Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Jean Garcia Got Nervous in Sexy Pool Love Scene with Derek Ramsay!

Derek Ramsay shares his experience filming a steamy love scene with veteran actress Jean Garcia in their upcoming movie with Lovi Poe and Christopher De Leon, "The Escort." 

According to him, he was shocked when the director told him that he would be the one to lead their love scene which happened in the pool.  “I was shocked kasi… at first medyo panic ako like, ‘What?!’

“Ito yung experienced actress, such a big name, and she’s saying it’s her first time so parang extra caution ako.

“And I really made her feel comfortable coz I can see she’s nervous, she was uncomfortable because sa swimming pool yun, e.

‘But the minute Direk said ‘Action!’ pasok na siya at inalagaan ko talaga siya and I made her feel comfortable.”

Despite this, Derek shared that he didn't have any hard time at all doing the scene but had to take extra effort.

“Talagang extra effort lang talaga na… I was nervous.”

In the movie, Jean's character was also an 'escort'.

Derek shared, “Pero yung mayor, binili yung kontrata niya.

“Kaya mahirap sa kanya, siya pa yung aggressive."

“Kasi di ba, ako ayoko nang maging escort, pero siya yung lagi, e."

“So di ba, parang ang ano ko dun is like mahal ko na rin siguro siya, kasi siya yung bumuhay sa akin and at the same time, ayoko nang gawin.

“Kasi alam ko rin may asawa siya at kapag lumabas yung asawa niya sa kulungan yari ako.”

Meanwhile, his love scenes with Lovi Poe are much-awaited as well. Derek was also concerned with Poe and suggested other love scene positions that wouldn't make the actress uncomforable. 

“Sabi ko, ‘Direk, parang hindi yata fit yung eksenang ito.'

“'At the end of the day, it’s your decision, pero I strongly suggest that ibahin natin, I have a couple of suggestions if you’re willing to hear it.'

“And he’s like, ‘Yeah, let me know.’

“And he listened to my suggestions and that’s what we did. And it came out sexier and more appropriate.

The Escort is directed by Enzo Williams and will premiere today, November 2, 2016.

Jean Garcia Got Nervous in Sexy Pool Love Scene with Derek Ramsay!
Source: TNP, PEP


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