Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dancing Queens Maja Salvador and Yassi Pressman Engage in a Fierce Dance Showdown!

Maja Salvador was once tagged as the country's dancing princess due to her amazing grace and finesse onstage. However, another gracious dancer has been making a name for herself on the dance floor lately.

Yassi Pressman is also renowned for her undeniable dancing skills. Over time, Yassi and Maja have been compared numerous times.

Watch the video below to see everyone is buzzing about!

Check out what the netizens had to say about this dance showdown!

Stacey Sta Catalina Geronimo: "Both danced very well but NO ONE can beat majas simple moves with angas and hampas, she doesnt need to exaggerate moves just to make it look better. MAJA still the one!"

Abdullah Binti Sarah: "Awesome..they're both graceful..ang mukha ni maja prng nangaakit.c yassi nkasmile with kindat p..galing nila.yan ang dancefloor pamatay!!for me yassi.."  

Carl Jaime Yasto: "I love how Yassi kept smiling the whole prod, that cuteness and hotness all at once. U dont need to look seductive baby, enough of ur skills already." 

Cassandra Madison Quilantang Papio: "Yassi can really Dance but Maja has a heart with dance. Kung isa kang dancer alam mo yan. Maja has the appeal di lang sayaw. Its a passion. And to think this is a sexy dance supposively you seducting not smiling. May dance din na doon ka mag smile."

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