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10 Symptoms Of The 'Silent Killer' That Women Should Never Ignore!

Based on the research and statistics of experts, they claim that more than 550 women are losing their battle against ovarian cancer each year. There are several reasons which could result to ovarian cancer. The most typical causess were age, improper use of contraceptives and genetic predisposition. 

Here are the 10 symptoms of Ovarian Cancer that women should never ignore:

1. Pain in stomach and pelvis
- If you are feeling any pain in this area, you better get check right away.

2. Irregular cycle
- Based on the study woman above 55 years old are more prone to the risks of having ovarian cancer. 

3. Frequent Backaches
-If you do not have any type of joint pain and osteoporosis, then the backaches that you might be feelong is a side effect of having ovarian cancer. 

4. Pain when making love
-There is pressure and pain when having an intercourse or if there is a need to frequently pee that brings pain, see the doctor immediately.

5. Exhaustion without reason
- If you are experiencing loss of appetite, shortness of breath, tired all the time, nausea and dizziness, then there is a huge possibility that you have ovarian cancer.

6. Feeling full all the time
- Most women think that this is just a digestive problem but in reality it is a problem in the ovary. 

7. Vomiting
-When a person is suffering from ovarian cancer, there is also constipation which often leads to weight loss, vomiting and nausea. 

8. Excessive growth of dark hair 
- There are times that women has an abnormal growth in hair while some notices hair loss.

9. Bloated Stomach 
- If your belly swells to a point when it is the same as a pregnant woman's belly you should seek the advice of an expert.

10. Constipation
-If there is pain in the stomach and digestive problem then there is a problem in the ovary.
Source: Trendszilla

PhilPop, Philippine Popular Music Festival, Bares 12 Finalists For 2016 Songwriter Competition

THE COUNTRY’S most prestigious songwriting competition, PhilPop (Philippine Popular Music Festival) is back! Executive Director Ryan Cayabyab and PhilPop Pres. Victorino Vargas of PLDT officially announced the 12 finalists at 55 Events Place last Monday, hosted by former finalists Lara Maigue and Davey Langit, both talents of OPM Pres. Ogie Alcasid. Now on its 4th year, PhilPop not only has a sleek new logo but a new tagline: “Loud, Proud, Ours!”

The finalists are Aikee Aplacador (“Pabili Po”, a very catchy song), JC Jose (“Stars Are Aligned”), Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acoloca (“Di Na Muli”), Jeroel Maranan (“Sintunado”), Keiko Necesario (“Nobody But You”), Ramiro Mataru (“Kahon”), Johann Garcia (“Binibini sa MRT”), Soc Villanueva (“Lahat”), Joan Da (“Baliw Sa Ex-Boyfriend Ko”), Paolo and Miguel Guico (they’re twins, “Tinatangi”), Karl Guarano (“Friday Night”), Brian Cua and Mike Villegas (“Dumadagundong”).

We notice that most of the songs are fast or dance numbers. Mr. C says it’s because 80 percent of the 2,000 songs submitted to them as entries are all upbeat, with very few ballads. Like last year, PhilPop partners with Viva Records to produce music videos and a complication of the 12 finalists. The grand finals will be held on July 23 at the Kia Theatre in Cubao, with P1 million as grand prize.

We asked the songwriters who they prefer to choose as interpreter for their compositions. Here are their answers:

Aikee for “Pabili Po” - “I’d like to choose Davey Langit, pero sa rap part, I’d like to do it myself as I’m a rapper.”

Johann Garcia for “Binibini sa MRT” - “Since ska ang song ko, I want Chito Miranda and Parokya ni Edgar.”

JC Jose for “Stars are Aligned” - “My song is acapella so I prefer Acapella Go.”

Jazz Nicolas and Wally Acolola for “Di Na Muli” - “We want Kat Agarrado to interpret our song.”

Jeroel Maranan for “Sintunado” - “Either Sam Concepcion or Darryl Espanto.”

Keiko Necessario for “Nobody But You” - “Since Viva will handle the recording, I will go for Sarah Geronimo.”

Ramiru Mataro for “Kahon” - “Since RnB rock ang song ko, I want someone na mataas ang boses like Steven Tyler.”

