, the Darangen of the Maranao people, and the Basal ensemble of Palawan. Episode 3 will show how our IPs use practical arts in their day-to-day lives, such as boat building, terracing and metal-casting; while Episode 4 is about our women weavers and the art of weaving. Episode 5 shows how IP knowledge on architecture is vital in the restoration and rebuilding of heritage structures, including those damaged during the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol in 2013. The final episode is a roundtable discussion honoring the Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan Awardees (GAMABA) and their descendants who will continue the traditions for the next generation.

Kim Chiu Got The Most 'Awards' From Director Chito Rono While Shooting 'Etiquette For Mistresses'

KIM CHIU confesses that among her co-stars in “Etiquette for Mistresses”, including Iza Calzado, Claudine Barretto, Cheena Crab and Kris Aquino, she’s the one who got the most “awards” from their director, Chito Rono.

“Yun nga ang joke time namin sa set,” she says. “Na sa aming lahat, ako ang ga-graduate ng magna cum laude dahil sa dami ng awards na nakuha ko from Direk. But I really learned a lot from him kahit ina-award niya ako. Sabi niya, ayaw niya ng teleserye kind of acting ko. He told me that several times. Sabi pa niya, show me something new, huwag yung nakita ko na at napanood ko na sa soaps mo. Okay lang naman sa aking napagsasabihan ako ni Direk. Open naman ako kapag itinutuwid ang mga pagkakamali ko. That’s how I learn to better my craft. So kailangan ko talagang gandahan ang acting ko para mas umangat, dahil kung hindi, lalamunin ako ng lahat ng co-stars ko. Hopefully, nabigyan ko naman ng justice ang role ko as a lounge singer sa Cebu who falls in love with an older married man, played by Zoren Legaspi, na ang asawa, isang female senator played by Aiko Melendez.”

Won’t her fans be alienated by her playing the kept woman of a married guy? “Yes, my role is something na hindi sila sanay makitang ginagampanan ko, but I think they will understand. I can’t forever naman play the sweet teeny bopper roles that I do in romcoms. I have to grow as an actress. Sila rin, I’m sure, gusto nilang may maipakita naman akong iba, bago. And this time, I really have something new to offer to my fans. Hindi naman siya shocking, but it’s something really different.”

Is she now ready to accept more daring roles? “Naku, pag-uusapan munang mabuti yan. It will depend on the story and kung may moral lesson bang makukuha sa kuwento. Ayoko nung basta sexy or daring lang na walang wawa.”

“Etiquette for Mistresses” opens today in theaters nationwide. Also in the cast are Tirso Cruz III, Eddie Gutierrez, Cherry Pie Picache, Aiko Melendez, Freddie Webb, Zoren Legaspi, Sam Concepcion, Arci Munoz and Ms. Pilar Pilapil whose wonderful performance just might steal the scene from the movie’s main stars.

Megan Young To Host 'Miss World Philippines' Finals, Happy That Both 'Marimar' & 'Starstruck 6' Are Doing Well

MEGAN YOUNG is earning raves for “Marimar” and as host of “Starstruck 6”. Now, she feels honored to be doing another hosting job in the search for the next Miss World Philippines.

“Miss World promotes beauty with a purpose and I’m certainly happy to be a part of this quest in finding the next Filipina beauty who can help encourage people to make a difference in our world today,” she says.
Miss World Philippines National Director Cory Quirino signed the contract for this year’s search with GMA VP For Program Management Jose Mari Abacan and GMA Senior Program Manager Mitzi Garcia.
Ms. Quirino is delighted to announce that the competition is bigger than ever. “This is our fourth year with GMA, kaya itong taon na ito, our pageant will be bigger than ever because this is the year that we have the most number of candidates and all of them are remarkable,” she says.

Joey Abacan is extremely happy that the Miss World Philippines will be aired anew on GMA Network. “Once again nag-partner kami ng Miss World Philippines and you have to watch out for it on SNBO on October 18. Ipagdasal nating ang mapipiling Miss World Philippines ay hindi lang dito mananalo kundi pati sa mismong Miss World pageant later.”

Let’s see if they’ll be astute enough to choose someone who can really follow Megan’s footsteps as the next Miss World title holder. Meantime, in “Marimar”, Megan wants the fans of the show to know that she’ll be facing more hardships in the hands of Jacklyn Jose as Angelica and Lauren Young as Antonietta. While Tom Rodriguez as Sergio is away from the mansion, he doesn’t know his wife Marimar is treated like a common housemaid by his mom, doing menial household tasks. Tom has realized at this point that he is now really in love with Megan as Marimar. But more complications will follow as Jaclyn and Lauren are just too determined to torment Megan more and to break up their marriage. Will they succeed in their evil plans? Watch out in this week’s edition of “Marimar”.

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Heart Evangelista Can't Ask For Anything More Now That Her Husband And Her Parents Are The Best Of Friends

HEART EVANGELISTA says she can no longer asks for anything more at this point in her life. Career-wise, her soap, “Beautiful Strangers”, is a big hit and she is also getting acclaim as a painter. She’s also very much happily married to Sen. Chiz Escudero and she’s so glad that Chiz and her parents are now in the best of terms. When Sen. Chiz proclaimed his candidacy as the running mate of Sen. Grace Poe, her mom was there to show her support in her husband’s bid to be the country’s next vice president.

