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All Girls Should Know These Symptoms Of Vaginal Infection Which Many Are Not Aware Of!

The female's reproductive organ is the most delicate part of her body. The vagina is the most sensitive part that has to be kept free from any form of infection. Like the other parts of the body, the vagina has a small number of bacteria and yeast

Vaginal yeast infection is a common health problem in women. It is characterized by excessive growth of yeast in the feminine part which is associated with itching and severe irritation. This kind of infection can be treated as early as at the initial stage. However, its treatment depends on its severity. In addition, this infection can be spread through sexual contact but generally, they are not considered as a sexually transmitted infection.  

Although it is not sexually transmitted, the following can increase the risk of getting the infection:
1.) Taking too much antibiotic can alter the population of bacteria in the vagina, causing yeast to overgrow
2.) Reduction of moisture in the feminine part caused by wearing tight jeans and undergarments.
3.) Excessive use of talc powder or perfume for the vaginal area
4.) Washing the vaginal part with water and vinegar. 

Just like any other type pf diseases, yeast infection has a set of symptoms that has to be observed for proper treatment. Commonly, the length of period the infection is untreted impacts its severity.
1.) Severe itching and irritation around the surface of the vagina
2.) Burning sensation can usually be felt
3.) Excessive vaginal discharge characterized as whitish gray and thick fluid (although sometimes watery)
4.) Painful sensation when urination because of the soreness and rash around the surface of the vagina
5.) Painful sexual intercourse

Vaginal infection should be taken seriosly as it may lead to more dangerous infections. Usually, this disease is treated by medicine prescribed by doctors and professionals. While consuming medicine, obe should take note of the following:
1.) Sanitary pads are safer than tampons
2.) When washing the feminine area, use water and as much as possible, avoid using scented soap
3.) Avoid sexual intercourse if it is painful
4.) Avoid scratching the vagina with fingers. Instead when there is irritation, pat a damp cloth on it or sit on warm water.

Because it is the most delicate part, the vagina should be given extra care
1.) Use clean water and mild unscented soap when washing the vagina
2.) When using toilet paper, avoid transferring yeast from anus to vagina by wiping from front to back.
3.) Wear properly fitting cotton undergarments
4.) Change pads or tampons often, do not use the same sanitary napkin for long periods of time
5.) Avoid using unnecessary deodorants or perfumes as they may alter the bacteria in the vagina.

All Girls Should Know These Symptoms Of Vaginal Infection Which Many Are Not Aware Of!
Source:  TNP, PeanutDaily


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