Joan Da for “Baliw sa Ex-boyfriend Ko” - “My only choice is Yeng Constantino.”

Paolo and Miguel Guico for “Tinatangi” - “Either Ebe Dancel or Johnoy Danao.”

Karl Guarano for “Friday Night or the Poop Song” - “I want Billy Crawford.”

Brian Cua and Mike Villegas for “Dumadagundong” - “Itchyworms sana, pero kundi puede, si Sarah Geronimo.”

Soc Villanueva for “Lahat” is based in Australia so we weren’t able to ask him who would he like to interpret his song for him. Also, since Viva is the partner recording company, artists preferred by the songwriters like Billy Crawford, Yeng Constantino and other singer who belong to other outfits will be “suntok sa buwan” in terms of probability for them to be part of PhilPop.

Ogie Alcasid Denies Reports He's Unhappy With TV5, Chooses To Support Sen. Grace Poe

OGIE ALCASID denies reports that he’s not happy with TV5. “I’m happy being a Kapatid,” he says. “Happinas ako. I’m in ‘Happy Truck Happinas’ that starts airing this Sunday at 11 AM. And ‘I’m hosting Born to be a Star’ every weekend, which is about songs and music, so bakit ako hindi magiging happy.”

Ogie once supported Pres. Pnoy, but this time, he’s not supporting Pnoy’s candidate but Sen. Grace Poe for president. He has written two songs for Sen. Grace to be used in the campaign sorties of her Partido Galing at Puso when he personally joins them. His choice for VP is also Sen. Grace’s partner, Sen. Chiz Escudero. Will he ask his wife Regine Velasquez to also vote for Grace and Chiz?

“Ako, solid ako, but si Regine, I don’t impose on her. She can decide for herself. But if you know my wife, kunsaan ako, doon din siya. As a father, sina Sens. Grace and Chiz talaga ang pinili kong suportahan as I feel makakatulong talaga sila sa bansa.”

Meantime, a lot of people were impressed not only by Sen. Grace Poe’s platforms for the country but also by her being articulate in Tagalog during the recent presidential debates.

“Pareho kami ng late dad kong si FPJ na nagmamahal sa ating sariling wika,” she says. “Lumaki ako watching his movies and he personally taught me the right pronunciation of Tagalog words. He really helped na mapalaganap ang wikang Pilipino sa pamamagitan ng kanyang mga pelikula. Ano na lang ang magiging kaibahan natin sa ibang bansa kung wala tayong sariling wika na ating maipagmamalaki?”

Nora Aunor Has A New Movie, 'Whistleblower', With Angelica Panganiban & Cherry Pie Picache, Released By Unitel

FAITHFUL DIEHARD fans of Nora Aunor will be pleased that one of the indie films finished by their idol last year, “Whistleblower”, will finally be released in theaters by Unitel in June. The film is about a brave expose on corruption among our politicians. Also in the cast are Angelica Panganiban as the journalist who spearheads the expose and Cherry Pie Picache as the politician whose secrets are exposed.

Ate Guy, Angelica and Cherry Pie play three women whose personal lives are woven together by their choices, and by circumstance, women who have to make decisions for themselves, for their families and for the truth, in the face of overwhelming greed and corruption. Also in the cast are Laurice Guillen, Ina Feleo and Ronnie Henares, under the direction of Adolf Alix. Now is the time for all Noranians to show their clout and make Ate Guy’s new movie as big a hit as Ate Vi’s “Everything About Her”.

Happy Birthday To Maine Mendoza As She Turns 21 On March 3 With A Grand Birthday Presentation In 'Eat Bulaga'

MAINE MENDOZA turns 21 tomorrow, March 3. Last year, she celebrated it very quietly as she was then still a nobody. But last July, her AlDub love team with Alden Richards was born from nowhere and changed her life dramatically. In the past eight months, she became an overnight celebrity with the most number of endorsements at the moment and a best supporting actress award for “My Bebe Love” to boot.

So don’t expect a simple birthday celebration for her this time. Watch “Eat Bulaga” tomorrow and see the grand birthday presentation they’re preparing for Maine. For sure, Alden will be there to celebrate it with her. Their detractors say “nakakaumay na ang AlDub” but the fact remains that their love team remains very popular.

