Thursday, March 30, 2017

Kim Chiu's Extravagant Mansion Proves That She Really Is a Princess! Must See!

We all know Kim Chiu as a great actress of today’s generation and many envy her for being a “Drama Princess” as her acting skills are notably incredible. However, did you know that she is a princess not just in drama and teleseryes but also in real life?

Here, we will reveal how elegant the Chinita Princess’ house is.

According to Kim, she insisted to have a small rectangular swimming pool at her backyard as she is already happy with a small pool. She made the pool unique by having it installed with high-tech underwater lighting. 

We know Kim Chiu as an aficionado of bags and shoes, and has a growing number of clothes. There is a separate room for her signature bags, shoes, as well as her clothes.




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