Sunday, April 30, 2017

Boyfriend Of Abbie Tolentino Did Something Unbelievable To Her While She Was On A LIVE Video On Facebook!

Facebook just developed another feature that caters to the interest of their users. The most famous social media site created its LIVE Video feature where netizens can record themselves doing whatever they want and broadcast it live on air while their Facebook friends are watching.

There are many instances that this feature failed the users. Since it is running live, there is no way a user could stop or control what the audience is seeing. What they already started to broadcast live would be what their audience would pick up; and so that is the reason why Facebook LIVE Videos go viral most of the time. 

Such is this live video posted by Facebook personality Abbie Tolentino. While she was arranging her hair, she puts herself on Facebook LIVE. Suddenly, her boyfriend did something shocking to her that really caught the attention of many netizens.

Abbie’s boyfriend started to do some soft gestures pulling her shorts down because it was too short. He said that it exposes her legs too much especially since she was doing a LIVE video. Her concerned partner protected her by doing this simple act. It is really a sweet thought knowing that her partner is being thoughtful of her image.

While many netizens think that this video was only scripted, still it was able to touch other hearts because they saw how Abbie’s boyfriend act towards his partner.

If you were Abbie’s boyfriend and you noticed that she was wearing a dress like this, would you also do the same? Share your response in the comments section below.
Source: Facebook


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