Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lucy Torres' Birthday Message For Her Husband Richard Gomez Will Definitely Melt Your Heart!

Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez are one of the most notable couples in the showbiz industry. Their relationship is considered to be the epitome of love from reel to real. 

On April 7, Richard celebrated his 51st birthday.  As a treat, the actor-turned-politician received a heartwarming message from Leyte Representative Lucy Torres.

Lucy went to her Instagram account to post a photo of Richard with a lengthy message for him. Lucy recalled and mentioned every little thing that she loves about her husband. She then thanked him for everything he has done for their family. 

Read her message here:

"Many know you as a movie star, or an athlete, or both, someone who excels in all he takes on, but it is that side of you away from the public eye, that side of you not everyone sees, that endears you to me: how indulgent you are, the way you easily whip up an impromptu meal for 2 (or twelve!), how you love your dogs, take care of your friends, how so very generously you let other people shine.

"I love your quiet strength, and the fact that even as you can firmly stand your ground you also easily bend to pick up someone who is down.

"I love that you are kind to (maybe) all animals (except cockroaches), that you plant fruit trees and herbs, how you have adopted two little turtles.

"You never laugh at anyone's dreams, no matter how outrageous or big, you easily let things slide off your back, you allow people into your life.

Thank you for being uncomplicated and fun, for the flowers you give me on the most ordinary days, for singing me to sleep when the night is long because the day was rough.

"The many times you came home with big baskets of fresh fruit, weird stuff, or some utterly useless thing (or things) that you bought in bulk just to help someone in need makes me fall in love with you more and more.

"It may seem complex to others how you are a stickler for doing things well and giving everything your best shot, but how in the same breath you teach them to forgive themselves when they make mistakes along the way.

"More than that, you encourage them to forge on. You are exacting but nurturing, a leader through and through.

"It is that fire in your heart, the way you tenderly take care of the people you love, your courage, your sense of purpose, that enviable strength of steel that make you many, many kinds of wonderful.

"Happy birthday, my love. In my eyes (and heart) you give the word superman an entirely new meaning.

"My prayers and wishes always for happiness, good health, the wisdom always to carry out the work you are cut out to do, and many many more happy birthdays to come!"

Lucy Torres' Birthday Message For Her Husband Richard Gomez Will Definitely Melt Your Heart!

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