“Nakakatuwa kasi best friends na sila,” says Heart. “Pati ang daddy ko na hindi nakapunta sa proclamation kasi may sakit siya. But he’s also supporting Chiz.”

She’ll join Chiz in his campaign sorties. “At doon sa rallies na hindi niya mapupuntahan kasi sobrang busy ang schedule niya, ako na mismo ang pupunta para mangampanya.”

It’s good Sen. Chiz is a good sport and doesn’t mind her having kissing scenes with Rocco Nacino in “Beautiful Strangers”? “It was never an issue for us. He knows and understands that it’s just part of my job as an actress. Actually, mas naiilang nga ako kasi Rocco is the boyfriend of my best friend, Lovi Poe. Buti na lang at open-minded din si Lovi and doesn’t find it weird. Ha ha ha!”

“Beautiful Strangers” is gaining more devoted viewers because of its engrossing story. Dina Bonnevie as Alejandra tried to kill Lovi as Joyce in a fire but Lovi was saved by Alejandra’s own son, Benjamin Alves as Lawrence, who also got injured in the process. Christopher de Leon as Ronaldo paid for all their hospital bills. Benjamin proclaims his love for Lovi and proposes marriage even if his parents are against it and Dina disowns him. Dina later relents and accepts Lovi, but obviously, she’s planning something evil. She wants Lovi to be assassinated.

At the wedding, Lovi’s full memory returns to her and she realizes it’s Christopher who tried to rape her and kill her. Just as she’s walking towards the altar, she decides to back out and reveals the truth to everyone. Watch out for Lovi’s fine acting as she’s really very good in this scene. Christopher and Dina both deny what she’s saying and claim that she’s lying. Benjamin gets very confused and wouldn’t know who to believe: his parents or the woman he loves.

Sarah Geronimo Sings 'Felix Manalo' Theme Song, Advanced Ticket Sales Now Available In Theaters Nationwide

SARAH GERONIMO IS honored to sing the theme song of “Felix Manalo” composed by Louie Ocampo. Although she’s with ABS, Sarah is actually managed by Viva Entertainment so she can sing the theme song of “Felix Manalo”, which is produced by Viva. Sarah is also invited to the world premiere of the movie at Philippine Arena on Sunday, October 4. About 100 stars involved in the movie will also be attending. This will be shown on a special five-story high screen (120 meters by 40 meters) and aims to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest audience attendance in a movie’s premiere night and a film screening.

Do you know that the movie’s director, Joel Lamangan, actually shot a film that can run for seven hours (ala Lav Diaz, right?) But only three hours of the shot footage in included in the final print. They now plan to show the whole thing (with the deleted parts to be included) as a series to be aired on the Iglesia’s own channel, Net 25. Viva execs who have seen an advanced print of “Felix Manalo” say that the movie is so fast paced you won’t feel its three hour running time, thanks to the superb direction by Joel Lamangan and the masterful portrayal of Dennis Trillo in the title role.

Viva is leaving no stone unturned in promoting the movie as they now offer advanced ticket selling for “Felix Manalo”. They do this all the time for Hollywood blockbusters, but this is the first time this happens to a local film. You can now get tickets for its opening day on October 7 from the some 300 theaters nationwide where it will be shown.

Jessy Mendiola Continues To Fight For Her Love For JM De Guzman Who Admits He's Going Through A Difficult Period In His Life

JM DE GUZMAN has officially been yanked out of the cast of “Walang Forever”, the Metro-Manila Filmfest entry he is supposed to do with Jennylyn Mercado. The reason given by Quantum Films is that they can no longer wait for the availability of JM. He was replaced by Jericho Rosales who immediately started shooting his scenes with Jennylyn. It’s their first team up together.

JM is really going through a difficult period these days. There’s talk he’d be replace in the ABS afternoon soap, “All of Me”, because he’s just being difficult on the set. He sleeps a lot and when someone tries to wake him, including their director, Dondon Santos, he gets angry. But his co-stars in the show, Yen Santos and Arron Villaflor, deny that such a story really happened. They say JM is very professional and they have a happy set. They haven’t informed that JM will be replaced soon. Albert Martinez, who’s also in the show as the older version of the character JM plays, Edong, likewise says that management has not at all informed that he’ll be brought back to the show to replace the allegedly erring JM.

It was earlier bruited about that JM and GF Jessy Mendiola have broken up after they both failed to show up at the recent Star Magic Ball, but Jessy herself denied this in her social media account. This is what she stated in her post that she also later deleted: "Tigilan niyo akong lahat. Hindi niyo alam ang pinagdadaanan ni JM ngayon at mas lalong hindi niyo alam nangyayari sa aming lahat. Ang kikitid ng mga utak niyo, kaya hindi ako nagsasalita sa mga interviews dahil ayoko nang humaba pa.”

Later on, she made another post: “But the heart keeps telling you don’t give up! Don’t take someone for granted just because you know everytime you push them away, they will come running back. Cause one day they won’t.”

This means that JM is trying to push Jessy away and is about to give up but she is hanging on and ready to fight for their love. How lucky JM is as it looks like Jessy really cares for him.

It’s Showtime insider speaks up: "Pastillas Girl is scripted"

QUEZON CITY, Philippines — A staff member of It’s Showtime reveals that the ‘Twitterserye’ portion revolving around Pastillas Girl’s search for love and making peace with her past is apparently all for show.

