Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Angel Locsin Blushed On It's Showtime And You Will Not Believe The Reason Why!

Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin was put in the limelight on Showtime and her reaction was priceless.

As an actress, we have always seen Angel poised and composed almost all of the time. Not only is the star considered to be among the most beautiful, Angel has also carried a vibe of certainty for herself, for the most part. 

So when Angel unexpectedly lost her poise and sneezed getting everyone's attention, the Kapamilya star blushed. Judge Jaya was amidst giving a comment when out of nowhere a sneeze was heard. 

Showtime host Anne Curtis, and a close friend of Angel, was quick to point it out saying "Bless you Angel."

And soon everyone else followed putting everyone's attention on Angel. Anne Curtis, Jhong Hilario and the judges joked about the incident making Angel blush even more.

But despite Angel's embarrassment, netizens thought Angel still looked lovely nonetheless.

"naghatching sya ng malakas hahahaha sa subrang lakas na shy sya bigla namula si idol,,, cute si idol mag hatching," commented netizen Ailehm Aludtag.

"Galing talaga ng angel namin kahit pagsneeze nya is so amusing... Love u angel," said another fan, Facebook user Melany Pulangco.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us!

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN


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