Thursday, April 27, 2017

Billy Crawford Gets Mad At Vice Ganda After Doing THIS To Him, Vhong, And Anne!

We all know that It’s Showtime hosts treat each other like brothers and sisters already. Because of this, there are times that they tease and make fun of each other, most especially on Vice Ganda’s part. The comedian usually initiates the fun time between the group. Well, just like brothers and sisters, there are also times wherein they react negatively to each other’s jokes.

On a video uploaded by The PINOY Channel on YouTube on April 25, 2017, the It’s Showtime hosts are having a regular day of fun back stage. Vice Ganda, who was filming the interaction, was making fun of his co-hosts by trying to put his foot in their mouths. 

First it was Vhong Navarro he was teasing. Vhong was talking to someone and the Vice interrupts him and said “can you eat my…” while showing his foot.

After that, he filmed how he teased Billy Crawford, who happened to be talking to someone as well. Vice slowly went near him and pointed his feet on his face. Billy stopped talking and looked at Vice Ganda. It took Billy around 3 seconds before he said, “napakabastos mo!” Vice Ganda was in a good mood and just laughed at him.

Lastly, Anne Curtis became his next victim. Anne was singing Break Away when Vice put his foot near Anne’s face. He even said, “eat my foot.” When Vice did it the second time, Anne held his foot and pretended it was a microphone.

The video really showed how funny the companionship of the It’s Showtime hosts is. Well, after watching the video, do you think Billy Crawford really got pissed off with Vice Ganda?
Source: Youtube


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