In an exclusive interview with Manila Link, one of the staff behind ABS-CBN’s noontime show—identity and gender withheld for obvious reasons—confirms what some have been speculating all along: that the story surrounding ‘Pastillas Girl’ Angelica Jane Yap was fabricated to win back the ratings they have been losing to Eat Bulaga’s AlDub.

“We had to do something, eh,” said the staff member. “Siyempre, tingnan mo naman, tinatalo na namin sa ratings yung show na running for almost 40 years na, ‘di ba?”

“Then AlDub came along. Trending lagi, ibang klase! Kahit kami pinapanood namin backstage, kung pano na kami natatalo,” added the anonymous staff member with a chuckle. “We did what we had to do. Labanan pa din ‘yan, kahit ano pa sabihin namin, nina Vice, [or] Joey De Leon sa TV. Kailangan pataasan ng ratings talaga.”

The said staff member shared how they witnessed the AlDub phenomenon overpowering them, and the realization that they needed to do something to regain the noontime audience’s attention.

They then went into detail how they managed to put up an answer to the phenomenal love team.

"Ang ginawa namin, ginaya namin. Kumuha kami ng viral din, ‘yung may following na din. Ayan, si Pastillas. Pinag-guest sa AdVice, binigyan ng story.”

“We added pa-kilig, the works. ‘Yung tipong masasabi nu’ng fans nila na ‘Uy, ginagaya ‘yung idol natin. Tingnan nga natin kung anong kalokohan ‘to’, ‘yung ganu’n. Effective naman, kita mo, ‘di ba? Nakuha namin ‘yung attention nila, kahit nega. At least, nag-te-trending na din kami!”

“Sabi nga, eh, ‘Bad publicity is still publicity.’ ‘Yun ang ginawa namin.”

As of writing, the hashtag #ShowtimeKapamilyaDay generated 6.12 million tweets on micro-blogging site Twitter, still a far cry from their rival #ALDubEBforLove's 20.6 million on Saturday, September 26.

Friday’s episode of It’s Showtime featured Pastillas Girl and her best friend, Karen, who allegedly stole the former’s boyfriend—the story that is said to have inspired the Pastillas recipe video and made everyone sympathize with 21-year-old Angelica.

Here’s where the staff member drops the bomb.

“Syempre kung ‘di namin i-e-explore ‘yung back story kuno, eh ‘di walang mangyayari sa’min. So gumawa kami ng kwento. Iniwan kunwari siya ng boyfriend, inagaw ng best friend, ganyan. The classic tale of the best friend and the boyfriend.”

“Ganyan gusto ng mga Pinoy, eh. ‘Yung may drama. Dalawang babaeng nag-aagawan sa iisang lalake. Nababaliw sila sa ganyan.”

It can be recalled that Angelica’s so called ex-boyfriend was also invited to the show on a previous episode to talk and get some closure.

We also asked the staff member about the truth behind the “open letter” that recently made its rounds on Facebook, containing revelations about Pastillas Girl.

“Wala kaming alam, sa totoo lang. The producers talked to her about the pregnancy daw, kung ano talaga nangyari du’n sa boyfriend. Sila lang nakakaalam. ‘Di na lang in-address para ‘di na masyadong kumalat.”

“Ang masasabi ko lang is hindi ‘yun ‘yung boyfriend niya talaga. Ini-scout lang namin ‘yun. ‘Di naman mahirap maghanap, lahat gusto ng exposure sa TV,” they explained with another chuckle.

What about Karen, the best friend?

“Kami lang din kumuha sa kanya. Basically, lahat scripted,” confirmed the staff member. “As in, lahat.”

Despite all this, our anonymous source maintains there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.

“Like I said, we just did what we had to do. It’s still business after all. Kailangan namin ng ratings, kailangan mapag-usapan para kumita. Hindi lang kami ang gumagawa nyan.”

Top Rapper Gloc 9 Has A Star-Studded Guest List For His Four-Night Concert In October At Music Museum

TODAY’S TOP rapper, Gloc 9, says his career really improved when he became one of the talents of PPL (for Perry L. Lansigan). Now, PPL Entertainment helps him mount his very first concert series at Music Museum this October, “Ang Kuwento ng Makata: Gloc 9 Live”, on four Saturdays, October 10, 17, 24 and 31, with an impressive lineup of guests. His regular guests are Maya, MIgz Haleco, Reese and Rochelle Pangilinan.

But for October 10 his special guests are Aiza Seguerra, Jennylyn Mercado, Bamboo, Jay Durias, Kylie Padilla and Marc Abaya. October 17 - Chito Miranda, Janno Gibbs, Ebe Dancel, Jonalyn Viray and Rico Blanco. October 24- Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, Jolina Magdangal, Yeng Constantino and Ebe Dancel again. October 31 - Julie Anne San Jose, KZ Tandingan, Jay Durias and Ebe Dancel again.

The concert series will serve as his special birthday presentation as he was born on October 18, 1977. Gloc 9’s real name is Aristotle Pollisco. He was named after the magnate Onassis and not after the philosopher. He originally wanted to be a balladeer but he fell in love with rap music when he was 12 because of the late Francis Magalona. One of the best praises he got is from the Master Rapper, who said that he is "a blacksmith of words and letters, and a true Filipino poet.”