The Kalyeserye featuring their love team and the three lolas remain to be closely watched by their loyal fans, making “Eat Bulaga” a consistent top rater that its rivals simply cannot topple. To Maine, happy birthday and wishing you more success in your life and career.


 On its 20th year, ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel continues to conquer new territory with the launch of its own High Definition (HD) channel on SkyCable.  ABS-CBN Integrated News & Current Affairs head Ging Reyes made this announcement in a press conference held inside the ABS-CBN compound earlier today, February 29.
Reyes said this new development will cement ANC’s position as the gold standard and primary source of Philippine news and analysis for the country's business and political leaders.
“This is what ANC has continuously strived to be: the best, most reliable, and prestigious english language, all-news channel in the Philippines. There is still a lot more in store for ANC, as we mark twenty years this coming May. Stay tuned for these exciting developments,” she said.
ANC also debuted two new programs anchored by three of the most respected names in the fields of business, politics, and the academe this February.  Teddy Locsin, Jr. and Prof. Prospero de Vera react to the week’s political events on the show “#NoFilter@ANC” every Thursday at 6pm. Award-winning business journalist Cathy Yang, does in-depth interviews of business executives and entrepreneurs on “The Boss,” every Wednesday at 7:30pm.
Since ANC's successful relaunch last October 2015, where it unveiled its new broadcast design and program grid, the news channel has also opened a new studio at the Rockwell Center in Makati City.  The studio serves as the main hub for the new Mornings@anc, ANC’s fast-paced, business morning news and infotainment program headlined by David Celdran, Ginger Conejero, Gigi Grande, and Paolo Abrera.  The program introduces two new faces on the channel, news reporter Christian Esguerra, and sports host and athlete, Gretchen Ho. 
Ho, a former volleyball star, is also at the helm of “The Daily Serve,” a half an hour program on the latest sports and entertainment news that airs weekdays at 6:30pm.
For “Halalan 2016,” ANC has gone all-out to deliver news and analysis that matter, through special interview segments on its flagship programs, partnering with educational institutions to fact- check statements of candidates, following the candidates on the campaign trail, and producing forums to give Filipinos a chance to know the candidates.  On May 9, ANC, will take the lead in covering the national elections with a 48-hour marathon coverage leading to the poll results.
Watch ANC, your partner, your news channel, on SkyCable Channel 27. Follow it on Twitter: @ancalerts; Facebook: You may also view its microsite at


Sony Pictures' inspiring new film “Miracles from Heaven” has launched a website to let moviegoers share who their everyday miracles in life are.

Users can visit to create a customized digital image of someone who is a miracle in their life, whether it is an encouraging family member, a loving spouse or partner, motivating teacher, best friend, etc. On the site, users can upload a photo, personalize it, and share it easily on their social channels or the website's gallery.

The trailer for “Miracles from Heaven” launched last November to record-shattering numbers, and to date has over 178 million views. The film is Sony Pictures' pre-Lenten Season presentation in the Philippines.

“Miracles from Heaven” is based on the incredible true story of the Beam family. When Christy (Jennifer Garner) discovers her 10-year-old daughter Anna (Kylie Rogers) has a rare, incurable disease, she becomes a ferocious advocate for her daughter's healing as she searches for a solution.

After Anna has a freak accident, an extraordinary miracle unfolds in the wake of her dramatic rescue that leaves medical specialists mystified, her family restored and their community inspired.

The film is directed by Patricia Riggen, with a screenplay by Randy Brown and based on the book by Christy Beam.

Opening across the Philippines on March 16, “Miracles from Heaven” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

Scientists Have Finally Found The Main Cause Of Ovarian Cancer! SHOCKING!

For women,  ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of death in the world. It is also the reason why other kinds of reproductive cancers are occurring. 

One out of 75 chance is what the experts said about the possibility of a woman halving an ovarian cancer all throughout their lifetime. 

Based on the latest research that was done by Journal of the American Cancer Institute, they discovered that women who have the BRIP1 gene anomaly has the higher risk of having ovarian cancer

This gene is being dubbed as the predisposing cancer factor. 58 out of 1000 who have anomaly in that gene would develop cancer in their lifetime. 

