Sunday, April 16, 2017

Angelika and Mika Dela Cruz Will Make You Envy of How They Love Each Other!

Teen actress Mika dela Cruz, like her sister Angelika dela Cruz, grew up on television. These sisters are not just into career goals but also remind us of beauty goals as both of their Instagram accounts are filled with their fair, flawless complexions and double-tap worthy selfies.

Angelika, who is the senior in showbiz between the two, makes sure she guides her younger sister in her venture in the entertainment industry. In an interview, Angelika expressed that she's happy to know that her younger sibling idolizes her, but admits that Mika also idolizes another Angelica of showbiz-- Angelica Panganiban.

“Pero hindi lang naman ako, pati si Angelica Panganiban, kasi kamukha niya yun, e," the actress said. “Nakakatuwa nga, pag naglilibot kami minsan, may mga nagsasabi na, 'Ay, si Angelika dela Cruz at si Mika Panganiban!'”

Angelika was also protective of Mika especially because the latter was bullied back in grade school.

“Kasi mestiza kaya na-bully, gusto ko nga ring bully-hin, e," Angelika said jokingly. “After kong malaman yung pangbu-bully kay Mika, kinuha ko siya.”

There is no doubt that Mika is building a great career now because of her older sister’s guidance.

“With my ate, as always naman parang baby sister, minsan parang anak na niya ako sa mga advices niya. Ang ate ko, siya ‘yung idol ko talaga. Siya lahat, siya ‘yung nag-a-advice sa akin, siya ‘yung parang guardian angel ko, ‘yun,” Mika said on her exclusive interview with her new home, GMA Network.

These two Dela Cruz sisters really proved that they are sister goals in career and in life. What do you think about their sisterhood?
Source: TNPGMA


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