Monday, April 24, 2017

Did Vice Ganda Snub Coleen Garcia at Angel Locsin's Birthday Party? Watch This!

Recently, Angel Locsin celebrated her 32nd birthday at the Blackbird Restaurant. The party was star-studded and was attended by big names from show business like couples Direk Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia, Iza Calzado, Jennylyn Mercado, and Vice Ganda.

Speaking of the famous comedian, Vice Ganda arrived at the party as if he was the one celebrating. He was wearing a sparkly polo shirt and a shoulder-length blonde wig. Friends who welcomed him were joking around and were greeting him “happy birthday."

It can be seen on the video that a lot of friends approached the comedian. Angel went to him and also greeted him happy birthday. Couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia were seen smiling upon Vice’s arrival. What intrigued us was what happened next. 

As Angel welcomed Vice, It’s Showtime host Billy Crawford interrupted and greeted his fellow host. The video showed that Billy tried to make fun of Vice because of his outfit. Vice tapped Billy on the shoulder and laughed. He also had a “beso-beso” with his co-host afterwards. Beside Billy was his fiancĂ© Coleen, but instead of saying “hi” to Coleen, Vice immediately turned towards Angel Locsin. It can be seen on the video that the comedian paid no attention to the actress.

There was no rumored rivalry between Vice Ganda and Coleen Garcia as the two were in good terms, even at the time the latter left It’s Showtime. What could be the possible reason why Vice Ganda ignored Coleen?
Source: Youtube


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