Sunday, April 30, 2017

Controversial: JC Santos Kisses Sue Ramirez! It Definitely Shocked Everyone!

Everyone who watched Sue Ramirez and JC Santos' performance on 'I Can Do That' got more out of it than they could have anticipated.

The audience as well as the contestants were completely shocked when the two kissed each other after their act with hula hoops.

Sue Ramirez blushed and admitted that this was the first time she had kissed anyone on screen.

They didn't win this week so it seems that the kiss did not help them.

Daniel Matsunaga and Cristine Reyes ended up winning with their performance which involved a trapeze act.

Watch their performance here:

As you can see their energetic number sure was something to watch, all leading to that single kiss at the end. Their hula hoop based act was performed to the tune of Queen's 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'

So what did you think of their performance? Did their kiss at the end shock you?

Tell us what you thought of their performance in the comments section below! 
Source: ABS-CBN


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