Though this was the findings that were found, further research is still needed to really understand the cause of ovarian cancer. 

If you are experiencing something unusual in your body, better have it checked right away.
Source: RelDigezt

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This Is The Best Method For Girls To Keep Their Private Part Clean And Healthy! MUST READ!

The private part of a woman is one of the most delicate parts of their body. Often times, many women are scared or shy to talk about the problems that they have down there because it makes them feel embarrassed. 

Here are the list, tips and methods that a woman should do with their private parts to make sure that it would be kept healthy. 

1. Wearing cotton fabrics would help remove the v*ginal odor.

Photo Credit To: wikiHow

2. Wash the area of the opening of the private part until near the hole of the an*s as well. 

3. Wash the private part for at least once a day to keep it away from infections. 

Photo Credit To: wikiHow

4. Wash the area near the 'pearl' and set the lips aside using your fingers.

5. Always maintain the hair down there. Shaving or waxing it would be helpful to remove the odor away. 

Photo Credit To: wikiHow

6.  Make sure that you will wash the buttocks last to make sure that nothing dirty will go inside. 

7. Make sure that you will be using mild soaps to prevent infection and make it disease free.

Photo Credit To: wikiHow

Yasmien Kurdi Happy To Be Part Of 'One Heart' Charity Album As She Misses Singing So Much

YASMIEN KURDI has not had a new show since last year’s “Yagit”, so she is glad to be part of GMA Records’ ‘One Heart” all-star charity album for the Kapuso Foundation of Mel Tiangco. “My solo song number is ‘Panahon’ and I hope maging daan ito para mabigyan ako uli ng chance to record my own album,” she says. “I’m happy to be part of ‘One Heart’ kasi nagkaroon ako uli ng pagkakataon na makapag-recording. First love ko naman talaga ang singing kaya lang mas napalinya ako lately sa acting.”

So how is married life to Rey Soldevilla? “Okay naman. Pero lately, busy siya sa work niya as a pilot sa Cebu Pacific kaya laging nasa biyahe. But we were together last weekend, kaya nag-bonding sila nang husto ng daughter naming si Ayesha.”

Don’t they have plans of having another baby? “Hindi muna. Enjoy naman kami kay Ayesha. Siguro later, pag mas malaki-laki na siya. Also, gusto kong mag-focus muna sa career ko. I’m praying na sana, mabigyan na ako ng bagong soap this year kasi nami-miss ko na ring mag-taping. I’m also looking for a new manager to help push my career.”

What can she say about her Starstruck 1 colleague Jennylyn Mercado now doing one movie after another? “I’m really happy for her. Nanalo siya ng best actress awards, tapos kapareha pa niya, mga actors from other networks. She’s so lucky and she deserves it kasi hard working naman talaga siya.”

Why Kim Rodriguez Agreed To Play Kontrabida To Bea Binene In 'Hanggang Makita Kang Muli'

KIM RODRIGUEZ played the lead role in her own soaps like “Kakambal ni Eliana”, “Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw” and “My Mother’s Secret”. But she now plays the role of a contravida to Bea Binene in “Hanggang Makita Kang Muli” that starts airing on March 7. How does she feel about it?

“Okay lang namang maging kontrabida,” she says. “It’s my chance to show viewers na may iba pa akong kayang gawin when it comes to acting. It’s a new and big challenge for me kasi nasanay akong laging api-apihan ang role ko. Dito, napagalitan nga ako ng director naming si Laurice Guillen kasi hindi ko magawang saktan si Bea sa eksenang sasampalin at sasabunutan ko siya. Narinig ko sa monitor na bababa siya from the OB van para harapin ako, so tinotoo ko na. Nag-sorry na lang ako kay Bea. Ready na rin ako sa magiging pamba-bash sa’kin ng fans ni Bea dahil tiyak na magagalit sila sa akin ng sobra-sobra.”

Her rumored BF Kiko Estrada is said to have a video sex scandal. What can she say about it? “Actually, ako pa nga ang nag-tweet sa kanya ng may lumabas siyang scandal at doon pa lang niya ito nakita. But I knew right away na hindi talaga siya yun kundi kamukha lang niya kaya mapagkakamalan mo talagang siya. Kung kilala mo talaga si Kiko, you’d know hindi siya yun.”

