Friday, April 7, 2017

Do You Know Why You Always Miss Your Ex? Here Are Kuya Kim's Shocking Explanations!

Do you miss someone you once loved dearly? Do you miss the feeling of being together? Do you wonder what could have happened if the two of you just stuck it out? 

Well, if you think that the feeling of love or of being in love is purely emotional, then you are strongly mistaken. It's a lot more complex than that. 

Kuya Kim Atienza, ABSCBN's popular trivia man, can answer the questions about the longing feeling you might have been feeling. Apparently our emotional drama has some scientific backing. You can now get back at your friends who kept on telling you to move on and stop the emotional baggage. Don't panic, it's all scientific. 

According to Kuya Kim, at times it seems that we feel that we miss a person, but it is actually just the idea of the person, that we are missing. Big words. Feeling existential, all of a sudden? 

It is all caused by the love hormone, oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone released when we feel in love or emotionally attached to another person. 

More often than not, we feel this longing feeling of missing someone when there is a sudden discrepancy. Like for example, a relationship that ended unexpectedly, or abruptly. 

It is because, incidents like this cause an imbalance of oxytocin, too much production of this hormone when you don't have someone to put those feelings to, therefore it leads to an overwhelming feeling of missing a person. This is why, scientifically speaking you are just missing, and looking for the idea of that person. 

That is why Kuya Kim suggests that the next time you feel like you're missing a person, keep your calm. Exert your energy in some other worthwhile activities. No need to make an effort to look for the person. Just go with the flow, and the next person to enter your life romantically will surely balance your oxytocin levels. 

What can you say about Kuya Kim's explanation?


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