Saturday, April 29, 2017

This Elegant Crib Of Mariel Padilla's Baby Will Surely Make You Want To Buy One For Your Babies!

Most showbiz fans and supporters know how difficult it was for actress and host Mariel Rodriguez to conceive her first child. She experienced multiple miscarriages before Baby Isabella, her first child fathered by action star Robin Padilla, was successfully born. Because of her previous tragic pregnancy experiences, it is no wonder her first daughter is really special to her and to her husband.

Because Baby Isabella is their first daughter, the couple Mariel and Robin wanted to ensure the safety and comfort of their baby. They wanted to prioritize Baby Isabella that Mariel has yet to come back in her hosting career. She wanted to focus her attention taking care of her baby daughter.

One of the manifestations that they really put Isabella above everything else is the fact that she even has an elegant crib which is indeed expensive. The video below showed that Baby Isabella can roll over, play and do whatever she wants inside the cream-colored spacious crib. Isabella’s young age is the time when babies are really active in moving. Mariel may have anticipated this so she chose to have a wider and bigger baby crib.

Watch the video below:

What additional advice can you give Mariel about the best way to parent her child? Feel free to share your parenting experiences in the comments section below!
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