Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cristine Reyes, One of the Sexiest in Showbiz, Shares Her Realizations On Having a Husband and a Child! Must Read!

Recently, ABS-CBN’s Magandang Buhay invaded Cristine Reyes and husband Ali Khatibi’s new house and showcased how happy they are with their new home.  During the segment, Cristine also shared her realizations on life and having a family.

During the interview, Cristine said she thought her life before marriage was already difficult as it was. However, she was surprised that life after marriage was much harder. She mentioned that she thought marriage is like a fairytale, but she discovered she was wrong.

“Di ba nung bata ka mahilig kang manood ng mga movies ng princesses. Akala mo pag kinasal ka na, happily ever after,” Cristine told Magandang Buhay hosts. She said her inspiration during that time was Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

“Tapos nung ako na, nag asawa na ko, nagkaron na ko ng anak, hindi ko naisip yung reality. Iiyak ng iiyak yung anak mo, malikot yung anak mo, yung asawa mo may gagawin din, may sarili din yung buhay. Akala mo kasi sa pictures, ang saya saya nyo, kakain kayo, tatawa kayo, diba sa magazines, hindi yun totoo. Hardwork sya talaga,” the actress added. 

Cristine Reyes and boyfriend Ali Khatibi had their first daughter in February 2015, and they formally settled down on January 27, 2016

She also shared that marriage is just like any other job. “Hardwork pala yung marriage. Totoo pala siya. Kaya pala lagi nilang sinasabi, pag nag asawa ka di mo na pwedeng ibalik ha,” she said. For Cristine, though it is hard, it is still worth it for the people she loves. “At the end of the day, kung iisipin mo naman, ano ba yung purpose natin sa life, bakit tayo nandito?”

She also said that she found it difficult to submit herself to the married life as she was independent before, but she managed to adjust. 

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