Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sharlene San Pedro Celebrates Her Debut in an Unexpected Way. Watch the Touching Video of Her Special Day!

A girl’s 18th birthday is the most important birthday is considered by some as her most important birthday. This is the day wherein she transitions from a little girl into a young woman. 

Most parents make plenty of preparations to ensure the success of this special day in their little girl’s lifetime. Debuts are usually filled with music, fancy food, stunning clothes, and a huge number of visitors.

Unlike the usual debut with fancy gowns and expensive food, former Goin’ Bulilit star Sharlene San Pedro decided to celebrate her special day in the most unexpected of ways.

Instead of wearing a pretty ball gown and getting her hair and make-up done, Sharlene decided to wear simple clothing during her celebration. Also, instead of inviting famous names in the movie industry, the young actress invited little children from a charity organization she is helping. Of course, a few of her Goin’ Bulilit co-stars were there along with some of her relatives and friends. 

Her birthday, which was celebrated last April 5, was a surprise party for the young star which was organized by some of her close friends. 

Aside from parlor games, Sharlene’s closest buddies and important people in her life each gave their own heartwarming messages for the former child star. 

"Grabe ang motivation mo na kapag mayroon kang gusto gawin na isang bagay, ginagawa mo talaga iyong best mo para mapatunayan sa kanilang lahat na kaya mo," said Mile Ocampo, Sharlene’s best friend.

Igi Boy Flores, Sharlene’s co-star in Goin’ Bulilit also gave his message to her saying "Ako ang pinapangako ko sa iyo ay never na never kitang iiwan. Mahal na mahal kita. Happy, happy birthday."
Sharlene celebrated her debut at Ibarra’s Garden in Malate, Manila.

Watch the same day edit of the event:

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