Monday, April 10, 2017

'Na-turn Off Talaga Ako' - Kris Aquino on Rumors She's Dating Renan Morales

Actress and TV-host Kris Aquino has revealed her true feelings over the rumors that she is dating San Antonio, Nueva Ecija Councilor and 2005 Ferrari Challenge Cup Asia car-racing champion Renan Morales.

"Na-turn Off Talaga Ako” - Kris Aquino on Rumors She's Dating Renan Morales

Renan is the son of Rhodora Pascual Morales, the producer of Kris’ new two-hour lifestyle program ‘Trip Ni Kris’ first aired on April 9, 2017 on GMA-7.

"Walang truth whatsoever," Kris said without a hint of hesitation.

Kris broke her silence in an interview with Jo-Ann Q. Maglipon, editor in chief of Philippine Entertainment Portal ( on April 7, 2017

The ‘Queen of All Media’ was admittedly disappointment at the state of her working relationship with Renan and his mother Rhodora.

Kris revealed that she wished to keep silent about the issue, because her program special hadn’t aired during that time. Kris couldn’t keep her silence anymore once the romance gossip between her and Renan grew out of control. 

One of the reasons she decided to let her voice heard was due to certain grievances she had with the Morales family.

"I swear, super na-delay ang bayad, isa yun,” she said.

“Ang press release nila, big time na big time sila."

Kris was referring to the Morales’ press conference held at Club Filipino for the TV special they had hired Kris to host last March 16, 2017. Apparently they held the press conference without Kris present.

“Nagpa-presscon sila para sa sarili nila," Kris said. "Sarili nila prinomote nila, not me."

"I have no involvement with them," she said bluntly - making it clear that her relationship with the Morales family doesn’t extend past the Trip ni Kris special.

"Okay, super nagamit ako because the son wants to be vice-governor of Nueva Ecija,” Kris added. 

“Super use-me-in-a-sentence talaga ang nangyari,” she added.

These rumors first began when The Manila Times published an article on April 4, 2017 which reported that Renan was quoted in saying: "She [Kris] is in love with me!"

Kris however was quick to shut down those rumors. 

“I am not dating anybody,” she said bluntly.

"That's why I changed my number. Kasi, sabi ko, ayaw ko nang makausap. Kasi na-turn off talaga ako."

During Ms. Maglipon’s interview with Kris, she noticed the actress' new number. "Kaya ka nag-change ng number?" Ms. Maglipon asked.

Kris answered, "Yes, na-yuck talaga ako. Talagang, oh my god, first and last!"

The actress however expressed her appreciation via Instagram in Rhodora Morales for having "the faith and the budget to produce #TripNiKris!"

Here’s to a better career for you Kris!

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