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There's A Petition Urging MTRCB To Take Action Against 'Till I Met You' Because of This Scene!

A lot of viewers of ABS-CBN's hit show Till I Met You - especially the teens - got excited when Iris, played by Nadine Lustre, and Basti, played by James Reid, had their first love making at the backseat of a car.

But net everyone is happy about it.

A petition posted in is currently garnering signature for Movie And Television Review And Classification Board (MTRCB) to penalize the show for showing a "problematic" scene: a pre-marital simulated s3x scene between the two actors.

In the petition, they said the scene violated Section 2C of MTRCB's 2004 Implementing Rules and Regulations where an SPG-rated TV show "must still fall within the parameters of existing Parental Guidance classification rating. However, to merit the issuance of an 'SPG' rating, the gravity of the material must, in the judgment of the board, be leaning towards the maximum allowable for Parental Guidance rating.

The petition also said the show violated three provisions under Section 2B or the criteria for PG-rated shows, namely:

- Theme - the scene is not suitable for viewers below 13 years old
- Nudity - occassional natural nudity but no sexual intercourse
- Sex - Sexual activity is implied but no detailes are shown

Currently, the petition has 924 signatures.

There's A Petition Urging MTRCB To Take Action Against 'Till I Met You' Because of This Scene!
Source: TNP, IPetitions

Siphayo Movie Review: Full Of Shameless Sex Scenes, With Nathalie Hart Baring Herself Totally To Delight Male Viewers

WE’RE SURPRISED that Joel Lamangan’s earthy and shameless sex-drama, “Siphayo (Dismay”), is given a no-cuts R1-6 rating when it features its reckless lead star Nathalie Hart in an unabashed full frontal nudity scene. During the press screening held at Fisher Mall, before that scene came out on screen, we saw Nathalie rushing out of the theatre. “Ayokong mapanood!” she screams.

We saw her later waiting for the press at the theater lobby and everyone congratulated for being so daring and uninhibited. She’s lucky that she won the International Filmfest Manhattan best actress award in New York even if the movie is not really of the pang-award variety but a very commercial enterprise from Direk Joel whose obvious objective is for it to make more money at the box office than to win prestigious awards.

“Siphayo” is full of brazen sex scenes and Nathalie gives an erotic, no-holds-barred performance that harks back to the movies of Regal in the 70s and 80s and of Seiko’s ST and TF (Sex Trip and Titillating films). Even leading men Luis Alandy and Joem Bascon are shown butt naked in their bed scenes with Nathalie. Let’s see if “Siphayo” would bring back the glory days of sex dramas in local cinema in this day and age when sex is now so easy to access (for free at that) on the internet.

In fairness to Direk Joel, he tried to inject some semblance of social relevance into the movie with such valid topics as agricultural lands being eaten up by greedy businessmen who build malls and supermarkets in what used to be ricelands, making small time farmers lose their only source of livelihood. But the core of the story remains to be the bizarre love quadrangle between a randy farmer (Allan Paule) and his two sons (Joem and Luis) over a young nurse (Nathalie) who has nude love scenes with no inhibitions with all of them.

The film is quite well acted by everyone. Allan has his moments as the amoral father who even tries to make it out with his daughter in law (Elora Espano), the common law wife of his son Luis. Luis as the elder son has bed scenes with both Elora and Nathalie and shines in his violent confrontation scenes with his own dad. But among the guys, Joem has the most demanding role as the seemingly weakling son who has a tendency to be a cry baby, then springs a surprise later with a total 360 degree turnabout in his role.

Maria Isabel Lopez is very touchingly credible as the dying wife of Allan (she’s getting to be a fine character actress, as also seen in “Lorna” and “Barcelona”) while Elora Espano is also splendid as the trusting wife who’ll be in for a big surprise. As the woman who brings shame and scandal in Allan’s family, Nathalie supplies the earthiness and sexiness her role calls for. We just wish that she were given more demanding dramatic scenes to highlight her being so cunning and manipulative for engineering the very contrived incidents in the story.

In the end, viewers who want a sunny happy ending will surely complain because the movie’s twisted conclusion is not the usual “good triumphs over evil”. Here, it is the scheming characters with a hidden agenda who succeed and get away with it with so much impunity. If you’re the kind of viewer who believe it’s evil people are really dominant all over now and want that kind of ending, then this movie is most certainly for you. But if you’re someone who prefers redeeming factors, you won’t find that in “Siphayo” at talagang kayo’y masisiphayo.

