Thursday, April 6, 2017

Her Belly Started Growing AFTER Giving Birth and What Doctor's Found Inside Her is Truly Terrifying!

Every woman goes through a life or death situation every time they give birth. Aside from the excruciating pain they feel, they could also suffer from complications which might lead to their imminent death. 

Yulia Selina, a 34-year-old from Saint Petersburg in Russia, was about to give birth and wanted to do it the natural way. However, doctors dismissed this once they saw that the child might not be able to survive if they push through with natural birth. Instead, they asked Yulia to agree to an emergency caesarean section. Yulia’s daughter, whom she named Dima, was born successfully after the procedure but they didn’t expect what would happen to her next. 

While recovering from the C-section, Yulia started to feel worse than the day before. “My belly started to swell. It even grew bigger than it was when I was 9 months pregnant. Every movement caused me horrible pain. At first, I thought it was just a natural reaction to the operation,” she said in a statement. “But then I couldn’t even sit up anymore. The pain would make me scream,” added Yulia. 

Despite these complaints, Yulia’s doctors convinced her that it was a normal thing for C-section moms to feel pain but Yulia knew that something was terribly wrong with her. 
“I understood that, if I waited any longer for the doctors to help me, my children would be left without a mother,” she noted.

After a day of consulting with medical experts, she was rushed to the emergency room where doctors were able to remove around 2.5 liters of pus from her abdomen together with an operating room sheet that has been accidentally left inside her belly. 

“I’m trying, I want to forgive and excuse those who did this to me, but then I think about how my family could have lost me forever. I would like to settle this in a civilized way,” she stated.

Yulia is now trying to recover and asked for the help of lawyers to file a case against the hospital in order to prevent a similar case from happening again.

Here is a video of Yulia’s ordeal:

Source: TNP, Goodfullness


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