Wednesday, October 26, 2016

OMG: James Reid and Nadine Lustre's First Ever Love Scene Happened in Till I Met You. LOOK HERE!

JaDine is now in a whole new level as they did this hot intimate scene in the most recent episode of 'Till I Met You'. The serye's director, Antonette Jadaone, had earlier promised the fans more kissing scenes in the coming episodes but they didn't see this coming! 

The story progressed with Iris and Basti decided to get married after getting back together. However, when they decided to have family dinner with their parents to talk about the wedding, Cassandra (Carmina Villaroel) and Valerie (Angel Aquino) had an argument which brought back their complex past with Nestor (Zoren Legaspi). 

Basti and Iris promptly escaped by driving away from the dinner. They then had a conversation inside the car when Basti asked: "Hindi naman nagbago ang isip mo, di ba? We're still pushing through with the wedding?" in which Iris asked: "Oo naman, Basti. Tuloy na tuloy na yung kasal natin."

The conversation then sparked the love between the two and so the intimate love scene happened and fans couldn't help but gush! They exchanged 'I love yous' in between kisses. This marked the first love scene of the real-life couple which was much-awaited by their fans. 

Their wedding is set to air tonight, October 26, 2016. 

Source: TNP , Facebook


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