Mang Kepweng Returns' Director GB Sampedro & Producers Lady & Yvez Ilao Optimistic They Will Make It As An Entry In The Coming Metro Manila Filmfest

DIRECTOR GB SAMPEDRO is helming not only the concert “Kanta Ko, Panahon N’yo” of Viva Live but also the Metro filmfest entry of a new movie company, Cineko Productions, led by power couple Yvez and Ladylyne Ilao. They’re among the first ones to complete their film and it’s already been submitted to the screening committee. “Sana naman, mag-qualify kami at makuha kaming official entry,” says producer Ladylyne.

So how did Direk GB get to helm the project?

“It’s the producers who chose it. At dahil naabutan ko naman yung movies ni Mang Kepweng starring the late Chiquito, natuwa akong napili nila ako for their movie,” he says. “Hindi ito remake, ha. The new Mang Kepweng played by Vhong Navarro is actually the son of the first Mang Kepweng, pero horror-comedy-fantasy pa rin ang pelikula.”

What’s the biggest challenge for him in directing “Mang Kepweng Returns”? “The big challenge is how to introduce Mang Kepweng to today’s millennial audiences na hindi siya kilala. Our biggest problem naman is the weather. Lagi kasing umuulan right from our first shooting day in August. E, mahirap ding pagsama-samahin ang mga artista namin kasi it’s a big cast. Pero awa ng Diyos, natapos naman namin in time for the deadline, pati yung special effects sa fantasy scenes.”

Aside from Vhong, also in the cast are new sexpot Kim Domingo as his love interest, James Blanco as Vhong’s brother, Sunshine Cruz as James’ wife, with Kim and Louise de los Reyes as the sisters of Sunshine, Juancho Trivino as Louise’s romantic interest, comedians Jobert Austria and Alex Calleja as the sidekicks of Vhong, Jaclyn Jose as Vhong’s mother, Pen Medina as the rival albularyo of Vhong with Valeen Montenegro and Jhong Hilario as his cohorts, standup comic Tuko as the ghost who haunts Vhong, Lotlot de Leon as the friend of the first Mang Kepweng, Jackie Rice as the princess in the fantasy portion, Matet de Leon as Vhong’s patient na may big twist sa character, Crazy Duo na winners sa comedy search ng ABS-CBN, Gerard Acao as a maligno and child stars Balang from GMA and Mini Vhong, Chunso and Zia from ABS-CBN.

What prompted producers Lady and Yvez to go into film production? “Yung mga kasosyo namin ang gusto talagang makagawa ng movie na kasali sa Metro filmfest kasi target audience namin, yung mga bata kapag Pasko. We made sure na magugustuhan ito hindi lang ng kid viewers but by their whole family. Tatawa sila, matatakot sila, mage-enjoy sila,” says Lady.

So do they now have any regrets? “None so far. Kasi magaling si Direk GB at cooperative naman, mababait lahat ng artista, so no hitches. Lahat maayos. Di namin ito tinipid as we want to make a good impression kaya hindi kami mapapahiya. So far, P20 million na ang gastos namin, wala pang promo. We’re partnering with Viva for its release.”

Lady is optimistic the movie will be a big hit as she has a lucky charm: the baby inside her womb. “First baby namin ito ng husband ko at sabi nila, kapag buntis daw, suwerte ito. So sana nga, totoo kasi marami pa kaming balak na isusunod na projects once maging hit ang ‘Mang Kepweng Returns’.”

We’ll pray you have an easy delivery, Lady, and that your first movie venture will hit it big at the box office.

Our Condolences To Jennylyn Mercado For The Passing Of Her Mommy Lydia Mercado

CONDOLENCES to the family of Jennylyn Mercado for the passing of her mom, Mommy Lydia Mercado, 74 years old at St. Luke’s on Saturday morning. Mommy Lydia was confined at the hospital two weeks ago yet due to leukemia but the immediate cause of her demise is sepsis due to pneumonia.

When Jennylyn won as best actress in drama for “My Faithful Husband” last week, her mom was already fighting for her life and the award is a bright spot in Jen’s life then. “Hindi alam ng mga tao ang pinagdaraanan niya noon,” says our source. “That time, si Mommy Lydia, puro tubo na sa ilong at bibig and her hospital bills were escalating, but Jen put up a very brave front.”

Her wake will be held at Loyola Commonwealth then she will be cremated. Let’s pray for the eternal repose of her soul.

