Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lotlot de Leon Speaks up About Janine's Rumored Relationship With Rayver: 'Wag lang nakikita ko 'yung anak ko na nasasaktan!'

Janine Gutierrez is making waves in the showbiz industry, thanks to her recent drama series ‘Legally Blind’ in GMA Network. But, did you know that behind that fame (and beauty) is an overprotective yet caring mother?  

That’s Lotlot de Leon, who was one of the showbiz’s most prolific actresses back in the day. Lotlot married former matinee idol Ramon Christopher and had Janine as her eldest child.  

Now, ABS-CBN Push caught up with Lotlot and asked her a few questions about her opinions and thoughts on Janine’s love life.  

Lotlot de Leon Speaks up About Janine's Rumored Relationship With Rayver: 'Wag lang nakikita ko 'yung anak ko na nasasaktan!'

The source asked how she was able to help Janine mend her broken heart once the latter split up with Elmo Magalona when his love team with Janella Salvador grew more popular.  

Lotlot said, “Sabi ko, ‘Okey lang yan. Lilipas din yan.’ Ganu’n talaga, eh, kasi kahit naman ako, magulang ako, nakikita mo yung anak mo na ’eto yung ginagawa, dito nai-inlove.”  

She continued, “These are the choices in life that they make, there’s only so much you can do as a parent. So yung sa akin, pangaral. Ngayon nasa sa kanila yon kung tatanggapin nila yon o hindi.” 

The actress revealed that she prayed lots of times for her daughter because despite knowing that Janine is a “smart girl,” she believes that her daughter might get swayed by her emotions.  

“So, naiintindihan ko yon and it was a path that she had to take in order for her to grow as a person, so okey na rin yon,” she continued.  

Lotlot was also asked about Janine’s current status with fellow actor Rayver Cruz.  

Although both have not come to terms, either confirming or denying anything about them, it was cited by the same source that Rayver has revealed a rather telling Instagram post that was peppered with equally intriguing comments.  

A few of his friends hinted that he may have a love life and inserted heart emojis into their comments.  

Lotlot said, “Basta kung saan siya masaya. Basta maligaya siya, okey lang sa akin. Wag lang nakikita ko yung anak ko na nasasaktan.” 

She continued, “Ganu’n pala yon, ‘no, bilang magulang pag nakita mo yung anak mo, yung anak mo na nasasaktan, you feel so helpless. You really feel helpless.”  

“Parang wala kang… Hindi ka makagawa ng paraan para tumigil yung sakit na nararamdaman niya. So kapag masaya sila, mas masaya ako,” Lotlot finished.  

When asked if she actually wanted Rayver for her daughter, the actress revealed, “He’s a good person. He’s a good boy.” 

Are you in favor of Janine being with Rayver too? What do you think about Lotlot’s statements on them? 

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