He was discovered when he joined a show by Andrew E and became part of the rap group, Death Threat. He was told to have a rap screen name. At first, he considered Magnum 45 and Kalibre 28, but both were rejected. He chose Glock 9 instead, named after a pistol, and he later removed the letter K to make it Gloc 9. Death Threat released several albums under Viva Records.

He then partnered with another rapper, Hi Jakkk, with albums like “Domination” and “Revelation”, before going on a solo career when he joined Star Music. He made songs for their youth films like “Trip” and “Jologs”. He released his solo debut album, “G9”, in 2003. It was a hit, so he was given another solo album in 2005, “Ako Si…” But he’s now with Universal Records where he has released albums like “Mga Kuwento ng Makata” and “Liham at Lihim”. Among his hit songs are “Sirena”, “Magdalena” and “Hari ng Tundo”.

A nursing graduate, he’s married to Thea Gomez and they have twin kids, a boy and a girl, both of whom can sing. He doesn’t smoke or drink or do drugs. By 9 PM, when he doesn’t have a show, he’s usually already asleep. Proceeds from his concert will go to Yes Pinoy Foundation. For tickets, call ticketworld at 891-9999 and Music Museum, 721-0635, 721-6726.

Ken Chan Gains Fans From The Lgbt Community For His Persuasive Portrayal Of A Transwoman In 'Destiny Rose'

KEN CHAN is the darling of some members of the LGBT community for his very persuasive portrayal of a gay man who undergoes surgery to be a transwoman. They also want to thank GMA-7 for coming up with a soap like this that is a plea for a better understanding of gays and transgenders. They’re now inviting Ken to attend the inaugural opening ceremony of the QC International Pink Filmfest at Gateway Mall on Tuesday, 6 PM. What can Ken say about this?

“I’d really like to go to show them my support,” he says. “I’m hoping my schedules will allow me to be there, kahit may taping ako ng ‘Destiny Rose’. Gusto ko ring magpasalamat sa kanila na nagugustuhan nila ang aming show at sana, tuloy-tuloy lang ang panonood nila nito tuwing hapon.”

The reaction on the net to Ken’s performance as the gay Joey in “Destiny Rose” is really very positive. Most viewers believe he succeeds in giving justice to his very challenging role. GMA executives themselves are so pleased with the high ratings and encouraging feedback that the show is getting.

The story got more interesting after Ken and his mom, Manilyn Reynes as Daisy, became victims of a disastrous typhoon. They, along with relatives Jackielou Blanco as Dahlia and Katrina Halili as Jasmine, lost their home and stayed at an evacuation center. Ken heard from his Italian penpal, Fabio Ide as Gabriel, who offers to help rebuild their home. Katrina tells Ken to make Fabio that she is Joey. Little did they know that Fabio is already in the country and even rescued Ken from some drunkards who tried to beat him up. Ken is so happy to meet Fabio and to see him so handsome, but he cannot reveal the truth that he is real penpal and not Katrina.

Alden Richards 'Panhik Ligaw' Episode With Yaya Dub Has Record Breaking Ratings And Tweets That Would Be Hard To Top

ALDEN RICHARDS couldn’t hold back his tears while singing “God Gave Me You” live, as requested by Lola Nidora when he formally visited Yaya Dub in Lola’s mansion. Alden dedicated it to Meng (the real nickname of Maine Mendoza) and it’s obvious he was so touched as there’s no doubt his involvement in the AlDub love team boosted his popularity to high heavens since they were paired with each other more than two months ago.

It’s kilig galore as Alden steps on the mansion carrying flowers not only for Yaya Dub but also for Lolas Nidora, Tidora and Tinidora. He was politeness personified as he even took off his shoes before entering the mansion. When Yaya Dub finally appeared, she seemed so shy and can’t look at Alden straight. There were times the lolas were pushing so they’d get closer to each other. When it’s time for merienda, they even played Trip to Jerusalem to determine where each one would sit. Alden sat at the head of the table with Yaya Dub on his left.

The lolas left to give them privacy and get to talk, sing and eat their merienda of pancit palabok and cake. They got to take their photos together, along with Rihanna, the mansion’s housemaid also played by Wally Bayola who has become so amazingly adept in playing multiple roles.

When Lola Nidora returned to say she’ll have a nap, it’s time for Alden to say goodbye. Yaya Dub gave him a letter she wrote then later screamed: “This must be love!”

No doubt the whole “first date” episode is very successful. It’s so overloaded with commercials and we can hear the TAPE cash register ringing oh so merrily. AlDub also ruled twitter. This “panhik-ligaw” episode will no doubt be praised again by CBCP as it fosters the old good values of courtship where a man visits the lady he’s courting at home and is courteous enough to please her guardians. As we all know, most young people today have easy relationships that started only through Facebook or texting.

When “Eat Bulaga” ended at 3 PM, it has already generated 12.1 million tweets for #AldubEBforLove and #AlDubMostAwaitedDate. But as we write this column, we’re told that it has accumulated a whopping 24 million so far! We doubt if anyone else could top that!

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Easy Way To Get Rid Of White Hairs Using Home Remedies!AMAZING!

Grey hair is one of the physical problems that a person could have in their head. 

Gray or white hairs could be hereditary. People also claim that this could be signs of Ageing. But other people say that it is a sign that there is an imbalance with the health. 