Anne Curtis Shares Creepy Story of House in Mandaluyong! What Happened to Her?!

As the world commemorates the dead this November 1, many believe that the barrier between the dead and the living are opened.

Anne Curtis shared her creepy encounter in their house in Mandaluyong. While she was trying to sleep, she heard someone knocking at the door of their dirty kitchen. Oblivious of what is about to happen, she opened the door and found that...

Well, we're not going to spoil what happened.

Watch it here!

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

Lovi Poe Answers The Question: If Her Dad, The Late FPJ, Were Alive Today, Would She Do The Daring Sexy Scenes She Did In 'The Escort'?

LOVI POE gives her most daring performance in a number of sexy scenes in “The Escort” and she’s happy that the feedback after the premiere night last Thursday is all positive and encouraging.

“Nakakatuwa naman dahil lahat ng nanood, nagustuhan ang movie namin,” she says. “It’s not just the scenes that showed a lot of skin na nagustuhan nila but also the dramatic scenes. Hindi nasayang ang pagod at hirap namin nina Derek Ramsay and Mr. Christopher de Leon para mapaganda ang movie. In fairness to both of them, they’re both very respectful in our daring scenes. I feel so lucky to be given the chance to work with them and with our director, Enzo Williams.”

If her dad, the late FPJ, does she think he’d allow her to do such erotic scenes? “I don’t really know. Ni hindi ko napag-isipan yan kasi I’ve always regarded myself as someone completely different from my dad. Kasi ako, I’ve was raised na I just wanna be myself and not always think of whether people will accept or not what I do. More than anyone else, I want to please myself first. Kasi if I lived my trying to please other people first, that would not be living for me. Even my mom, she trusts me. She knows that I know what I’m doing and I’m doing this as art, as part of my craft as an actress. Even my friends and other relatives, I can feel supportive naman sila as they know this is part of my chosen career. I like my role in ‘The Escort’ as Yassi. She’s a good person and I think viewers will appreciate her.”

Lovi also sang the theme song of “The Escort”. Entitled “No Ordinary Love”, it was played during her love scene with Derek and she sang it with so much emotion. “I felt so happy when Mother Lily told me I’d sing the theme song at naglabas pa sila ng music video nito.”

Lovi’s career is really flying so high these days. She has this glossy well praised movie, “The Escort”, and she’s also in a hit drama series, “Someone to Watch Over Me”, where her portrayal of Joanna, a devoted wife who’ll sacrifice her own happiness for Tom Rodriguez, her husband with Alzheimer’s diseases, is also getting good feedback from the viewers. “Grabe ang story ng soap namin kasi halos every scene, umiiyak ako. But I’m glad the viewers like it so much at patuloy na tumataas ang ratings namin.”

Sharlene Transforms From Being A Cute Kid To A Gorgeous Woman! #6 Is Unbelievable!

Going Bulilit Alumni Sharlene San Pedro has really transformed from a cute little child now to a fashion diva who slays her OOTD's!

These pictures will prove that Sharlene really does slay the OOTD game.

Sharlene San Pedro is an actress and also a VJ. She also won an award as “Most Popular Child Actress” given by the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation back in 2009.

She is now a VJ at Myx and been hosting and making appearances on various shows at ABS-CBN.

Check out her photos and you’ll definitely say they're definitely #OOTDGoals!



Miss Earth PH Finally Gives Her Word To Her Bashers: 'If its a crime to tell the truth, Im Sorry'

After giving a very controversial remark, Miss Earth Philippines Imelda Schweighart withdraws from the Miss Earth Organization. 

A video of Schweighart talking to her fans went viral online. In the video, she was heard saying that the Miss Earth Winner, Katherine Espin has a fake nose, a fake chin, a fake chest.

“Peke ilong, peke baba, peke boobs,” said Schweighart.

The owner of Miss Earth Pageant, Carousel Productions, confirmed the resignation through CNN Philippines.

On the other hand, the executive Vice President Lorraine Schuck met Schweighart together with her mother to talk about the contentious video.

“They voluntarily resigned. She can’t handle it anymore,” Shuck said.

Shuck also mentioned that the mother of Schweighart said that she’ll take her daughter back to New Zealand.

According to Imelda, it was her mother that made the decision for her to resign the organization. 

“You don’t have to be careful with what you’re saying. You have to be real because that’s what people need,” Schweighart said as she explained herself.

However, Schweighart apologized to the winner due to her careless remark.

“If it's a crime to tell the truth, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend Miss Ecuador…I don't know her enough but she was my roommate,” Schweighart said.

