Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MUST WATCH! Avid Fan Kisses Kathryn Bernardo and This Is How Daniel Padilla Reacted! Unbelievable!

Ever since Daniel Padilla has vocally expressed his affection towards love team partner Kathryn Bernardo, the two have become more touchy and sweet with one another. 

It could be remembered that when Daniel was interviewed by Philippine Entertainment Portal this March, the “Teen King” revealed the following words: “Ma'am, very exclusive po kami, e. Exclusive po kaming dalawa, ma'am. Exclusive po kami sa isa't isa, ma'am.”

He leaned in to whisper to Kathryn before saying that statement. When TV Patrol reporter Gretchen Fullido asked him what that meant, he only said, “'[Exclusive] sa isa't isa, so meaning ganun.'”

Gretchen directly asked, “Kayo na?” to which Daniel simply replied, “Yes.”  

Even before that, the two have been seen by their fans being sweet and affectionate towards one another. When Kathryn celebrated her 21st birthday last March in El Nido, Palawan, both of them relayed that it was their “best summer” yet.

The report said that in the course of their four-day break, Daniel revealed, “Sobrang nag-enjoy si Kathryn. Sa trip namin na yun, sobrang napakasaya lang, ang sarap. It's summer lovin'.”

To which the birthday girl added in jest, “Parang nagkaroon kami ng sariling mundo doon kasi may mga places na walang signal. Tapos nag-arrange lang ng dinner sa sandbar. Nanonood lang kami ng stars kapag gabi, watching the sunset.” 

In another instance, ABS-CBN News reported that Kathryn was able to call Daniel “mister ko” in one of her Instagram posts, where Daniel was seen kissing her hand romantically. 

When interviewed about it in ‘Tonight with Boy Abunda,’ the “Teen King” said that he was initially surprised at her post. He said, "Nabigla ako kasi ako lang iyong nagpo-post ng mga ganoon eh. Siyempe nakakatuwa naman dahil galing kay Kathryn mismo." 

Now, the two are evidently closer than ever and in fact, a video was captured which showed Daniel acting jealous over one of the male fans who has kissed Kathryn on the cheek. 

The moment was caught by YouTube account ‘Kathniel TV’ and it featured Daniel making a face as the fan leaned in towards Kathryn. 

See the footage below: 

What do you think of Daniel’s expression? Do you think he was extremely jealous over the fan? Or was he just making a face comically? 

Tell us your thoughts and opinions on this issue below! 


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