Wednesday, March 8, 2017

FOR WOMEN: Pay Attention To These Itchy Bumps Inside Your Private Area!

As some women fight for equality today as the world celebrates International Women's Day, it is very important that they are also aware of certain health conditions that don't get enough attention. 

This particular condition called Vestibular Papillomatosis has been causing a lot of women some discomfort, yet fails to get the proper aid. 

This condition affects women's private parts and usually appears as small frond-like glands. These small bumps are usually found on vestibular labia minora deep inside the woman's privates and are pink or red in color.

It is not an STD but these bumps are described as itchy, burning, stinging, and painful. 

Experts claim that this condition is quite normal for women who are undergoing the stage between menarche and menopause. 

No direct causes for this condition have been discovered aside from the "interrelated genetic and enviromental factors influencing the reproductive system development". 

If it causes no discomfort, there is no need for a doctor's consultation. But if it does, a doctor might recommend certain acids that will be used to burn the papules. The procedure can be a bit uncomfortable and should only be done by a licensed and trained professional.

For home medication, doctors are also expected to prescribe topical creams such as phodophyllin or podofilox. It is always advised to consult the doctor before buying and applying anything.

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