Monday, April 10, 2017

MUST READ: Say Goodbye To Acne With This Newly Invented Vaccine!

Acne has always been the curse that makes that awkward adolescent stage even more awkward. And for some unlucky people, their skin problems go well beyond their teenage years. 

While some skin care products and surgical procedures have done wonders for pimple-plagued faces, it goes without saying that we would rather be rid of this problem once and for all.

We are fortunate to be living in this age because we may finally have an answer for this facial menace.

Scientists from the University of California, San Diego in the United States, have discovered a way to stop the non-flattering effects of the pimple-causing bacteria without actually killing the bacteria itself.

MUST READ: Say Goodbye To Acne With This Newly Invented Vaccine!

“Acne is caused, in part, by P. acnes bacteria that are with your whole life—and we couldn’t create a vaccine for the bacteria because, in some ways, P. acnes are good for you,” said Eric C. Huang, the lead researcher of the program.

“But we found an antibody to a toxic protein that P. acnes bacteria secrete on skin—the protein is associated with the inflammation that leads to acne,” he explained.

The vaccine showed promise, stopping acne in its tracks on skin biopsy tests from selected patients. With these positive results, the research group said it won't be long until the vaccine is cleared for human testing.

Acne is often caused by excess oil in the skin. However, a hormonal imbalance can also cause a pimple breakout, making it a common problem for teens going through puberty.

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Source: TNP , Inquirer


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