Friday, December 29, 2017


PEOPLE ASK us: “Bakit po ‘All of You’ ang title ng movie nina Derek Ramsay at Jennylyn Mercado?” This means to say na marami talagang hindi naka-gets sa point ng movie. It’s titled “All of You” because, as the film concretely underlines, when you love a person, you just don’t love the qualities that you like, you have to love him or her totally, all of him or her.
That’s why in the Discovery Weekend, where we’re a regular volunteer, we always stress to the couples who want to get married that LOVE is a DECISION. When you decide to love someone, you can’t just pick the good qualities that you like and tell yourself that for the bad qualities, you’ll make him your project so he can change for the better.
If that’s your attitude, then your marriage or relationship will be an uphill battle as you’re acting like a psychologist or a social worker. He’s had a whole lifetime before he met you, how do you think he’d change his ways just for you?  Don’t kid yourself. The only time you can change a man is when he’s still in his diapers.
The movie "All of You" is not your usual romcom. It’s a serious look on how relationships can develop, deteriorate and be redeemed. The ending is not the usual “madrama” reconciliation between the lead characters after they had a big conflict. It’s very quiet. Almost no dialogue. It asks you to read the behavior of the characters. Kung hindi mo masakyan yun, it’s not the movie’s fault kung nasanay ka sa manipulated, engineered happy endings.


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