Friday, April 7, 2017

Must Watch! Vice Ganda Was Shocked After Anne Curtis Did This to Him! Check out Vice Ganda's Reaction!

On ABS-CBN’s Its Showtime April 7 episode, Anne Curtis happened to lift Vice Ganda’s shirt. 

The incident happened during the opening remarks of the hosts. The episode was tagged as 'Swabyernes' by Vhong Navarro, to make the Friday ‘swabe.” Billy Crawford also introduced the contenders for Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids. 

After that, it was Vice Ganda’s time to do his spiel. He asked the madlang pipol to jump every time the statement he says is true for them. The questions he asked included: who is pretty or handsome , who have a happy lives, who has a happy love life, who believes they will be meeting their so-called “forever,” and who believe they will have an awesome summer.

The hosts started to joke around when Vice Ganda asked people to jump and shout if they believe he is beautiful in person. Then, he ran around the audience while the hosts were contradicting what he said. 

When Vice Ganda was back in the studio, he joked that he felt like he lost weight and that her “So-en” got loosened. What Anne Curtis did was she lifted Vice Ganda’s t-shirt without the comedian expecting it. All the hosts were shocked but it was Vice Ganda who stopped talking and was in awe with what Anne Curtis did. 

Once he recovered, he threatened to take off Anne’s blouse, who at the time was wearing a cleavage-exposing blouse. Everyone started to laugh at the moment.

We cannot deny how comfortable the Its Showtime hosts are with each other. So how funny was the incident to you? Share this with your friends and start a discussion in the comments section below!
Source: TNP, ABS-CBN


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