A hair could be white when you reach the age of 30s but for some reasons, younger people are now experiencing these problems. 

But did you know that there are home remedies that you could do to prevent this premature hair from reoccurring. 

Check this video out to see what are the ingredients that you need to look for. 

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Quezon City International Pink Filmfest Offers Award-Winning LGBT Movies As Part Of Its 75th Diamond Jubilee Celebration

QUEZON CITY MAYOR HERBERT BAUTISTA was a no show at the QC International Pink Filmfest so writers eagerly waiting for him weren’t able to ask him if it’s true he has been replaced by Derek Ramsay in the Metro Filmfest entry he’s supposed to do with Kris Aquino. We’re told he had to attend an important budget hearing.

Festival Director Nick Deocampo profusely thanked Mayor Herbert for pushing through with the filmfest as part of QC’s 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary presentation. It will open on October 6 at Gateway Cinema with local and foreign movie celebrities attending. The opening film is “Dressed As a Girl” from the United Kingdom about drag queens being true to themselves. The filmfest will run until October 11.

“We want to thank the QC Pride Council as last year’s filmfest was a resounding success,” says Deocampo. “This year’s filmfest will be more meaningful with the passage of the Gender Fair Ordinance, a progressive historic gender emancipation bill that is first in asia from Councilor Mayen Juico. It aims to give equal rights to all genders. This year’s filmfest will also feature bigger entries, like the Berlin Teddy Best Film winner, ‘Nasty Baby’ from the US about a gay couple wanting to have a baby, ‘Hombre Nuevo (New Man)’ from Uruguay/Chile about a child soldier who transitions to become a transwoman, and ‘Stories of Our Lives’ from Kenya that’s a Special Jury prize winner.”

The QC Pink Filmfest also features local movies like “I Love You, Thank You” (featuring great performances from Joross Gamboa, Prince Stefan, filmed in Thailand and Cambodia), “Esprit de Corps” (with an award-winning performance from Sandino Martin), “Esoterika: Maynila” (another award-winning work from Director Elwood Perez starring Ronnie Liang), “Pinoy Transking” (real life stories of transmen set against the first ever TransKing pageant), “Grace” (about a woman who married an Israeli and has children but later on discovers her true sexuality) and “Shunned” (about the struggles of transwomen who compete in a gay pageant), “#PinQCity” (shows the interweaving stories of LGBT characters living in QC). With the QC Pink Filmfest, Deocampo sees a city that is gender-sensitive and respectful of the diversity of its people.

Director Jun Lana Narrates His Experience Winning The Best Director Award In Russia For 'Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan'

DIRECTOR JUN LANA says he didn’t expect that his indie film, “Anino sa Likod ng Buwan”, would win major awards at the Pacific Meridian International Filmfest at Vladivostok, Russia. “Tiningnan ko kasi yung lineup ng entries nila at ang gaganda, malalaki ang budget,” he says. “Maraming entries, nanalo na ng awards sa ibang festivals. At ang tataray ng nanonood ng movies sa kanila. Yung isang director, after the screening, sinabihan ng isang matanda ng: ‘Your film is meaningless’. So during the screening, hindi ako nakipanood. I just waited outside the theatre. Pumasok na lang ako noong Q&A na. They were applauding and saying ‘Bravo!’ At yung matandang namintas, nagulat ako, sabi sa’kin, naiyak daw siya sa movie namin. Everybody was looking for our lead actress, LJ Reyes. Noong awards night na, we all thought ang mananalong best actress was the South Korean star kasi nanalo na siya sa ibang filmfest. Nang tawagin si LJ, nagulat kami and later, they told me siya lang talaga ang unanimous choice ng lahat ng jurors. Hindi ko nga akalaing mananalo yung movie ng NETPAC and FIPRESCI critics award kasi in Russian ang announcement. But when I saw scenes from our movie being flashed sa big screen, I realized kami ang nanalo at nun pa lang ako umakyat ng stage. First time raw sa filmfest na yun na one entry won a total of four awards, including the best director trophy for me.”

He salutes LJ for being a real trouper. “First time niya ginawa ang mga pinagawa ko sa kanya rito, lalo na yung love scene with Luis Alandy at drained talaga siya kasi the movie is one long take using one camera. After each take, hinang-hina siya. Bago pa mag-shoot, three months na kaming nagre-rehearsal, kasi dapat precise yung blocking at memoryado nila lahat ng galaw nila, so paulit-ulit talaga. We built a set na collapsible ang walls para kapag umiikot ang kamera, hindi makasagabal yung mga dingding. Buti na lang, hindi nasayang lahat ng paghihirap namin.”

“Anino sa Likod ng Buwan” is his third indie film that won an international acting award for its star. The first one was “Bwakaw” that won several best actor awards for Eddie Garcia here and abroad, then “Barber’s Tales” that won the Madrid International Filmfest best actress award for Eugene Domingo, and now “Anino” for LJ Reyes. When will the movie be shown in local theatres?

“Well, we know na indie film ito, set in 1993 during the military operation at Marag Valley in Mindanao, so it has a limited niche market. But entry rin kami sa QC Filmfest in November so mapapalabas kami roon. I’m happy about that kasi walang censorship yun, e. After that, we hope we’ll have a wider theatrical release na sana, hindi putulan ng MTRCB ang love scenes dahil hindi naman ito sex movie but against militarization, which is now happening to the Lumads .”

