Thursday, April 20, 2017

These Are The Signs That Will Tell If Your Partner Is Still A Virgin! Find Out Here!

Topics related to a person’s virginity are quite sensitive and difficult to discuss. Unless you’re comfortable with the person you’re talking to, it would be hard to know just by looking at them whether they are still a virgin or not. 

Asking about it can be quite offensive for some and there is no certainty whether they will tell the truth or state lies.
New couples are the ones who get to experience the awkward situation of finding out whether their partner is still a virgin. Though it rarely matters, it’s still important to know if your significant other has shared an intimate experience with a different person in the past.

 Knowing the level of experience your partner has had will help you determine how to approach them as well as to find out if they have any history of sexually transmitted diseases.

Therefore, if you’re not comfortable with popping up with the question “Are you still a virgin?” you can just observe how your partner acts around you when you are together. 

You will know she’s still a virgin if:

1. She withholds the possibility to get intimate with you.

If you try to give her a hint that you want to do it with her and she tries to hold back, this might mean that she is still a virgin. Women usually feel insecure when showing their bodies to a guy they really like. Give her some time to relax and feel comfortable about herself. Telling her how beautiful she is will also help her to get comfortable with you. 

2. She isn’t willing to take risks.

If your girl doesn’t reciprocate your actions when you try to touch her, it could be a sign that she hasn’t had any experience at all. An experienced woman will know where to touch you while an inexperienced one will usually stiffen up and wouldn’t know how to respond to your touch. 

3. She feels anxious and worried every time you caress her in bed.

Most women feel scared when they think of having intercourse with their male partners for the first time. They are mostly concerned about the pain they would feel upon penetration. A woman who shows anxiety when you try to touch her might still be a virgin. Talk to her about how she feels before going all the way with her. 

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