Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This Gorgeous Model Touches the Members Of Random Guys! You Will Be Shocked By Their Reactions!

Nowadays on social media, social experiments are spreading like the plague. From catching cheaters to tricking crowds with fake celebrities, these experiments rely on one thing - crowd participation.

Niti2show, a show on YouTube that conducts explicit social experiments, attempted to turn the tables on men.

Usually, the host asks random girls if he could kiss them or touch their body - but not this time!

In this video, Step Feliz, an attractive Instagram model, went on a mission to grab the “dongs” of 100 strangers. 

Watch the full video right here: 

Some of the men were taken by surprise.

Some were, well, happy with the surprise.

However, there were plenty who pointed out that this is a social experiment that could not happen if the genders were reversed.

Here are some netizens who voiced out their opinions on the subject of double standards.

"man gropes 1 woman's breasts, 30 days in prison"
-    Lewie 895

“the 100 guys she touched should have sued her for sexual harassment. equal standards right?”
-    The jokebrandt

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