Aside from “Anino”, he has two mainstream films: “Pre-Nup” with Jennylyn Mercado and Sam Milby that will be shown nationwide in October, then “Haunted Mansion” with Iza Calzado, LJ Reyes and Janella Salvador that’s a Metro-Manila Filmfest entry. “What I earn from the mainstream movies I do, yun ang ginagamit ko for the passion projects I really want to do in indie films. After ‘Anino’, I have two more indie films lined up, ‘Die Beautiful’ with Paolo Ballesteros and ‘Ama Namin’ about a priest na nagkaanak.”

Glaiza De Castro Gained Lots Of Lesbian Fans Who'll Be Flying In From Abroad To Watch Her Music Museum Solo Concert On October 3

GLAIZA DE CASTRO gained a lot of fans from the LGBT community after playing a similar role in “The Rich Man’s Daughter”. Upon learning that she is having her first solo concert, “Dreams Never End”, at Music Museum on Saturday, October 3, a lot of them quickly bought tickets and it’s now all sold out.
“Some of those who’d watch are even flying in from the U.S., Malaysia, Japan and Dubai,” she says. “Nakakatuwa ang suporta nila sa akin.”

Glaiza has really come a long way since she was introduced by Regal in 2001 in the movie “Cool Dudes 24/7” when she was only 13 years old. Her co-stars in that movie are mostly no longer active: Cogie Domingo, Jemalene Estrada, Angelene Aguilar and Danilo Barrios. Another one, James Blanco, now plays father roles. She’s the only one who continues to gain acclaim not only as one of our today’s most reliable actresses but also a singer. Her album, “Synthesis”, is a certified hit and its success triggered the production of her concert.

“For the initial printing of ‘Synthesis’, 1,000 lang pinagawa namin but it was quickly sold out and has had several reprintings. As of now, nakaka-8,000 copies sold na kami so it’s on its way to being platinum. It’s a labor of love from my friends. Angelica Panganiban helped with two songs and Alessandra de Rossi with one song, so they will be appearing in the concert with me. Guest ko rin si Rhian Ramos after our tandem clicked in ‘Rich Man’s Daughter’, along with Aiza Seguerra, Jay-R, Kitchie Nadal and Asia’s Songbird no less, Ms. Regine Velasquez. I will be jamming with all of them in some very special numbers.”

So what’s her next soap? “Wala pa kasi I’m doing shows abroad. I will be in Singapore on November 7 and from November 26 to December 7, I will be touring five cities in Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton. But I have finished a new movie, ‘Sleepless’, about call center workers na kulang sa tulog. It’s a rom-com with Dominic Rocco and TJ Trinidad, directed by Prime Cruz for IdeaFirst Company. Ipalalabas ito sa Quezon City Filmfest in November.”

Since tickets for “Dreams Never End” are sold out. They’re now planning to have a repeat. The concert is directed by Rico Gutierrez, with Marc Lopez as musical director and GMA Network as media partner. Will her rumored boyfriend, Benjamin Alves, will be there? “I hope so, but honestly, hindi kami. He was the one who thought of ‘Synthesis’ as the title of my album. We became close when we did ‘Dading’ and we went out as a group, but friends lang talaga kami.

Sen. Grace Poe Says She'lll Continue To Show Love & Respect To Cousin Sheryl Cruz Who Said She's Not Ripe For The Presidency

SHERYL CRUZ was lambasted on the net by irate supporters of Sen. Grace Poe after she said that the daughter of her aunt, Susan Roces, is not yet ripe for the presidency. Some folks she’s just sour graping because she didn’t get the inheritance she expected from the late FPJ. “Bakit siya umaasa? Hindi naman siya anak, pamangkin lang siya,” says one of their relatives.

“Wala namang kasundo yang si Sheryl,” says another detractor. “Maski mga kamag-anak niya sa Cruz side, like her cousins na sina Geneva and Sunshine, sumama loob sa kanya when her father died in 2001 and she didn’t even bother to come home at all from the U.S.”

“Wala rin siyang makasundong manager,” says another non-Sheryl fan. “Binitiwan siya ni Dolor Guevarra dahil unprofessional siya. Lumipat siya kay Rams David but he also just dropped her for being difficult.”
We heard even Manay Ichu Maceda gave her a dressing down when Manay heard Sheryl was taping for ‘Buena Familia’ at the Sampaguita Pictures compound.

But Sen. Grace herself is very conciliatory and forgiving about what Sheryl did to her. “I want to thank Sheryl for her opinion and concern for us,” she says. “As a member of our family, we will continue to give her the love and respect she deserves.”

Even Susan Roces just shrugged her shoulders when asked about it. “Well, that is her opinion Let’s just respect her. There’s nothing else for me to say about that.”

But her own elder brother, former actor Renzo Cruz, countered Sheryl’s opinion. He declared their entire clan is actually supporting the daughter of FPJ.

Coco Martin Rejects Having A Double In Doing Dangerous Stunts In 'Ang Probinsyano'

COCO MARTIN considers it a big honor to be given the FPJ Memorial Award at the last FAMAS rites and he feels so bad that he wasn’t there to receive it in person as he was in Naga for a special promo screening of ‘Ang Probinsyano’. His trophy was handed to Coco at the grand presscon of ‘Ang Probinsyano’ and he said he feels so honored by it.