She also claims that the winner herself admitted that she had been through cosmetic surgery. That’s why in the video she said that the winner should be ‘natural’. But according to the guidelines of the contest, they allow women that are surgically enhanced to join the contest.

Miss Earth PH Finally Gives Her Word To Her Bashers: 'If its a crime to tell the truth, Im Sorry'
Source: TNP, CNN

The Reasons Why Your Monthly Period Blood Smells Bad! Learn How To Deal With It HERE!

A woman's monthly period can be obnoxious, painful and create a lot of hassle not to mention the mood swings it causes before and after. Aside from that, periods can have an awful smell which can affect your confidence. But do you know that you should be paying attention to the smell of your period as it says something about your body? Here are some of the reasons for that foul smell!

1) pH Balance
Monthly Period increases the pH level in your body, making your blood less acidic. This causes bacteria to form which results to bad smell.

2) Bacteria
This is the most obvious cause of the bad smell and is due to the presence of fungus in the uterus lining. During menstruation, the uterus sheds its lining together with the fungus which would higly results to foul smell. 

3) Moisture Retention
The vagina gets extra moisture during menstruations which cause the fishy smell in your period.

4) Air Blockage
This is due to the sanitary and tampons which blocks the moisture further resulting in bad smell.

The solution? A good shower during your period can eliminate the odor. Also, make sure to wash your genitalia with feminine wash to kill the bacteria.

Source: TNP ,  Centralreaders

'Niyaya Ko Siyang Mag-bathtub.' Prince Stefan's Explosive Revelations On Flirting With Aljur Abrenica!

Prince Stefan just got bolder and fiercer about his sexuality in his recent interview last October 20, in Good Times with Mo Twister, as he shared explosive revelations about himself and his s*x life. Emerging as the first runner up of GMA's StarStruck: The Next Level in the year 2007, the half-Filipino and half-Arabian actor has started establishing a name in the industry. But no one was able to tell that he was gay. Asked how he was keeping up with his s*x life when he was still hiding his true identity, he said: “Mga kapwa ko ring artista na alam din nila.

“Parang pag alam mo kasing bakla ka, parang nararamdaman [ko] kung bakla ka, parang partly puwede tayong mag-usap.” He then admitted to have shared s*xual and intimate moments with his co-actors and some of them are not yet out as gays. However, the highlight of the interview was when he shared to have flirted Starstruck batchmate, Aljur Abrenica, during one of their projects.

“May raket kami sa Bohol, tapos isa lang kami ng room.

“Nakita ko siyang nagbi-briefs, ako din nagbi-briefs, so parang inaya ko siyang mag-bathtub.

“Tapos, okay naman, pumunta kami kasi akala niya lalaki [ako], parang pare-pare.”

Pagpapatuloy ni Prince, “Tapos, parang nilalandi-landi ko siya.

“Naramdaman niya siguro tinitingnan ko siya.

“Sabi niya, 'T*%gina mo, Prince!'

“Umangat na siya sa bathtub, tapos nag-towel na siya.

“Nailang na siya after that.

“Tapos, nag-request siya ng other room.”

He then confirmed that Aljur was straight. When asked if he also encountered the same scenario with others, he said:

“Pag nakapa kong bakla, napu-push ko yun.

“Pag hindi pa, pini-friend-friend ko muna.”

Meanwhile, despite the awkward incident, Prince claims that he is still friends with Aljur. “Tinatawanan na lang namin,” he said.

Source: TNP , PEP

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Include Ginger Juice In Your Breakfast. Everyone Will Love #5!

Ginger is one of the most commonly used spices in the world, and of course, Asian regions. This raw ginger can be used at home for many health benefits

Here are some of the benefits of ginger juice:

1. Immunity. Ginger has a lot of good properties that can help strengthen immune system to fight cough, colds and flu.

2. Cancer Prevention. Ginger juice helps prevent cancer cell build up in the body.

3. For IBM. Ginger juice can help relieves and cure Irritable Bowel Movements

4. Alzheimer prevention. Ginger juice helps slow down death of brain cells.

5. Appetite. This juice can act as an appetite stimulant.

6. Tired Muscles. This helps muscle for better and faster recovery after workout.

7. Glucose level maintenance. Ginger juice has essential properties which helps reduce high glucose level.

7 Reasons Why You Need to Include Ginger Juice In Your Breakfast. Everyone Will Love #5!
Source: TNP , Stethnews

Derrick Rose NASTY Double Crossover on Mike Conley (VIDEO)

