Saturday, April 15, 2017

Juday And Ryan Agoncillo's Daughter Baby Luna Is So Adorable! Watch This Cute Video!

If you're a fan of the Santos-Agoncillo family's Baby Luna…

If You Think Juday's Baby Luna is Adorable, Watch This!

just wait 'til you get a load of this!

In this video, little Baby Luna showcases her cry, bringing out all the smiles from anyone lucky enough to see.

There’s even a part where the little girl is seen munching on bananas, noodles, and going to the grocery!

Of course, netizens are giving all their love to the little ball of sunshine:

"So adorable and cute. future teleserye princess. hahahaha! pretty!pretty baby Luna!"
- Rosemarie Estoy
"OMg shes beautiful kamukha nya mommy nya."
- HoneyMay

"Super cute ni Baby ?"
- mariamaria1027

"Hello cutie Luna ??????"
- honeylicious03

"Grabe ang cute cute mo baby luna!!!ganda mo"
- shypangandelrosario

"Cutiepie gigil"
- josieski

We couldn’t agree more!

Ryan and Juday are about to have their 8th wedding anniversary this April 28. 

Here they are showing us just what a happy family really looks like.

If You Think Juday's Baby Luna is Adorable, Watch This!
Source: TNP , Youtube


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