Saturday, April 29, 2017

This Is The Main Reason Why You Should Pee After Making Love With Someone! Read This!

You may have heard that if you are a woman, you should pee after making love. While some women are doing it without knowing its purpose, scientists and medical experts really recommend doing it.

The most important purpose of this is to avoid UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. Women are vulnerable to this kind of infection. It happens when bacteria build up around the urethra and causes infection to the urinary track. 

Peeing helps reduce unwanted bacteria from reaching the bladder and the urinary tract. Of course, during sexual intercourse, there is an exchange of bodily fluids between the couple. Foreign materials entering the vagina may cause infection. To help it eliminate unwanted bacteria, peeing is recommended.

Aside from the bacteria brought by the sexual intercourse itself, the vagina may receive fecal bacteria as well. Since the vagina is close to a woman’s anus, there is risk of bacteria from this area going to the vagina. Peeing also helps in clearing this fecal material. 

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