And how does she feel that they’re now separated as a love team since she’s with “Hanggang Makita Kang Muli” while Kiko is with Barbie Forteza and Andre Paras in “That’s My Amboy”? “Decision po yun ng management na paghiwalayin kami after ‘Strawberry Lane’ and ‘Mother’s Secret’ so we respect it. Siguro they want us to grow on our own at hindi laging nakasandal lang sa love team.”

Derek Ramsay Gets New Leading Lady Shaina Magdayao In 'My Candidate', Defends GFJoanne From Bashers

DEREK RAMSAY used to be the banner star of the Kapatid Network. Doesn’t he somehow feel insecure now that TV5 has been invaded by Viva who has its own stable of stars being cast in the new Kapatid shows?

“No, I’m personally happy to see new talents working in our network,” he says. “As a TV station, we really need more talents to grow and attract more viewers. As of now, I’m happy to be part of ‘Happy Truck Happinas’ and my new sports reality show, ‘Rough and Tough’, that I will be hosting soon. Basta I’ll be here to help the network.”

But he’s not doing anything as an actor. “On TV, yes. But sa movies, tuloy-tuloy ako. Magkasunod yung ‘All You Need is Pag-ibig’ and ‘Love is Blind’. Now, I’m shooting a new movie, ‘My Candidate’, with Shaina Magdayao and Iza Calzado for Quantum Films, directed by Quark Henares. There are also new projects being offered by Viva with Anne Curtis, also Regal and Star Cinema, so hindi ako nababakante sa acting. E, sa TV5 naman, there was a time I was doing three shows simultaneously. And it’s no joke to do a teleserye. May projects na inaalok but tinanggihan ko.”

Is that “Ang Panday”? “No. Pero mas gusto ko talaga ang ‘Kidlat’ kasi identified na ako roon. Hopefully, magkaroon ng Kidlat Book Two sometime this year.”

Some folks say his non-showbiz GF Joanne Villablanca seems to be the jealous type as she’s always guarding him tight. “No, she’s not selosa. I’m the one who tells her na dalawin ako sa taping kasi nami-miss ko siya. She’s not there to make bantay. She’s just happy to be with me. She brings me food. If she wouldn’t visit, I’d feel namang parang she’s not supportive.”

The newly reformatted “Happy Truck Happinas” will start rocking your Sunday noontime on March 6, 11 AM, earlier than its rival lunch time shows.

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This Is Why You Should Never Use Your Smartphone Before Sleeping! MUST READ!

Now that we are living in the age of technology where people are mostly relying on their hi-tech gadgets to do everything for them, it is difficult not to have a smart phone with you. 

Most people are already using smartphones because of the undeniably amazing features that these phones have to offer. It is a combination of a laptop, tablet and a phone together in one handy device. 

Several companies are already providing affordable phones that mostly has the same features as the expensive ones. 

But did you know that there is a negative effect to the body if you are using smartphone while you are in your bed? 

It often gives the hint to the brain that it is not yet the time to sleep so that you will not be sleepy yet. 

Watch the video here to find out the negative effects here:

Source: TheConfidentialFiles

Incredible Cocktail Drink That Will Burn Away Fat While You Are Sleeping!

Are you one of those people who are constantly looking for ways to easily lose weight and burn the excess fats in the body? Well, you might be one of those people who were promised stunning results by several products that really doesn't give satisfying results. Now, you don't have to worry anymore because the solution to your problem is here now. 

The ingredients that you will be needing for this cocktail drink are the following:

1 cucumber

Incredible Cocktail Drink That Will Burn Away Fat While You Are Sleeping!

1 lemon

Incredible Cocktail Drink That Will Burn Away Fat While You Are Sleeping!

1 tbsp. juice from aloe vera

Incredible Cocktail Drink That Will Burn Away Fat While You Are Sleeping!

1 tbsp. grated ginger

Incredible Cocktail Drink That Will Burn Away Fat While You Are Sleeping!

1 bunch parsley or coriander

Incredible Cocktail Drink That Will Burn Away Fat While You Are Sleeping!