“Malaking karangalan na kahit napakabata ko pa sa industriya, nabigyan na ako ng ganito kalaking award na ipinangalan sa idol ko, sa hero ko,” he says. “Sana yung mga adhikain niya para sa industriya, maging daan ako para makatulong din sa ating lahat.”

Susan Roces, FPJ’s widow, says Coco deserves the honor. “Sa stature niya as Teleserye King and his success in mainstream and indie films, he has remained very humble,” she says. “Talagang he has honed his talent as an actor from basic raw performance in indie films at makikita yun dito dahil makatotohanan lagi ang pagganap niya. Dito, nag-dive siya in one scene sa napakaruming ilog. Puede naman siyang dobolan pero hindi siya pumayag at siya mismo ang gumawa. Akong ninenerbiyos kapag ginagawa niya yun. Positive rin lagi ang attitude ni Coco. He says good morning to greet us and start the day with a warm conversation. Very considerate rin siya. Kapag sobrang late na, he tells them na unahin nang kunan ang mga eksena ko, para hindi ako masyadong mapuyat.”

He’s so proud of all the episodes that they’ve taped so far. “Salamat sa Dreamscape at ABS-CBN kasi hindi nila pinagtipiran ang show. Parang pelikula ang pagkakagawa at maraming malalaking eksena. Saludo rin ako sa directors naming sina Malu Sevilla at Avel Sunpongco kasi they made sure na maganda ang bawat eksena namin.”

He also wants to thank all his co-stars: Bela Padilla as the wife of his Ador character, Maja Salvador as the love interest of his Kardo character, Jaime Fabregas as his uncle who knows his secret about being twin characters, Albert Martinez and Agot Isidro as the heads of a syndicate who torments Ador, Arjo Atayde as Ador’s rival at the PNP Academy, Joey Marquez and Malu de Guzman as the parents of Maja, and Dennis Padilla and Ana Roces as the parents of Bela. ‘Ang Probinsyano’ replaces ‘Nathaniel’ starting on Monday night.

Billy Crawford Now The Busiest Kapamilya Host With Another New Show, 'Celebrity Playtime'

BILLY CRAWFORD is no doubt the favorite host of ABS these days. He’s seen daily in “It’s Showtime”. On Sundays, he hosts “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. And now, he is also hosting “Celebrity Playtime” on Saturday nights. In other words, you can see him hosting from Monday to Sunday. So why did they Billy again when he’s already hosting so many shows?

“Celebrity Playtime’ needs a show na makulit, energetic,” says ABS-CBN exec Louie Andrada. “And Billy is the perfect choice as its hosts dahil naipakita na niya ang kahusayan niya in ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’.”
What is Billy’s secret in being a good host? “I think it’s yung gusto ko, mag-enjoy ang lahat. Hindi lahat ang viewers kundi the contestants themselves. Yun ang most important for me. And of course, I try to keep the energy as high as possible all throughout the show.”

Doesn’t he miss acting since he was a child star before? Wouldn’t he want to act with his girlfriend Coleen Garcia who did a good job in her first starring role? “Actually, I started as a performer in ‘That’s Entertainment’ and that’s what I miss, performing. Nagagawa ko pa rin naman ang singing and dancing paminsan-minsan. But I’m not complaining. I just feel so blessed sa dami ng hosting jobs ko and I enjoy what I’m doing. But if they’d give me the chance to act with Coleen in a movie or a teleserye, why not? I’d like to do it.”

So when will they do settle? “Honestly, ako, at this point, if I’d be given the chance, I’d like to settle down now. But it’s all up to Coleen since she’s only 23 at marami pa siyang ibang pangarap na gustong matupad.”
“Celebrity Playtime” will start airing this afternoon before “Home Sweetie Home”. It takes viewing fun to a new level with its talk-comedy-game show format where celebrities will be competing with each other and winning prizes as much as P300,000 each Saturday. In the pilot show tonight, the competing teams consist of Melai Cantiveros, Nyoy Volante, Edgar Allan Guzman and Karla Estrada from ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar, Season 1’ and comedians Long Mejia, Dennis Padilla, Epi Quizon and Eric Nicolas from ‘Deal or No Deal Lucky Stars. They will be playing three games about popular culture and the team with the most number of points wins and can advance to the bonus round where they can win more prizes. For updates, you can celebrityplaytime on twitter, instagram and Facebook.

Regine Velasquez Pays Tribute To Local And Foreign Musicals In Her Solaire Theatre Concert In November

REGINE VELASQUEZ says she’s no longer keen to do a new movie these days. “Happy na ako hosting ‘Sarap Diva’, being a judge in ‘Starstruck 6’ and now, heto, I have a concert, ‘Regine at the Theatre’ which will be held at the Solaire Theatre on November 6 & 7 and 20 & 21,” she adds. “Hindi ko na ma-imagine ang sarili ko nakikipag-kissing scene pa uli sa movie like before.”

We remind her of her hot kissing scenes with Robin Padilla in their films together. “Oo nga. E, yung anak ko, si Nate, very precocious. Hindi ko nga pinapapanood, e. Mamaya tanungin pa ako, is he my father?”

