Friday, April 28, 2017

Nadine Lustre Shows off Her Wild Side at a Party! YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE SHE DOES THIS!

Nadine Lustre is probably one of the most loved actresses out there. This is because of the roles she portrays on television, which feature her as a dutiful daughter or a loving wife. 

However, the actress’ persona off-screen is more or less different than the good girl roles she plays. In several of her interviews, Nadine has mentioned that she’s not the “conservative” type of girl. 

This followed after fans of the actress has seen her posting pictures of her in bikinis and in short shorts, a complete opposite to what her onscreen characters wear (t-shirts and pants). 

Despite the criticism, Nadine has learned to shrug it all of like most of the experienced actresses in the industry. 

Online bashing aside, Nadine is also known to go to parties with her boyfriend, James Reid. This is because James has a reputation for being a party boy, where he constantly posts pictures of him in bars or in parties, drinking with people. 

However, that was before and further inspection of the actor’s Instagram page now show an altogether different persona, where he currently posts curated shots of him and Nadine. 

Nadine, for her part, seemed to get more pulled into the party scene now more than ever, after being influenced by James’ attitude. 

In the YouTube video that was released by the account ‘Ohania Updates,’ the actress is seen dancing it off with a friend by her side.

She appears to be at a party and is moving her hips in a circular manner, slowly going down to her knees. 

The video switches to another scenario, where Nadine is seen circling a pole in a dim environment.

However, it could be noticed that her attire was not so party appropriate—she appears to be wearing an office suit or a smart casual ensemble, leaving us to speculate that perhaps, she may have been shooting a scene that time.

You have to see the video for yourself: 

What do you think about Nadine’s dance moves? Do you want to be with her in parties? 

Let us know your thoughts and comments on this below! 
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