Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Must See: Jhong Hilario's Hot Girlfriend Who's 15 Years Younger Than Him!

Love is truly a mystery, A series of mazes and labyrinths that no wise man can fathom. If it strikes, that's about it,you can't do anything.It's an unavoidable feeling that even the densest human would experience at least one in his or her lifetime. 

It's an opportunity,and like any other opportunity it knocks only once. So you have to grab it and own it, forget the boundaries and what ifs. Just like Makati Councilor and It's Showtime host Jhong Hilario who found the love of his life in a girl that's 15 year younger than him. 

A May-December love affair is not new in the show business industry. A lot of celebrities are known for being age distant lovers. Freddie Aguilar and his girlfriend, Mystika and her lover to name a few. 

Well, Jhong is officially in a relationship with Maia Leviste Azores a Cabin Crew in Philippine Airlines. They have been dating for six years now and they still looked as happy and as contented as they was during their early years. 

Jhong Hilario even shared a video that details their adventures together, whether in or out of the country.  The couple were seen trekking steep paths, enjoying in a safari and just mainly being in love with each other. 

Love would really take you to places, don't you think? 

Watch video here: 

Source: TNPyesyesmanila


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