NBA 2016-2017 Season (October 30, 2016) Derrick Rose NASTY Double Crossover on Mike Conley (VIDEO). Derrick Rose hits a double crossover and tough finish over Marc Gasol in his New York Knicks Home Debut.

uploaded by NBA

screenshot via Youtube / NBA

DeAndre Jordan Shoves Mason Plumlee Into Kid (VIDEO)

DeAndre Jordan Shoves Mason Plumlee Into Kid (VIDEO). The Los Angeles Clippers and Portland Trailblazers are starting quite a rivalry. There was last year's series in the first round of the Western Conference, where the Blazers beat the depleted Clippers. Now, the two teams got chippy in the season opener. DeAndre Jordan shoved Mason Plumlee into the first row, with a kid on the losing end. Check it out. [source: The Fumble]

uploaded by The Fumble

screenshot via Youtube / NBA / @trailblazers

Juan Manuel Lopez TKOs Wilfredo Vazquez Jr., Then Fights With Opponent's Cornerman! (VIDEO)

Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. Replay Video (October 29, 2016) Juan Manuel Lopez (35-5, 32 KOs) knocks out Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. (24-7-1, 19 KOs) in the 11th round then 'JuanMa' Lopez trades blows with Vazquez Jr's cornerman on Saturday night at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

screenshot via Youtube

House Goals! Pauleen And Vic Sotto's House Now Shown To Public! Must See!

Christmas is just around the corner and it is surely felt in the cozy house of the Luna-Sotto house!

In their Instagram account, husband and wife Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna posted a photo of their Christmas-decorated home and it looks like the holidays came early.

Pauleen has started decorating their house as early as September.

Take a look at their home!

House Goals! Pauleen And Vic Sotto's House Now Shown To Public! Must See!

House Goals! Pauleen And Vic Sotto's House Now Shown To Public! Must See!
Source: TNP Chisms

Dianne Medina Finally Answers The Question: Is Ready To Marry Her Long Time Boyfriend Rodjun Cruz! Find Out Here Answer Here!

Dianne Medina and Rodjun Cruz (eledest brother of Rayver Cruz) have been in a relationship for nine years. However, Medina claims that even though they’ve been together for a long time, she does not see herself being married for now.

“We’ve been together for nine years now but we don’t have plans yet [of settling down],” Dianne said. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to interview Medina to Ever Bilena’s event last October 25 in Quezon City.

Medina also said that her relationship with Rodjun is still going strong.

“Kaya lang, wala pa talagang plans, kasi mga career-oriented kaming tao,” she added.

She also said, “Si Rodjun kasi, naka-focus pa siya sa careers niya, and me, as an endorser also a segment host and I’m also with Malacanang PTV4 and nag-aartista pa rin on the side.”

Rodjun Cruz is part of GMA 7’s hit fantaserye ‘Encantadia’ while Dianne Medina is busy with her hosting job. 

According to Medina, if both parties are ready, their relationship would really work.

“Because if you’re not mutually ready and physically, emotionally ready, baka mag-fall apart lang yung relationship,” the TV host said.

She also shared about the importance of communication in a relationship.

“So its best that there’s an open communication between the two parties, at saka dapat talagang kung gusto niyo na talagang mag-settle down, mag-settle down.”

“Kami kasi ni Rodjun, as friends din kami nag-start. So at least, kaibigan and magkakilala talaga.”
“Mahirap namang hesitant yung isa.” 

Medina also said that letting God be the center of the relationship is important. As she shared that both of them are religious.

“So lahat naka-base kay Lord, and everything else will follow." 

Dianne Medina Finally Answers The Question: Is Ready To Marry Her Long Time Boyfriend Rodjun Cruz! Find Out Here Answer Here!
Source: TNP, PEP

Stephen Curry Pushes Brandon Knight to the Floor (VIDEO)

NBA 2016-2017 Season (October 30, 2016) Golden State Warriors defeated Phoenix Suns, 106-100. Stephen Curry Pushes Brandon Knight to the Floor (VIDEO).

uploaded by NBA / Ximo Pierto

screenshot via Youtube / NBA

WARNING: New Discovered Threatening Disease That Can Be Transmitted By Dogs! Can Your Dog Be Next?

People all over the world are fond of Dogs. They’re often treated as part of the family. However, you should be careful because a disease called ‘Leishmaniasis’ which is a familiar disease in the Middle East.

