Monday, April 3, 2017

Real Attitude of Kathryn Bernardo Towards Fans Revealed in a Video. See What the Actress Does When Fans Suddenly Approach Her.

Celebrities are humans too which is why they have a different side once they are off-screen. Their attitude that we see on TV is just the character that they play, but just like everyone else, they have their own persona and that’s what makes them who they are.
According to some fans, there are celebrities who are really snobby behind the scenes. These artists tend to ignore the fans who are responsible for their fame and fortune. 

Luckily, most celebrities value their supporters and are really kind towards them. 
Take a look at what young actress, Kathryn Bernardo, does to her fans who suddenly lunged at her while she was singing on stage at Market! Market!

In the middle of her performance, a young woman wearing a red shirt suddenly charged at her on stage. The video is quite blurry but if you look at it closely, you’ll be able to see that when the fan charged at Kathryn to get a hug from her, the celebrity’s microphone hit her face. Kathryn remained unfazed by this fact and hugged her young supporter as well. 

More fans went up on stage to get a hug from Kathryn as well while the security guards on patrol ushered them to get down. Despite being in the middle of the entire ruckus, you can see that Kathryn was trying to get a hold of the fans who were safely pulled away by the guards. 

Watch the entire video submitted by a netizen here:

Fans of Kathryn will surely like what they see. It’s no wonder why Kathryn’s career keeps on getting bigger and bigger. 

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