1/2 glass of water

Incredible Cocktail Drink That Will Burn Away Fat While You Are Sleeping!

Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend it until it is completely smooth. Then, put it inside the refrigerator. Make sure to take in the cocktail before going to bed. 

This drink lowers down the fat levels in the body especially n the stomach area.

Incredible Cocktail Drink That Will Burn Away Fat While You Are Sleeping!

Cucumbers will burn away the fat in the body. 
Parsley and coriander gives essential minerals and anti-oxidants to reduce the feeling of being bloated. 
Ginger speeds up the metabolism of the body. 
Lemo juice will clean the toxins in the body. 
Aloe Vera will do the rest!

Triple 9 Movie Review: A Boring Stupid Ride

AUSSIE DIRECTOR John Hillcoat did a good job in “Lawless”, a film about an illegal moonshine business during the Prohibition Era starring Tom Hardy. So we’re expecting his new work, “Triple 9”, will similarly be fine. A movie about dirty cops, “Triple 9” is the code for “officer down”, meaning a policeman is hit so all other cops go to the area where the stricken cop is situated to rescue him.

The film starts with a bank robbery in Atlanta, Georgia by rogue cops. The leader is Chiwetel Ejiofor (“The Secret in their Eyes”, where he’s a good cop), a former special operations expert. With him are Anthony Mackie (Falcon in “Ironman”), Clifton Collins, Norman Reedus and Aaron Paul. The robbery sequence is shot beautifully, tense, specially the freeway shootout, and it makes you expect a riveting high stakes thriller. Alas, it’s quickly downhill from here.

The bad cops are not after the bank’s money but a safety deposit box ordered from them by Russian mob boss, Irina (Kate Winslet, who sports a Russian accent and an attitude). They succeed but she won’t pay them unless they do another job for her: a second heist involving the Homeland Security building. To pull this off, they plan to kill a cop to distract all other police officers so they can freely do the second heist.

They choose a new recruit in their group, Casey Affleck, to be their victim. It so happened that Casey is the nephew of the cop investigating the crimes of the wayward cops, Woody Harrelson. But on the day that Casey is set up to be killed, things unfortunately go haywire for the bad cops. It’s not Casey who becomes the patsy but one of them instead.

The problem with the movie is it’s so slow moving. Sequences that should be fast paced tend to just go on and on. A lot of re-editing and trimming can remedy this. Also, the director chooses annoying camera work using a handheld camera and often shot in nearly total darkness. It’s as if they’re scrimping on their budget for lights. The messy script also needs to be rewritten to make the situations less ludicrous.

Most of the actors are wasted in their roles, especially the women: Gal Gadot (the future Wonder Woman) as Kate’s sister who has a son with Chiwetel and Teresa Palmer (“The Choice”) as the wife of Casey. The only characters we get to care for are Casey and Woody, but the script didn’t succeed in making us really root for them, making the movie one hell of a stupid ride.

Bobby Andrews & Angelu De Leon Feel Sad As Their Afternoon Soap, 'Buena Familia', Ends This Week

BOBBY ANDREWS and Angelu de Leon was one of Viva’s hit love teams in the 90s and they were glad to be reunited as husband and wife in the hit GMA afternoon soap, “Buena Familia”. How do they feel now that the show is on its final week?

“Ako, I will miss everyone in the cast like Kylie Padilla, Julie Ann San Jose, Julian Trono who played our kids,” says Bobby. “But most of all, I will miss Angelu kasi comfort zone ko siya. Ang tagal din naming hindi nagkatrabaho and this show is our reunion project. I’ve always been comfortable working with her kasi I started working with her. Somehow, I learned everything I know from her so when we’re together, it’s like coming back home.”

“It’s true,” Angelu agrees. “Sobrang comfortable din ako working with him and we can say na we’re really comfortable with each other. Mami-miss ko silang lahat ng kasama namin sa show kasi naging parang Buena Familia kami talagang lahat while doing the show together.”

What’s nice is that their respective spouses are not the jealous type. Bobby is married to Bienne Co while Angelu is married to Wowie Rivera and both of them are very supportive of their respective spouse’s careers even as a love team.