Friday, April 21, 2017

Businesswoman Lashes out Against Pia Wurtzbach: 'Ang bag na binigay ko sa'yo hindi 'yan fake, katulad ng mukha mo!'

It seemed as if Miss Universe 2015 is not so as gracious and as personable as people thought she would be.  

This was following the issue that the beauty queen got herself involved when Filipina businesswoman Kathelyn Dupa gave her a Hermes bag.  

Fashion Pulis reported that Dupa aired out her sentiments on her Instagram, together with a picture of her with Pia. 

Businesswoman Lashes out Against Pia Wurtzbach: 'Ang bag na binigay ko sa'yo hindi 'yan fake, katulad ng mukha mo!'

She posted, “ang bag na binigay ko sau hindi yan fake katulad ng mukha mo fake gusto mo pia punta tau paris ako mag babayad lahat ng airfare mo at hotel papatunayan ko sau ang bag na yan hindi fake” 

“huwag ka magbigay babala sa mga tao pupunta sa brunei para mag ingat sa akin una una wala kami pinakita sau masama nung pumunta ka dito yung binigay namin service kaiba kung compare sa iba celebrities”  

“mga celebrities at beauty queen pumunta dito walang security guard ikaw ilan ang hinanda namin para mabigyan ka ng maganda welcome sa brunei hindi ka lang marunong mag appreciate kasi hayop ang ugali mo hindi ka man lang mag pasamalat sa mga pagod namin..”  

Inquirer Bandera revealed that Dupa invited Pia for the soft opening of her spa in Brunei and accommodated her and Pia’s entourage (including the beauty queen’s boyfriend) cordially.  

According to Dupa, Pia didn’t know that it was the spa’s soft opening and instead, got diva-like in her attitude.  

The businesswoman claimed that when her staff prepared a sumptuous meal for the beauty queen, Pia changed her mind and declared that she didn’t want to leave her room. 

Meanwhile, the source didn’t cite any specific instance wherein Pia claimed that Dupa’s Hermes bag was fake or inauthentic. It only revealed Dupa’s sentiments and how greatly disappointed she was by the beauty queen.  

Watch the video report below uploaded by YouTube account ‘Pinoy Showbiz Latest:’  

What do you think about Pia’s alleged “attitude?” Do you believe Dupa and what she claims? 

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