Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Queen is in New York: Queen Pia Goes back to the Big Apple to Pay a Visit to Queen Iris!

The Queens take over New York as former Queen Pia Wurtzbach returned to New York to pay a visit to the current Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaere in her NYC apartment. 

In this video posted on social media, the two checked up on each other and took the time to answer questions.

The reigning Queen shared that she was busy with her duties as Miss Universe, going to Indonesia, France, and now, New York.

Queen Pia shared, “after the pageant, I had shoots right away – a good thing. I have four new endorsements now which is great. I was able to finish it just in time so I can fly back here in New York. Right now, ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ is showing also. I am very excited about that. Now I am here. I literally was doing shoots every day. After it was all done, I flew to New York.”

They were asked about their morning makeup routines, their favorite designers (their answers were the same - twinzies!), and where they would like to spend a vacation.

Iris said that she wants to go to the Philippines, especially Boracay, after seeing Pia’s pictures at the widely popular tourist destination. 

Pia then said, “You know what? I have never been to France, the only place in Europe I’ve ever been was obviously Germany where I was born, London, and England, and that’s it.”

Eventually, they agreed to take each other to their respective countries.

That's not all! They even played plenty of board games (pun intended.)

Well, they had two whiteboards, a couple of markers, and plenty of fun.

Watch the full video here: 

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