Regine’s concert is sponsored by PLDT Home who put up her series of mall concerts last May and June to promote their Regine Series of landline phones. “It was very successful,” says PLDT marketing exec Gary Dujali. “All the venues were jampacked and the sales of PLDT Home telephone sets was unprecedented. Talagang sold out. Hinahanap talaga nila yung phone ni Regine, paired with the best and cheapest NDD and IDD plans ever. Na-out of stock agad lahat ng units. We really love having Regine with us as she’s so easy to work with.”

Regine says she truly enjoyed doing the mall shows and now, she’s glad she’s having a concert at Solaire. “The concept for this concert is a tribute to musical theatre,” she says. “Hindi lang sa Broadway but even sa local, kasi ang daming local plays na pinalalabas, like ‘Rak of Aegis’.”

Will she be singing songs from other local hits like “Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady” and ‘Bituing Walang Ningning’? “We’ll see. Ang pinag-iisipan ko pa, kung isasama ko pa ba yung mga songs from old Broadway hits like ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Les Miz’ kasi kinakanta ko na sila noon pa. Basta lahat ng songs na kakantahin ko, I’ll try to give new arrangements for a change.”

Lucky PLDT Home subscribers got free concert tickets from Regine in a meet and greet session. More free tickets to the November 20 playdate will be raffled off to PLDT Landline subscribers who upgrade to one of the Regine Series Telset from October 1 to November 9. So upgrade now and get free tickets to Regine’s concert at Solaire Theatre. For more info, visit

20-Year-Old Cyst Of A Woman Gets Removed On Live TV!

A woman decided to seek medical treatment because of the gigantic cyst that grew on the side of her head. It was the same size of an egg. The cyst started off from a small bump, but grew bigger when she bumped her head onto something when she was a teenager. 

Desiree decided to appear on the medical TV Show 'The Doctors' to see what they could do to lead her to recovery. 

The show led her to a Doctor named Sandra Lee, who is a Skin Physician And Surgeon in California. She claims that the cyst did not put her life in danger. It is made up of layers of skin.

The doctor just said, "Let's just take it off!" and proceeded to the operation. 

The audiences of the show could not help but cover their mouth as a sign of disgust to what was inside the cyst. 

Source: TheDoctors

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Silong Review: A Feel Bad Movie With Very Warped Characters

WE WENT to Trinoma on the opening day of Brilliante Mendoza’s “Taklub” starring Nora Aunor and we got so disappointed when we were told that the screening was cancelled because there were no other viewers. In fact, all the other screenings were also cancelled since no one bought tickets. We felt so bad for Mendoza, who’s an internationally award-winning filmmaker, but who has yet to come up with a box office hit in local theaters. We also felt bad for Ate Guy. Where are all the avid Noranians who profess to support her all these years?

Since “Taklub” is not showing, we went to watch “Silong” instead. This one has more viewers even if it’s an indie film since it has a big box office star in the lead role, Piolo Pascual, but the material is so off beat and we’re sure Piolo will never be allowed to do it in a mainstream Star Cinema movie.

We’d like to commend the makers of “Silong” for coming up with a movie that is different from the romcoms we often see these days. “Silong” is actually the complete antithesis of the so-called feel good movie. This one is the perfect example of the feel bad movie. It’s touted to be a thriller, but honestly, not once were we thrilled while watching it.

The material is so dark and the characters are so warped that not one has a redeeming value. How anyone can make a movie about these evil psychotic characters is beyond us. If they’d pitch this directly to Star Cinema, we doubt very much if it would ever be given the green light. Shows with dark edgy characters are so common on Hollywood TV these days. Examples are “House of Cards”, “Mad Men”, “Breaking Bad”, “Bates Motel”. But they are so well written you tend to sympathize with the characters even if they’re doing something shady. Not so in the case of “Silong”.

Piolo is a lonely doctor grieving over the loss of his wife. One night, he rescues an injured woman, Rhian Ramos, who claims that her husband beat her up and wants to kill her. He takes her home and nurses her wounds. Soon, they are making passionate love. But in a supposed psychological thriller ek-ek like this, you know better as a viewer that both Piolo and Rhian are hiding something and the subsequent surprises and revelations are meant to shock and jolt you.

We wouldn’t want to give away too much of the plot as you might still have the gumption to endure watching it up to its unbelievable conclusion. And we don’t want to spoil it for you. Suffice it to say that the secrets you’ll discover in their respective closets are not at all palatable for normal people, but will certainly appeal to those with twisted minds. Also, the script is not that neatly crafted in that it raises a lot more questions than it could credibly answer.

The movie is not really new as it’s derivative of similar films about damsels in distress who turn out to be scheming vixens, just like Jennifer Aniston in “Derailed” and Rosamund Pike in “Gone Girl”. But of course, the mother of this kind of films with a twisted heroine is Hitchock’s “Vertigo”, with Kim Novak as the enigmatic female lead who’s trying to mess up James Stewart’s head.

The shocking part about Piolo and his ill-fated wife (Angel Jacob) is, in turn, reminiscent of Julian Sands in “Boxing Helena” who’s a doctor who mutilated the woman he loves so she cannot escape from him. Both Rhian and Piolo look beautiful on screen and they try their best to shine in their respective roles, but the very bizarre and negative dimension of the perverted characters they portray easily negate anything they can possibly offer as serious actors. And yes, there’s another character in the movie, played by Guji Lorenzana, but he serves absolutely no purpose.