Flies and ticks can transmit this disease. It causes open wounds, having a hard time swallowing and breathing and nose bleed.

Leishmaniasis has different types:

1. Cutaneous Leishmaniasis – The place where the bite mark is will have an unpleasant looking scar that will heal for about a month and a half.

2. Mucocutaneous Leishmaniasis – the skin and mucosal ulcers will be mainly on the nose and mouth. 

3. Visceral Leishmaniasis – this is the most serious type. This can be fatal if it is not treated immediately.

Other instances which includes fever, damage to the spleen and liver and also anemia which can happen after a few months up to a year. 

This disease can only happen through blood transfusion. The good news is, the disease can be treated; however, the procedure will be difficult and will be done in a long time.

To prevent Leishmaniasis, you can use nets with insecticides while you are sleeping. According to Medscape, "Injectable paromomycin has also been reported to be noninferior to amphotericin B. Oral miltefosine is FDA approved for visceral, cutaneous, and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis. Sitamaquine is another oral therapy in the research pipeline for the treatment of visceral disease."

WARNING: New Discovered Threatening Disease That Can Be Transmitted By Dogs! Can Your Dog Be Next?
Source: TNP , Readanddigest

2016 PBA Rookie Draft Results

Results of the 2016 Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Rookie Draft. Here are the results of the 2016 Gatorade PBA Draft. [sources: interaksyon, pbaconnect]

DATE: October 30, 2016
VENUE: Midtown Robinsons Place Manila

Alaska - Carl Bryan Cruz
Barangay Ginebra - Kevin Ferrer
Blackwater - Mac Belo
GlobalPort - Von Pessumal
Mahindra - Russel Escoto
Meralco - Ed Daquioag
NLEX - Fonzo Gotladera
Phoenix - Matthew Wright
Rain or Shine - Mike Tolomia
San Miguel - Arnold Van Opstal
Star - Jio Jalalon
Tropang TNT - Roger Pogoy

Blackwater - Ael Banal
Phoenix - Gelo Alolino
Barangay Ginebra - Jammer Jamito
Mahindra - Joseph Eriobu
Star - Chris Javier
San Miguel - Rashawn McCarthy
Meralco - Jonathan Grey
NLEX - Reden Celda
Barangay Ginebra - Jericho De Guzman
Phoenix - Jeff Javillonar

Blackwater - Tristan Perez
GlobalPort - Alfrancis Tamsi
Meralco - Jessie Saitanan
San Miguel - Jovit Dela Cruz
GlobalPort - Ryan Arambulo
Phoenix - Paolo Javelona
Mahindra - Cedrick Ablaza
Phoenix - Achie Inigo

Mahindra - Jan Jamon
GlobalPort - Spencer Eman
Meralco - Ryusei Koga
TNT - Timothy Habelito

Mahindra - Paolo Pontejos
TNT - Mikee Reyes

TNT - Levi Hernandez

Photo credit: Youtube / Sports5 / PBA

Gabbi Garcia On Being A Fan Of JaDine: 'Im a silent fan!'

Secrets can be fun! Just like Gabbi Garcia's who claimed that she is a silent fan of JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre). 

It all started with her tweet saying, “people should really take things lightly. C’moooon.” Irish Dizon, a writer replied to her tweet.

Dizon said, “Let me escape with you, Alenna!!!”

“Your show is killing it, Gab. Proud of you. Lapit ka na mag debuttt,” Dizon replied to Garcia. She was referring to the teleserye in GMA 7, ‘Encantadia’. 

“@IrishDizon aww thanks!! Oo nga eh parang kelan lang. don’t forget the supreme haaa!” the Sang’gre replied.

Ending the conversation, Dizon tweeted Garcia a smiley face. However, Garcia tweeted back with a very unexpected reply : “@IrishDDizon continue tweeting for them!! Hahaha im a silent fan”

Irish Dizon is known for being the author of JaDine’s book, “Team Real” in which she gave details about the loveteam that gave their fans a taste of what they are like together. 

To Garcia’s surprise, Nadine Lustre tweeted, “Hola @_gabbigarcia! Thank you!”

With excitement, Garcia tweeted back, “Omg Hi!   hoping to meet you both! Congrats!”

JaDine and Gabbi’s fans were happy when they found out that Garcia’s a fan of JaDine! 

Gabbi Garcia On Being A Fan Of JaDine: 'Im a silent fan!'

Gabbi Garcia On Being A Fan Of JaDine: 'Im a silent fan!'