Friday, April 21, 2017

Tom Rodriguez Returns From The U.S.A. After His Dad's Funeral With Two New GMA-7 Shows Waiting For Him

TOM RODRIGUEZ is back from the U.S. after attending the funeral of his dad who succumbed to the big C in Arizona. He’s happy to know that two new shows are waiting for him on GMA-7. First is the telefantasia, “Mulawin V Ravena” where he will play Rodrigo, a mortal and not a “taong ibon”.

The second is a drama that’s titled “I Heart Davao”. No, it’s not a tribute to our president and the city in Mindanao from where he hails. Someone tells us it’s a serious drama about having heart transplants.

In both his new shows, Tom is paired with real life girlfriend, Carla Abellana. Our guess is that they’ll just have a special participation in “Mulawin” as the parents of Bea Binene, who plays a lead role along with Derrick Monasterio. It’s in “I Heart Davao” where they will focus playing the lead characters.


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