Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Do You Want To Attract More Women? Better Consume More Garlic To Make Women Desire You! How Does It Work? Read This!

Body odor plays a huge role in bagging the woman of your dreams. Men who wish to pursue a particular lady see to it that they not only look good but also smell good. This is why lots of guys out there spend tons of cash in buying perfumes to produce that perfect manly smell that makes the girls go crazy.
Instead of blowing off your money and spending it on pricey colognes, did you know that you can just increase your garlic intake?

Yes, garlic, one of the stinkiest food on earth and is even banned in some countries. 
Believe it or not, consuming lots of garlic can make your manly odor more fragrant than ever and get the ladies’ heads turning to your direction.
Though it sounds entirely bogus, scientists have solid proof that garlic is indeed the best perfume.

Researchers from the University of Stirling and Prague's Charles University conducted a study in 2015 on 42 men to eat raw garlic, take garlic capsules, and stop doing so according to their instructions.
Afterwards, they were asked to wear pads in their underarms for 12 hours to collect some samples of their sweat.

These pads were then given to 82 women who were asked to smell the odor samples and judge them based on the pleasantness, attractiveness, masculinity and intensity.
The results showed that the women prefer the smell of the pads from the men who consumed garlic. According to them, the body odor of these men was "significantly more attractive and less intense" compared to their smell when they stopped consuming the garlic. 
The researchers said that the male test subjects smelled better due to the antioxidant and antimicrobial substances in the garlic.  

Do You Want To Attract More Women? Better Consume More Garlic To Make Women Desire You! How Does It Work? Read This!

"Certainly, breath odour plays a crucial role in most social interactions, but human axillary (armpit) odour is also an important factor in intimate relationships.
Our results indicate that garlic consumption may have positive effects on perceived body odour hedonicity (the pleasure derived from it), perhaps due to its health effects, for example antioxidant properties and antimicrobial activity.

From an evolutionary perspective, formation of preferences for diet-associated body odours was possibly shaped by means of sexual selection,” the researchers said. 
On a side note, if you decide to eat a lot of garlic, just make sure to brush your mouth afterwards. 

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